Interactive Product Configurator:

5 Entertaining Aspects

Furniture manufacturers and sellers who have been in a game for a long time can’t help but notice modern buyers’ standards becoming more and more demanding. According to statistics, for instance, 95% of customers prefer interactive 3D solutions to product pictures or video playback. Thus, it’s not that easy to convince them to buy goods using traditional visuals – they want more. That’s why many brands try an interactive product configurator to grant their customers a truly exciting shopping experience. A 3D customizer gives them an option to personalize furniture pieces in real-time and see instant results.

An online product configurator shows goods in realistic quality, perfectly conveying the proportions, colors, and textures of the item. So, when customizing goods, buyers have a full picture of how a product looks in reality. As a result, they won’t be disappointed in their purchase once they get it which reduces the chances of product return.

As a 3D rendering company, we see an increase in demand for 3D customizers. Our clients want them because consumers seem to love the interactive shopping experience. Why do people find a 3D product configurator so entertaining? Let’s get to the bottom of this together!

#1. Using an Interactive Product Configurator, Customers Can Try Themselves in Product Design

An Interactive Configurator with Various Product Design Options to Choose From

Unlike conventional e-catalogs, an interactive product configurator provides users with not just a range of ready-made goods but the freedom of creativity. With this CG tool, buyers customize the item to their liking so they feel like the creators of the design. Using a 3D customizer, they are no longer mere consumers but co-creators of the product. When experimenting with their designs, customers get deeply immersed in the process and get satisfaction from seeing their ideas visualized in an instant.

#2. 3D Product Customizer Provides a Full 360° View to Examine Goods Thoroughly


    One of the key features of the interactive 3D configurator is a 360-degree view of an item. It allows customers to rotate a digital model at 360° and zoom in for close-up examination. This way, shoppers are able to clearly see all the parts and details of the item to make sure it is 100% what they need. And since users are in full control of an interactive 3D customizer, they can take their time and evaluate the design with no rush and pressure.

    #3. With a 3D Configurator, Buyers See All Available Design Options at Once

    A Screenshot of an Interactive Product 3D Configurator for BDI Furniture

    Before digital customizer technology was introduced, shoppers had no other choice but to browse the entire e-catalog to see all color, material, and fittings options for a product. This process not only took up their time, but it also took all the shopping excitement away. 

    With an interactive product configurator, customers get the opportunity to see all the design configurations at once and go through them in just a couple of clicks. Usually, all offered variations are displayed on a side menu, while a preview window next to it shows how materials and textures one has chosen change in real-time. As you see, an interactive digital configurator makes product customization simple and visually appealing. 

    #4. 3D Configurator Offers an Exciting Shopping Experience 

    A Woman Buying Products After Personalizing them with an Interactive 3D Configurator

    Using an interactive product configurator is not unlike one of those casual mobile games you play in your free time. It offers intuitive navigation and a lot of design options. All you have to do is try different configurations until you get the result you like. This way, the customer journey goes smoothly as shoppers enjoy both the creative process and their final design as instant gratification.

    #5. Interactive Product Configurator Wins Clients with a More Personal Approach

    A Computer with an Interactive Product 3D Configurator On the Screen

    According to Forbes, 90% of US consumers find product personalization appealing. Buyers want to be able to try different designs to create a custom item that is ideal for their homes’ interiors or personal style. And an interactive product configurator brings them a more personalized shopping experience than any traditional online catalogs. No surprise such a personal approach increases the interest and involvement of customers, hence, sales too.

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    One of the main reasons buyers love the interactive customizer is that it allows them to create their own version of product design. They love experimenting with details, choosing materials and colors to their liking. When personalizing the piece in a 3D customizer, they can spin it at 360 degrees and zoom in on small details. All in all, an interactive configurator makes shopping more personalized and game-like compared to a boring routine we’ve known before.

    Ready to try an interactive product configurator for eCommerce? Then, reach out to us for 3D rendering services now and get a cutting-edge 3D customizer at a reasonable price!

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