How to Make Your eCommerce Site Stand Out

7 Ways to Outshine Competitors

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, almost every furniture manufacturer and seller have fully switched to online sales. Naturally, it caused severe competition in eCommerce, and it became extremely difficult to be noticed by e-shoppers. So how to make your eCommerce site stand out and increase sales?

The problem is, most of the competitors have already revamped their websites. They heavily invest in eye-catching design and visuals so their eStores are modern and aesthetically appealing. Such improvements help them boost site traffic and conversions. But even if achieving the same results might seem impossible, keep your head up. 

As a 3D rendering company, we know how to help your eCommerce site stand out using these 7 tips. Just grab your coffee or tea and dive in reading! 

#1. Develop Web Design Aesthetic

An Example of How to Make Your eCommerce Site Stand Out By Designing a Perfect Main Page

According to research, 93% of customers value visual appearance over any other aspect when shopping online. Therefore, the design of a furniture website plays a major role in increasing its conversion and sales. But how to make your eCommerce site stand out at the first sight?

Most brands have a brand book with all key design elements they use in all marketing and promo channels. If it’s not your case, start with selecting a color scheme, fonts, and elements of graphic design that all go well together. Then, choose first-class furniture lifestyle images that represent products and collections you promote at their best. Combine all the elements and try different site layouts until you find the most aesthetically pleasing one. The perfect layout can be applied to all the sections of your eStore a landing page, main page, catalog, banners, you name it. 

#2. Show Off a Product’s Selling Points

Using a Cut-Out View as One of the Ways to Make Your eCommerce Website Stand Out

It’s a proven fact that modern Internet users have a short attention span. Therefore, to keep visitors from leaving your e-store, it’s crucial to grab their attention from the very first second they open it. One of the ways to do so is showing customers all the key selling points of a product right on top of the first page. 

For instance, you can showcase a detailed close-up view or a cut-out CG image that proves the quality of the goods. Buyers don’t need clichéd marketing-speak about benefits on your site. They want credible product visuals that speak for themselves. Thus, use top-notch pictures on a landing and main page, or better, place an image gallery right on top of your eCommerce site.

#3. Focus on Evoking Emotions

A Festive CGI That Helps Your eCommerce Site Stand Out from the Crowd

How to make your eCommerce site stand out if not using emotional triggers? Try all possible ways to stimulate buyers’ emotions — use sales-focused words, emotional copyright, and inspirational imagery. You can also create a stir with a countdown timer that shows the time left until the end of discounts or a special offer. That will motivate shoppers to click the “buy button” immediately.

Generating positive emotions with your website is the best way to make your eCommerce store stand out. Even if the visitors don’t buy from you right from the start, they’ll definitely remember the impression your site left on them. Such emotions will most likely make them return to your eStore later and consider buying your products. 

#4. Enhance Product Pages with Videos

Step into buyers’ shoes for a second, and you’ll agree that it’s much more fun to watch a video that showcases how furniture works than reading long text descriptions. It takes less than 60 seconds of a self-explanatory assembly video instruction or a how-to video for buyers to figure out how to use a product.

Surely, shoppers would prefer to see product videos in each listing, however, filming videos for the entire catalog will cost a pretty penny. You have to hire a crew, pay studio and equipment rental, transport all the furniture samples to the set, and go through dozens of takes before you get a perfect one. In such cases, opting for 3D animation is the way to go. CG artists can build a scene full of 3D models, set up lighting and cameras — all using only 3D software. In the end, you get 100% photorealistic CG video without any actual props and filming staff involved.

#5. Add Customization Option

A Computer with a 3D Configurator that Makes Your eCommerce Site Stand Out

One of the top tips on how to make your eCommerce site stand out is to offer buyers a unique shopping experience. For example, a website that provides product customization gets more WOW than one with standard visuals only. Really, 95% of buyers say they prefer interactive CG solutions to a video or image. 

A 3D configurator allows shoppers to create the design of their dreams and customize items to their liking. People end up spending more time experimenting with designs and even sharing their creations on social media. This way, a 3D product configurator increases conversion of the eCommerce website and helps a brand to stand out from the crowd. 

#6. Start a SEO Blog

A Laptop with eCommerce Site’s SEO Blog that Makes It Stand Out

If you’re wondering how to make your eCommerce site stand out, consider SEO optimizing all the pages and start a blog. SEO articles will help a search engine find your website thanks to keywords, so it will automatically move to the first page of Google results. SEO optimization not only increases search engine rankings but brings more organic traffic to your site. 

To stay on top of Google results, you should write informative and engaging content. Those could be blog posts on design trends, brand history, developing and manufacturing furniture, etc. Naturally, articles need quality visual materials to enhance copywriting. Our advice is to not scrimp on imagery by using low-quality free pics. Better focus on getting unique visual materials by ordering the first-class CGI.

#7. Optimize Your Site for Mobile

A Customer Using Outstanding eCommerce Site on Their Smartphone

More than 50% of all world web traffic is generated by mobile users. Therefore, you should optimize your eCommerce site to host them. If the eShop is not adapted to all types of devices, it’s difficult to scroll through the website, buttons are too small to find and click on and readability leaves much to be desired. Due to these reasons, customers usually leave the site and continue online shopping somewhere else.

So how to make your eCommerce site stand out with mobile optimization? To get a mobile-friendly website, invest in responsive web design that adjusts automatically to all types of screens and devices. That will keep users satisfied with their shopping experience and enhance your credibility as a seller.

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

So how to make your eCommerce site stand out? First of all, make sure it is mobile optimized so customers can effectively use it on all devices. Secondly, invest in getting an outstanding web design and convenient navigation to make it easy to browse. Also, provide buyers a unique shopping experience by offering advanced CG solutions such as 3D animation and configurators. Lastly, for your eShop to stand out, you can start SEO blogs to increase your Google rankings and get noticed more.

Ready to revamp your eCommerce website? With our 3D rendering services at hand, you can get cutting-edge CG solutions that will help you gain the upper hand in the eCommerce competition!

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