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How to Become a Successful Seller on the Platform

Having a good marketing plan for Amazon is critical for business success on the platform. Amazon receives two hundred and six million visitors every month from all over the world. With this many potential customers, marketing on Amazon could be how a retailer finally makes it big. 

Though these numbers are exciting, it is critical to remember that there are a total of 350 000 000 items on Amazon. To stand out, a retailer needs to develop a well thought out content strategy as a part of the marketing plan for Amazon. For example, it is important to use high-quality graphics, such as CGI, to create eye-catching visual presentations of the goods. But this is only an example as there is much more to be done in order to outshine the competition. The following list offers some tips that can be used to come up with a good marketing plan for the platform. 

#1. Optimize Product Pages with Details 

SEO Description on Product Pages

It is easier to convert visitors to buyers when marketing in Amazon than in Google. The ease of conversion is ensured by the reputation of Amazon as a well-known and most popular e-commerce platform. They log on because either they are ready to buy or they are at least gathering information on the merchandise. 

The effectiveness of Amazon marketing services in the USA and the rest of the world is born out by statistics. 66% of all new online product searches in 2019 began on Amazon, and 74% of people who know what they are looking for check for it on Amazon. 

These are sizable percentages of shoppers, and it is imperative for anyone who would take advantage of the numbers to have a marketing plan for Amazon. Specifically, it is important to use SEO as part of the plan to give product pages sufficient visibility on search. One way of doing this is by having great conversational titles for your products as well as detailed descriptions. A marketer should also ensure that you put as many keywords as possible and that SEO of product images conform to Amazon standards.  

#2. Use 3D Rendering for Marketing Images

Furntiure CGI for a Kitchen Piece

Shoppers are usually concerned whether what they see on Amazon is what will be delivered to them if they order. While the platform puts in place measures and descriptions to the quality of the merchandise, customers need to have a clear view of what is on offer. Many manufacturers, however, have to invest in the visuals customers will see when they visit the platform as part of their marketing plan on Amazon.

Photorealistic rendering is ideal for creating product images for Amazon. Particularly, it provides realistic, high-resolution pictures on white backgrounds that are required by the e-comm platform for placing the product. Despite being more effective in showing the object, CGI is cheaper and less time consuming than photography. It should form a part of every merchandiser’s plan. 

#3. Work on Getting Good Customer Reviews 

Getting Good Customer Reviews

Potential buyers expect sellers to put together great profiles for their products as part of their marketing plan for Amazon. Shoppers, however, don’t necessarily believe what retailers say about their products is correct. They trust customer reviews more since sellers can’t plan to influence what their clients say. If a product has many positive customer reviews, there is a considerable chance that customers will plan to buy it.

The centrality of customer reviews in a good marketing plan is clear in statistics. In the US, a whopping 68% of online shoppers are more likely to convert if a seller has positive customer reviews. Another survey showed that 92% of landings would hesitate to buy from a platform without customer reviews. 

Customers are not obligated to leave reviews on a page, and all sellers can do is to offer them excellent services and hope they will get positive feedback. If a client posts a negative review, the seller should follow up quickly and see how they can rectify the situation. 

#4. Offer Excellent Customer Service 

Top-Notch Custom Service

Once a customer pays for an item, the speed with which the seller processes their order and ship the item to them shapes how they rate their services. Retailers should always have a plan to communicate with customers for the duration of the engagement and answer all questions promptly and honestly. Making a client wait before answering their questions portrays the seller as callous and incompetent, which not only push clients to never come back again but damage the reputation of a company. 

Also, retailers should remember that customers are more likely to share their negative experiences in a transaction than the positive ones. It is for this reason that quality customer service is an integral part of the marketing plan on Amazon for anyone keen on success. 

#5. Advertise with Amazon 

Advertising Marketing on Amazon

Another useful possibility in any Amazon marketing plan is advertising. Through this plan, one can benefit from many promoting tools that would give their product visibility beyond the available organic means. 

Sellers can get paid-for adverts for their products, which will get whatever they are selling displayed prominently for customers to see with every SERP. This plan will help your product to stand out in the enormous Amazon trade jungle.

#6. Learn from Your Competitors

As much as optimizing the product description page, works for a retailer’s marketing, getting a product ranked high on A9 brings even better results. A9 is Amazon’s search engine. The first step towards high ranking is by researching competitors. A retailer should search for the product they are selling on Amazon. If their page doesn’t come on top, they should study the keywords used on the pages that rank high on SERP and try similar keywords for their online store.

The plan is for the retailer to repeat the search using other keywords and optimizing the phrases until their product ranks highest. Besides adopting what works for their competitors, companies should look out for whatever pulls their rivals behind and fix it in their products and processes. Continuous improvement should form the basis of any seller’s Amazon e-marketing plan.

#7. Price Appropriately 

Pricing Strategy on Amazon

Make sure you consider all factors when pricing your merchandise. Pricing is a vital element of any good marketing plan and the Amazon e-comm business is no exception. After all, it is easy for a seller to set their price much higher than competitors and label themselves uncompetitive. 

One the other hand, they can also price too low and eventually go bankrupt. Sellers should make sure their pricing is comparable to the one offered by their competitors – following market prices is always a good starting strategy. 

Amazon marketing continues to be a growing phenomenon in the world of business today. The continued pervasiveness of e-commerce has made the company a behemoth in e-commerce, and its importance is only going to increase with time. This is why any business of the future must have an effective Amazon marketing strategy and plan.

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