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7 Must-Try Ideas For Furniture Manufacturers

The competition among furniture makers and sellers is intense, especially considering how active mass-market giants are now. And it’s not just about big furniture retailers like Ashley HomeStore and Ikea. Even Target and Walmart are luring customers with their new collections of inexpensive furniture, user-friendly websites and apps. How can your brand compete with them in offline and online product promotion?

Like most marketers, you probably don’t have such a large promo budget as the companies we’ve mentioned above. Therefore, you’d prefer not to take risks and invest money in solutions that actually work. 

As a 3D rendering company, we provide various CG tools for promotion and marketing and analyze how they help increase sales. These studies and experiences allowed us to outline 7 ideas that will give your product promotion a much-needed boost. So read on and take notes!

#1. Create Jaw-Dropping Product Landing Pages

A Sketch of a Landing Page that Can Be Effective for Online Product Promo

Effective online product promotion techniques consist of many components, and a landing page is one of the key ones. At the end of the day, this is where all adverts and promo posts direct your customers. Therefore, the landing page should not disappoint them but raise even more interest in a product. This means, it has to be well-designed, include an easy-to-read informative copy and CTA buttons.

The other important component of every landing page is captivating visuals. And there’s no better example of them than 3D product animation. You can use CG videos that show self-assembled furniture or a detailed 3D animation with lots of impressive close-up views. Go further and ask CG artists to animate a 3D configurator that demonstrates various design options of the product. 

#2. Use Brand Social Media to Its Fullest

A Marketer Checking the Reactions to Their Online Product Promo Activities on Social Media

Today, all furniture brands run social networks, but not everyone knows how to use them effectively for online product promotion. We recommend trying these two tips.

Create a Well-Thought-Out Content Plan

To promote a product online, you can’t just post random pics from time to time. You should think over a content plan, add blogger reviews, tell the story of a brand, and alternate static images with videos. Also, use life-like product CGI of all designs in carousels and stories and don’t forget to add an affiliate link to your store.

Run Engaging Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are perfect for promoting both a product and brand. When participating in the competition, people gladly share posts and tag their friends in the comments. In fact, what they do is promote your product online for free. How cool is that? Also, try to collaborate with influencers in giveaways so you can reach out to a bigger social media audience.

#3. Promote Goods on Curated Shopping Platforms

A Screenshot of Wayfair as One of the Most Popular Platforms for Online Product Promo and Sales

Often, people go on large e-platforms for a furniture hunt. No surprise, since those offer consumers convenient e-catalogs, user-friendly sorting engines, and solid guarantees. Therefore, it totally makes sense for you to partner with big players like Amazon Home, Wayfair, Etsy, ABC Carpet & Home, etc. 

These platforms not just host your products, they also help with cross-selling and product recommendations. So to promote products online on such stores, use high-quality content for listings — a 360° view of a product, 3D animation, furniture silo images and close-ups, 3D images of all designs, etc. The more diverse and top-quality visuals you will use, the better is your chance to stand out from the competitors. 

#4. Develop Eye-Catchy Email Strategies

A Buyer Receiving an Email with Online Product Promo Materials

To boost your online product promotion, we suggest revamping your email marketing. Statistically speaking, emails are the most effective promo tool as they provide 4400% ROI and $44 for every $1 spent! Now when you know this data, consider planning email strategies carefully and tailor them according to the customer’s experience with a brand. Create a sequence of emails to get your customer’s attention and make them feel special every time they get your newsletter. 

And don’t forget visual materials for email promotion. The secret of eye-catching emails is outstanding CGI. We recommend trying various types of imagery in order to find which ones work better for your audience. Start with sending a launch announcement with silo rendering  i.e. product images on a monochrome background. Then show buyers how this particular furniture piece looks in a room set. Also, combine different CG images into a collage, add catchy copy, and a discount written in bold fonts — it’s a guaranteed click.

#5. Try Cross-Selling Tactics for Online Product Promotion

A Lifestyle 3D Image Use for Online Promo of Various Products

Cross-selling is an online product promotion technique aimed at offering products that are similar in function or design. For this, brands traditionally connect goods that are already on the market to new ones and sell them “in one pack”. Such an offer serves as a bit of styling advice so buyers don’t have to waste their time searching for accessories to match their purchase — it’s all right there in front of their eyes.

One of the best tips here is to use lifestyle 3D images that show a full room set with furniture pieces and accessories. Seeing it, buyers will get inspired to buy all products in a pic to recreate the same interior design at home. Who wouldn’t like to buy a ready furniture set instead of trying to find perfectly matched items for hours and hours?  

#6. Offer Buyers Free Furniture Shipping

Two Men Delivering Products that Were Promoted and Sold in an Online Store

On the one hand, free shipping is not a new idea. On the other hand, it is extremely effective for online product promotion, especially when it comes to furniture. Customers that purchase large bulky furnishings are not happy about the idea of paying extra for shipping. Therefore, a brand that offers buyers this option always has a greater advantage over furniture manufacturers and sellers that don’t provide it. 

If free shipping on all orders is not something profitable in your current situation, try offering it for a new product only and for a limited time. Anyway, those costs could be covered in the price of goods so try this tip to see how consumers react. Most likely, free shipping will convince them to buy from you even if they doubted before. 

#7. Use CG Videos for Online Product Promotion

According to this research, videos are very effective for online product promotion. See for yourself, 96% of people claim that they always watch an explanatory video about a product before buying it. And considering that buyers can’t touch and test a furniture piece in online stores, they need at least visual proof that a product is well-designed. The same study shows that the most commonly-created videos are explanatory ones (73%) social media videos (67%) presentation videos (51%) and video ads (41%).

But filming actual videos is very money- and time-consuming. You need to hire a filming crew, rent special equipment, build a set, etc. It’s just too much of a hassle! We recommend using photorealistic 3D product animation instead. 3D videos don’t require any actual filming stuff, therefore, they can help you promote goods and stay on budget at the same time. 

There are different types of 3D animation for the online promotion of goods — a feature/demo video with beautiful walkthroughs, detailed animation with close-ups on fittings and upholstery, and how-to or assemble videos. Such CG videos accentuate the viewer’s attention on key benefits of the design, thereby selling goods without additional images and text descriptions.

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The best online product promotion ideas don’t have to be very effort-consuming or super-innovative. Just give people the opportunity to evaluate the design with different static and motion CG visuals, constantly remind them about goods in social networks and emails, and offer free shipping. Also, start collaborating with large e-platforms and use awe-inspiring visuals to win the customer’s attention. Last but not least, update the landing page on the brand’s website with catchy visuals that make your product shine on top of the strong CAT.

Want to invest in effective product promotion tools? With our 3D rendering services, you can get any type of CG solution you need so you can easily win your customers’ hearts and minds! 

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