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The internet is full of content that manufacturers and marketers can use as an endless source of inspiration for furniture design images and product marketing presentations. There are myriads of blogs on design and interiors, as well as digital magazines, social media, etc. Any of these platforms can bring you tons of inspiration, you just have to know how to apply it to your own work. 

The key is to select images that speak to you, add them on Pinterest boards, or save them in a separate folder on a smartphone or computer. This is how you create personalized mood boards that you can attach to a brief and send to a 3D rendering company while ordering promo visuals. This way CG artists get enough references to understand your idea of furniture images.

Since there are just too many platforms out there, we thought you might need a guide on the best options. So here they are, the top-10 sources for inspiration for furniture design images. 

#1. Instagram

An Instagram User Searching for Inspiration for their Furniture and Product Designs

Okay, we all have Instagram accounts and know how it works. And while we follow celebrities for motivation and entertainment, manufacturers can get lots of inspiration for furniture design images there too. They can follow their favorite brands and designers to see how competitors make and promote their products. Also, being on Instagram is one of the best ways to keep up with the hottest design trends.

#2. Pinterest

A Person Browsing Pinterest for Inspiration for Furniture Promo and Design Ideas

Pinterest is a universe of pictures that can easily engulf you. Once you start surfing there, it’s just too hard to stop. But the best thing about Pinterest is the save button extension. Using it, one can pin any picture on the internet and add it to their boards on Pinterest. Therefore, when sending a 3D rendering brief to a CG studio, you don’t need to search for all those images again — just give CG artists a link to an open pinboard.

#3. Behance

A Behance Main Page with Plenty of Furniture Designs One Can Use for Inspiration

Behance is a platform for online portfolios so it’s the best place for self-promo. That’s why many designers use it to showcase their design concepts as well as ready products. Website visitors, in turn, can rate projects and communicate with designers. Going through different portfolios, manufacturers can get a plethora of inspiration for furniture design images and save pics for their mood boards. 


#4. Shutterstock

Shutterstock as a Great Source of Inspiration for Furniture and Product Design

Any stock photo bank could provide you plenty of pictures for inspiration. Shutterstock in particular has a very convenient tags and categorization system, so you can find pictures on literally any topic. With photo stocks, manufacturers can find perfect references for their product pics and share links with CG artists. The latter can create first-class CG renders for furniture based on these pics.

#5. YouTube

YouTube Opened for Inspiration for Furniture and Interior Design

Many furniture companies have their own YouTube channels where they upload presentation videos, interviews with leading designers, show their manufacturing process, etc. These videos could be a great source of inspiration for furniture design imagery, product animations and other marketing content. Therefore, take some time for research and get inspiration from the best players in the industry. 

#6. Elle Decor

A Main Page of an Inspirational E-zine on Furniture and Interior Design

Like many legendary glossy magazines today, Elle Decor issues an online version of the print copy. Iconic design media always value their history and reputation. That’s why they publish only exclusive materials, top interior design projects and interviews with A-listers. So, if you’re looking for quality inspiration content, you can subscribe to their newsletter.

#7. Apartment Therapy

A Screenshot of an Inspiring Blog About Interior and Furniture Design

Apartment Therapy is a popular blog about interiors and product design that one can use for inspiration for furniture design images. The website contains house tours, plenty of how-to materials, and shopping sections. AT has interesting editorials like “how to combine Frank Lloyd Wright’s style with Scandinavian design” which’s about the juxtaposition of legendary designs and new trends. How cool is that? S.

#8. Dezeen

A Screenshot of a Dezeen’s Main Page with Lots of Inspiring Articles on Architecture, Furniture and Design

Dezeen is considered to be one of the most influential online architecture and design platforms in the world. It offers the latest news and design trends, and also publishes the best projects. Here’s where the new design stars are born, so it’s wise to stay tuned for new names and inspirational trends.

#9. Remodelista

A Front Page of Remodelista Blog with Plenty of Design Categories and Furniture Topics for Inspiration

Remodelista is a popular design blog with a conceptual and minimalist design. They call themselves a sourcebook and this word perfectly depicts their content materials. Remodelista regularly publishes Top-10 collections, has a Steal This Look section, a Shopper’s Diary with all the links. In short, it is a go-to place to find everything you need to gain inspiration for furniture design images.

#10. Iconic Brands’ Websites

A Kartell’s Mainpage with an Inspiring Image of Furniture Designs

Let’s look at the legendary design company Kartell which is on the market for over 50 years. Its website contains all product designs they’ve made, and also collaborations with iconic designers and architects. Kartell even has its own virtual museum where you can wander for hours just like in a real one, soak yourself in first-class design and get imbued with inspiration.

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Using all the aforementioned websites, you can collect lots of pics and videos to get inspiration for furniture design images and marketing campaigns. Go on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, photo banks, online media, and blogs and select images that resonate with your brand. As soon as you accumulate enough references, send all your findings to our CG artists so that they can understand your visual aesthetics and make inspiring images for your furniture.

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