Lifestyle Image in 3D

7 Striking Visual Features

Working on product promo, marketers and manufacturers opt for the most creative and efficient solutions. We say, creating a lifestyle image in 3D is a more convenient and budget-saving option than traditional product photography. With 3D imagery, you don’t need to rent or buy any decor to build a roomset, hire movers, stylists, a photographer — all that organizational fuss is simply off the table.

Moreover, 3D modeling and rendering are not limited in terms of creativity. Therefore, you can come up with even the most incredible ideas for backgrounds including interiors or coastal landscapes, and CG artists make it look 100% realistic.

As a 3D rendering company, we know what tricks and features make a 3D lifestyle image a true visual bomb. Keep scrolling to learn them too!

#1. A Lifestyle Image Always Tells a Story

A Lifestyle in 3D with a Grey Classic Sofa

When making a lifestyle image in 3D, CG artists don’t just combine matching furniture and decor into one arrangement. No, they create a certain story through visual imagery. 3D experts carefully think over the plot of the scene and fill it with small details that silently but eloquently tell their story.

Picture this — a living room with magazines casually laid out, a glass of wine on a table, a burning fireplace… You can read between the lines that someone relishes spending time home after a working day. This story resonates with everyone, right? 

#2. A Lifestyle Image in 3D Looks 100% Photorealistic

A 3D Lifestyle Pic for a Soft Furniture Advertisement

Despite archaic preconceptions, 3D lifestyle images are not lower quality than photography. Maybe decades ago, when people were just starting to explore three-dimensional imagery, 3D renderings looked graceless and fake.

But today, if a 3D roomset is made of high-quality 3D models and the render settings are correct, there will be no distortion and artificiality in 3D visualization. As a result, no one except 3D professionals will be able to distinguish a lifestyle image in 3D from a traditional photo.

#3. A Lifestyle Shot Speaks to Customers on a Personal Level

An Interior 3D Image of Two-Storey Children Room

 A lifestyle image in 3D allows you to personalize the offer and use visual elements that will 100% hook the desired target audience. For this, CG artists can use small emotional triggers like certain pieces of furniture, and decor objects that are imperceptible at first glance, and so on. 

For example, for kids’ bedroom promo, 3D experts add touching details to the 3D scene — toys, garlands, and funny posters on the wall. No doubt, every mother will think such a room will be perfect for her child because there are so many familiar elements in it. 

#4. 3D Can Put into Action Even the Most Creative Concepts

An Artistic 3D Lifestyle Image with Orange Furniture

With 3D technology, there is no limitation in creativity. Therefore, 3D specialists can make a lifestyle image in 3D that is simply impossible or very difficult to recreate at the actual photo session. For example, to take furniture images outside the photo studio, you have to organize a destination shooting that includes huge transport and staff expenses. And, of course, you have to reshoot lifestyles if something goes wrong.

On the contrary, CG artists can easily put the same product in the living room and beach and both sets will look authentic. CG specialists can experiment with roomsets as they like by changing not only the backgrounds but color and lights as well. As a result, a 3D lifestyle can look fantastical and photorealistic at the same time.

#5. 3D Lifestyle Images Are Easy to Make in Any View

An Image of Modern Kitchen 3D Lifestyle

Professional CG artists know which angles are the best for a lifestyle image in 3D. They carefully calculate the exposition of the frame just like professional photographers do and set up the cameras to take the best shots.

Some lifestyle pictures work better in ¾ view, others look perfectly in front and close-up views, or even from the top. Usually, CG specialists decide on the angle based on the marketer’s brief and the composition of the scene.

#6. Lifestyle Composition Makes a Simple Scene a Hero Shot

A 3D Image of Grey Couch within a Lifestyle Scene

A lifestyle image in 3D is always about the composition of the roomset. Every small detail matters here. The whole composition changes depending on where the main product is standing and the way small decor is arranged. CG artists always make sure that the neighboring objects complement the product, and it gets maximum attention.

Also, the composition is one of the key components of a hero shot technique. 3D experts create lifestyle images using specific composition rules and camera angles. As a result, the picture captivates buyers from the first glance and sells goods without any advert slogans.

#7. A Lifestyle Image Perfectly Conveys A Certain Mood

A 3D Lifestyle with Dining Tables and Chairs in a Cafe

Professional 3D artists can convey any mood clients need in their lifestyles — no matter if it’s a relaxed evening chill out or dynamic morning vibes. CG experts know exactly what tools to use to deliver a certain feeling. 

To be more specific, the same 3D scene may look absolutely different depending on light settings, color palette, objects arrangements, etc. So when marketers plan to enhance the lifestyle image in 3D with a particular mood. All they have to do is just add suggestions to the brief and send it to a 3D studio.

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A top-notch lifestyle image in 3D presents the product at its best and catches customers’ attention at first sight. Surely, all buyers are different but everyone can find something they like in a good 3D lifestyle — whether it’s storytelling, emotional resonance, harmonious composition, or atmospheric lighting.

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Irene Lewis

Content Writer

Irene is a content writer. She previously worked for interior and chess magazines. When not writing articles, Irene finds great pleasure in collecting Star Trek memorabilia, reading Medieval poetry and playing banjo.

3D lifestyle is a picture of products in a scene, whether it’s an interior or outdoor setting. Using 3D programs, CG artists can make 3D lifestyles of photorealistic quality.

Firstly, CG experts build a roomset in 3D soft by mixing main products with complementing furniture and accessories. The second step is adjusting textures and materials throughout the 3D scene so all objects work together nicely. After that, 3D artists set up lighting and cameras and render the scene.

3D artists can adapt a 3D lifestyle to any target audience using certain 3D objects, accessories, lighting, and even color schemes. CG professionals know what visual triggers work best for a different type of customers, and they can easily create a spot-on advert.

The price varies from studio to studio. It also depends on lots of factors like the complexity of the 3D scene and turnaround time. In CGIFURNITURE, we charge $149 for a simple 3D lifestyle and $219 for a complex one. Contact our managers and they will calculate the accurate cost of your project.