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5 Ways It Takes Commercial Storytelling to a New Level

Furniture rendering services can be a big help for a Manufacturer trying to reach out to buyers in a crowded market. Did you know that the average modern adult attention span is between 2.8 and 8 seconds? Which means this is all the time there is to convince prospects to continue in the sales cycle. But how to stand out in a market overloaded with information?

People dislike the idea of being sold to, no matter how wonderful the product or services offered – so they usually just skim through the ads. But the good news is that people simply love buying. The challenge here is to cut through the infoglut, and the only way to do that is a customer-oriented marketing. In order to reach out to people, Manufacturers need to tell them stories the right way – visually: for 90% of information people process comes through the eyes.

Moreover, the right picture can go even further than just telling a story. It can create an emotional connection with consumers, evoke their memories, and even influence their behavior. So it’s another thing to take into account. And finally, it is important to use proper tools for expressing creative ideas. So the Manufacturers have to ensure their potential customers in authenticity and realness of their visual stories.
As a product rendering company, we know what it means to create interesting and capturing stories that sell. As the demand for eye-catching images and good content grows, businesses should focus on the key insights, helping to connect with the buyers emotionally. So join us as we reveal these 5 effective tips on how furniture rendering services help immerse potential buyers in a visual story.

#1. Communicate Emotions through Smart Lighting

Furniture Rendering Services for Tables

Lighting helps to set the right atmosphere and make a perfect visual story. For an image can convey a sense of safety with beautiful sunlight, create a feeling of comfort with soft artificial reading lights, or even add a romantic touch with glowing candles. For if the picture hits the right mood, the ad may win the customer’s loyalty and bring good profits.

Which emotions should one bring out? Is it better to evoke a sense of harmony and joy, or maybe make the atmosphere more dreamy? Businesses can make their customers trust what they are looking at with a brightly lit picture and vibrant colors, as well as make them feel suspicious and uneasy with a high-contrast dark image. So the Manufacturers can adjust and combine lighting variations as they desire to achieve the most compelling scene.

More so, the lighting defines the image’s focus. Using the lightning, direction and intensity one can accentuate an element or a group of elements. The choice depends on the type of image and its purpose. For example, if we are talking about product images for Amazon, the emphasis should always be on the main item, whether it’s a silo or a lifestyle. For the goal of the shot is to make the hero of the image stand out.

#2. Create Stories Customers Identify with

Kitchen 3D Visualization for Tiles Promo

Each client has his own perfect “I” with its ideals, aspirations, goals, life and work challenges. Focus your marketing message on a specific target audience, and it will generate profit.

What books do prospects read or wants to read? What movies or TV-shows do they watch? What music do they listen to? What are their favorite drinks and desserts? As a company providing furniture rendering services, we know that every little thing is important. Use this information for the furniture ad – and the setting will appeal to the target audience. The ideal customer will recognise the magazines on the coffee table, color-coded books on the shelves, and the poster of his favorite jazz band on the wall.

#3. Offer Buyers Lifestyle Improvement

Sofa CGI Showing How It Improves the Lifestyle

How a furniture piece can change the client’s life? What exact features can this change bring? Perhaps, the desk can relieve the prospect from the annoyance of tangled wires. Or maybe, he is constantly stressed about spilling coffee while watching TV – then he would appreciate a stain-resistant couch. Or maybe the prospective client dreams about being able to prepare the room for several guests easily? Which could be solved with a convertible sofa design allowing for several usage scenarios. So that furniture’s feature that can change the buyer’s world should be the focus of the marketing visuals.

Which brings us to the quintessential ingredient of the successful storytelling – turning features into benefits. And once formulated, it’s easy to translate these advantages into the ad picture. With furniture rendering services, it’s possible to showcase the item in any context, any view – and convey the message.

#4. Tap into the Power of Holiday Marketing

Furniture Rendering Services for Black Friday Sales

Holiday is a great occasion for boosting sales and reminding customers about the product. To benefit from the opportunity, Manufacturers need to show furniture from a different light every time and tell a new visual story. While the brick-and-mortar stores decorate for the event to embrace the holiday spirit and set the ambience, the online retail should refresh its visual marketing.

So creating a marketing event calendar is a must. It should include special offers and the plan of the campaign, along with the list of all the materials necessary. Which means new imagery for every holiday. Now that usually takes time: Manufacturers should send prototypes to the studio, then perhaps on location, purchase the decor, wait for the photoshoot, get the furniture back and store the decor somewhere. Small wonder they often prefer to settle for a few propped silos to avoid the hustle and bustle and get on time.

With furniture rendering services, however, one needs nothing of the sort. For cgi allows to put the piece in any settings and in photoreal quality. As well as that, it enables Marketers to make special offers for each target audience – and showcase products in new light. Using furniture rendering services, Manufacturers can get new imagery for every occasion, be it lifestyles or hero shots, in a themed setting.

#5. Capture the Audience with a Story in Motion

People love animated stories. In the past, it’s been expensive to make videos, but nowadays with a help of furniture rendering services, the Manufacturer can make his product a hero of an animated movie in a quick and easy way.

If the furniture pieces consist predominantly of the same material, the Manufacturers can tell about its journey before it arrives at the store. If the furniture’s strong point is its durability, then one can show the piece through the times of a year or fashion styles changes. And if one sells a disassembled furniture, it’ll be useful to make step-by-step guides for quick and correct assembly work. Each of these videos will be a success with the target. audience.

As you can see, furniture rendering services allow you to create stunning photorealistic images with the help of software and realize the most challenging ideas of your designers and marketers. Photoreal 3D visualization is a flexible tool that is simply necessary for product marketing and sales in the 21st century, since they are moving into a higher gear and becoming more personalized. The demand for a high-quality content is increasing – it has to be more interesting, more captivating and more up-to-date.

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