Impressive marketing visuals are essential for a thriving furniture business. It’s what sets your brand apart from their competitors in your field. Yet, acquiring such product images and videos can be quite a challenge. Thankfully, CGI technology emerged as a fantastic solution for stunning visual materials. Manufacturers of all kinds of furniture use this remarkable tool. For instance, office furniture 3D renders are an incredible addition to marketing campaigns for professional workspace furnishings.  

In this article, our 3D rendering company would like to share 3 case studies on our collaboration with various office furniture brands. Read on to discover the details about these projects and see the outstanding results of our work!

#1. Silo and Lifestyle 3D Renders of Seating Products for Kloeber

Kloeber is a renowned German company specializing in manufacturing high-quality ergonomic office furniture. Their collections include solutions for different settings, from standard workstations to conference rooms. Kloeber’s management reached out to the CGIFurniture team and ordered a selection of stunning office furniture 3D renders for their chairs and sofas. 

Our 3D artists were ready to help! First, they created detailed 3D models of Kloeber’s products according to the comprehensive project brief. Then, our team proceeded to make silo renders of the furniture on white background. Here, they paid close attention to recreating materials and textures with 100% accuracy. 

The company also needed impressive lifestyle 3D renders of its offerings. Consulting with our client every step of the way, the team created stylish workspace interiors that suited Kloeber’s items best. The company was pleased with the results of our collaboration. As soon as the office furniture 3D images were ready, they appeared on Kloeber’s website and social media pages. 

#2. Office Chair 3D Visualization for Viasit

Let’s have a look at the project we completed for another German manufacturing company. Viasit is a famous designer and producer of sustainable and innovative office furniture. They contacted our 3D rendering studio, intending to commission a set of office furniture 3D renders for their new chair collection.

Viasit wanted to showcase the seating products most effectively. So, we decided to create colorways lifestyle 3D renders. These pictures showcase all the available color options of a particular product within a single image. Our team used minimalist settings as the background. Such realistic 3D renders are an incredible addition to product listings. 

In addition to colorways images, Viasit also wanted to acquire top-quality office chair 3D rendering within realistic lifestyle scenes. The 3D artists chose the best-looking roomsets to highlight the unique features of the merchandise. Viasit loved the results and successfully incorporated these exceptional product renders into various e-commerce channels. 

#3. Office Furniture 3D Renders and Installation Animation for Actiforce

Finally, check out 3D rendered product images our studio made for Actiforce. It is one of the largest furniture fittings brands worldwide. Their products are highly functional pieces with multiple configurations. The company decided to use our 3D visualization services to get marketing visuals that fully demonstrate the complex designs of their desks and tables. 

The task was no challenge for skilled professionals at CGIFurniture! They carefully recreated all the intricate mechanisms of Actiforce furniture in 3D and rendered highly detailed silo pictures and lifestyle CG images. Furthermore, our team made a short animated clip showcasing the assembly process of one of the desks. 

Soon after the project’s completion, the company implemented the 3D renders and animations into its digital marketing strategy. As you can see, such visual materials are a perfect way to allow buyers to explore the product and its functionality in detail before committing to the purchase. 

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The office furniture 3D renders we’ve shown you in this selection perfectly illustrate the quality of our services. Whether you need silo images for a catalog or lifestyle CGI for social media pages, we got you covered. Our talented 3D artists will gladly provide you with the best solutions for your business. 

Looking for a way to get stellar visual materials for your office furniture marketing? Use our 3D rendering services to acquire magazine-worthy images and captivating animations for your products!

Ian Diev

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Ian loves writing about innovative 3D technologies and their impact on product design and marketing. In his spare time, he makes indie music, watches obscure movies, and cooks culinary masterpieces for friends.

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