How to Market Furniture Business Using CGI

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Many furniture manufacturers and retailers opt for CGI when creating product visuals for promo and marketing. Their reasons are totally understandable — with 3D they can significantly reduce expenses on advertising content and invest more into launching and promoting activities. However, not everyone knows how to market furniture business in the most effective way and which CG tools to choose for this purpose.

There are various types of CG solutions one can order from a 3D rendering company — 3D lifestyle images, silo renders, 3D animation to name a few. Some are more universal while others suit specific marketing tasks. Here is our short guide on CG tools for effective furniture business marketing. Make yourself comfortable and dive into reading!

#1. Use Top-Notch CGI for Google Display and Google Shopping Ads

Advertising Statistics Useful for Furniture Business and Marketing

By now, most of the manufacturers know how to market furniture business using classical Google Search ads –  a text advert based on ​​furniture-related keywords. But there are also Google Display and new Google Shopping Ad services the manufacturers can benefit from. Choosing Google Display, advertisers can enjoy low cost-per-click but have to work on imagery since these are visual ads. And as we all know, an ad with dull visuals makes no profit – users simply don’t click on it. 

That’s when 3D rendering services come in handy. For eye-catchy furniture display ads, we recommend using simple lifestyle 3D images with a copy on top. So, notify your CG artists about the purpose of the pic and they will select the most flattering angle and composition for a 3D render.

As for Google Shopping Ads, these require more catalog-like images, such as a picture of a single-standing furniture piece on a plain background or room sets. In fact, using CGI, marketers can get both types of visuals effortlessly. This way they will be able to find out which one gets more attention and clicks in Google Shopping.

#2. Boost TikTok Brand Account with Product CG Videos

According to HubSpot, TikTok has more than 1 billion monthly active users. Naturally, businesses are also out there in the pursuit of more followers and sales. However, furniture manufacturers usually don’t have much to offer to TikTok-lovers – it’s not easy to come up with fun furniture-related video content. 

On top of that, not every furniture business can afford filming product videos regularly. That’s why using realistic 3D animation is a way to go. It doesn’t require an actual filming studio, props, or a large crew – all the magic happens in 3D software. Just send CG artists a scope of work with a script, and wait for results.

One of the best tips on how to market furniture business in TikTok is to forget about conventional presentational videos. Focus on creating entertaining ones – how-to 3D animation, an assembly video instruction, or a manufacturing CG video. Then add a copy, emojis, music and a voiceover, and your potentially viral TikTok video is ready!

#3. Order Jaw-Dropping Visuals for Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram

A Furniture Lifestyle Image That Helps to Market Furniture Business in Instagram

Being visual-based platforms, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are perfect for furniture businesses. There, brands can show their pieces in all their glory and instantly connect to their customers. Manufacturers can grow their audiences both organically by doing smart SMM and paying for ads. In both cases, they need first-class and diverse visual content to attract potential buyers. 

There are three types of CGI that work best for social marketing in the furniture business. The first one is a close-up view focused on the texture and design features of the product. It usually goes in a pack with lifestyle pictures that display a furniture piece in suitable interiors. The third option is product 3D animation. For socials, CG videos should be short and dynamic so that they capture prospects at first sight and help them consume information in a consumable and fun way. We suggest alternating all three CG tools to boost customer engagement even more.

#4. Implement Outstanding CGI to Email Marketing Campaigns

A Marketer Checking Using Email to Promo Furniture Business and Build Effective Strategies

Email campaigns don’t boost businesses instantly, they help to make profits with time. Their purpose is to form a list of loyal customers and build long-lasting relationships with them. It all starts on a brand website, where visitors enter their emails and push the subscription button.

To learn how to market furniture business using newsletters, marketers first need to give people the reason to share their emails. They can offer website visitors free bonuses in exchange for subscriptions – a PDF book, secret link, discount, etc. Another way to draw people’s attention to the subscription form is to make a banner with a top-notch product image and a catchy copy on top.

For further email marketing activities, manufacturers need all kinds of product images to include in their newsletters – silo renders and lifestyles, close-up and cut-out views, as well as visuals for their holiday marketing ideas. For seasonal sales and offers as a part of situational marketing, ask CG artists to add festive decor to the ready lifestyle scene in the render – it doesn’t take much time but guarantees more attention from subscribers.

#5. Revamp All Sections of a Brand Website with Various Types of CGI 

A Renewed Main Page of a Website for Furniture Business

How to market furniture business using a website that a brand already has? As the research shows, videos increase website traffic by 157% while 360° product views increase conversion rates by about 13%. So, renew your e-catalogs by adding 360° spins and 3D animation to each listing page. With CGI, both solutions are made from the same furniture 3D models, thus, even small businesses can afford them.

Another effective way to increase website conversions is to keep a SEO blog. It provides potential buyers with useful information and helps a site to rank higher on Google search at the same time. Furniture SEO articles can highlight relevant topics, such as the latest design trends, home decoration tips, or furniture industry news. In terms of illustrations for blog posts, businesses should use their own product pictures and 3D animation after SEO optimizing them.

Last but not least, landing pages and banner ads require jaw-dropping product visuals. With the average human 8-second attention span, these marketing tools have to be well-designed to capture random website visitors’ eyes at once. The best way to turn them into leads and motivate them to buy goods from you is by using realistic CGI that shows furniture pieces at their best.

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

So how to market furniture business using CGI services? First of all, order different types of visuals for Google Display and Shopping Ad to test which ones bring more leads. Use top-notch images for website landing pages, e-catalogs, and SEO blogs, revamp your email marketing strategies. And don’t forget to use mind-blowing CG videos to make creative content that will boost your business pages on social media.

Looking for first-rate 3D rendering services for your business? Reach out to us and get photorealistic CG solutions for any of the marketing goals you set! 

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