Interactive 3D Configurator:

5 Ways It Helps Increase Furniture Sales

An interactive 3D configurator is a cutting-edge CG solution that allows buyers to customize goods according to their tastes in real-time. Based on the statistics, 80% of consumers are willing to make a purchase when sellers provide them with personalized shopping.

This is understandable since a 3D customizer offers online buyers a tangible in-store experience and total control over choosing product design. It allows them to adjust colors, materials and textures, and even add or remove design elements.

Of course, manufacturers and marketers benefit from an interactive 3D configurator too. Want to know how it can boost their sales before ordering it from a 3D modeling company? In this article, we’re sharing ins and outs of how you can capitalize on a 3D customizer and sell more. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

#1. An Interactive 3D Configurator Boosts Customers Engagement

A Bedroom Furniture Set in an Interactive CG Configurator

Using a 3D customizer, you can focus the consumer’s attention on the furniture piece and keep them excited and engaged in the creative shopping process. Firstly, while a user creates their own design, they go through all the options one by one and get to know the product better. Secondly, an interactive 3D configurator is a more playful way to make a purchase and it attracts users because it brings instant gratification — the perfectly designed goods.  

By providing clients with personalized online shopping, you build a stronger emotional connection between them and your brand. Once they have positive experiences with your e-store, they will most likely follow you and keep getting back for new purchases.

#2. A 3D Configurator Speeds Up the Sales Cycle

A Computer Screen with an Interactive 3D Product Configurator

Using a 3D product configurator can significantly reduce a sales cycle. First and foremost it cuts out communication between sales managers and buyers. The latter can see all the design options right in front of them so they don’t need to contact the seller and wait for a call back after managers check the stock.

The fact that consumers can interactively tailor goods in real-time not only shortens a sales cycle but also eliminates the risk of losing customers who want faster service. Modern consumers want their shopping to be fun and quick so they tend to leave ecommerce platforms when not provided with a seamless shopping experience. In turn, using an interactive 3D configurator, they can shop at a comfortable pace.

#3. A 3D Product Customizer Increases Your Margins

As research shows, 57% of millennials are ready to pay a premium for customized luxury goods. And it’s not about the luxury segment only. Consumers are willing to pay 30-50% more for any custom-designed products, claims The Motley Fool.

These numbers come from the emotional investment that shoppers make when using a 3D customizer. Since they spend their time and energy on creating personalized goods, buyers are inclined to pay more for them. Therefore, by providing them with an interactive 3D product configurator, manufacturers can charge more, hence, increase margin and profits.

#4. An Interactive 3D Configurator Simplifies the Decision Making Process

 A Person Using Interactive Configurator for Sofa Design

With an interactive 3D configurator, it is much easier for buyers to examine the product and, consequently, make a purchase decision much faster. Firstly, this CG tool introduces all the available designs. Secondly, it allows users to rotate a 3D model at 360° and zoom in to see every detail. 

After such in-depth exploration, a buyer most likely won’t have any doubts about the goods. To accelerate the decision process even more, sellers can add a detailed product description, an option of direct contact with managers, and a strong call to action. 

#5. A 3D Product Customizer Improves Your Conversion Rate

An Interactive Product 3D Configurator with a Chair and Texture and Color Options

According to Forbes, brands can achieve 40% higher conversion rates when using 3D solutions instead of 2D static pictures. By adding an interactive 3D configurator to a brand’s website, you will be able to capture the prospect’s attention and keep them interested in goods. Accordingly, this will increase the traffic and the conversion of the website.

Using 3D configurators in promo and marketing campaigns, you can achieve an even better effect. By increasing ad engagement, you generate leads, who can be easily turned into buyers once they get a chance to try an interactive shopping 3D customizer. After playing with a product, they will know what to expect from it and feel more confident in their purchase decision.

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A 3D configurator is a win-win solution for both buyers and sellers. Using it, manufacturers and retailers can inform buyers about a product and simplify the decision-making process for them. Moreover, as research shows, people are willing to pay more for goods when provided with interactive customization options. So, altogether, it helps manufacturers and retailers to increase their margins and conversion rate.

Ready to try an interactive 3D configurator for your furniture brand? By ordering 3D modeling services from CGIFURNITURE, you will get a photorealistic 3D customizer that will boost sales and future-proof your business!

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    I have always heard how we need to reduce the sales cycle at work. A 3D product configurator could help out a lot with that. I’ll talk to my boss and see what she thinks.


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