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7 Ways They Can Save Any Marketing Campaign

For all furniture manufacturers, it is crucial that their products are seen in the right way and by the right audience. However, the marketing process can be exhausting. Traditionally, it is done by manufacturing samples of new products and photographing them. This way of making images for furniture promo campaigns is expensive, takes a lot of time and requires a great deal of involvement from the marketing team.

The need to manufacture samples also seriously limits the number of variations a product can get in terms of color, materials and finishing. It is quite impossible to get a great variety of scenes for the items as well, because all the decorations and props need to be bought or rented, transported to the studio and arranged there.

Thankfully, there is a solution to all those problems – 3D furniture visualization. Let’s see the 7 ways furniture renderings can make a product marketing campaign successful.

#1. Furniture Rendering Helps to Reduce Marketing Expenses

A Modern Sofa Render

Furniture renderings are a significantly more cost-saving alternative to photographs, since nothing shown in a CG image needs to exist in real life. Which also means that instead of multiple contractors, there is only a 3D rendering company to work with. This way, it is quite easy to calculate the final cost in advance and make sure the budget won’t be exceeded.

Reducing expenses on preparation for the campaign allows to spend more money on advertising exclusively. For instance, marketers can consider some of the more expensive ways of promotion, like pop-up demonstration zones in malls or product placement on popular TV shows.

#2. Furniture Renderings Save Time Spent on Preparation for a Campaign

Furniture Marketing Materials Are Made Faster With CGI

The time it takes to complete a 3D furniture rendering order is very short – from a few hours to two days, depending on the client’s requests and a project’s complexity. To create photorealistic high-quality images a 3D rendering company only needs technical drawings and style references from the client. Sounds simple, right? Well, it really is.

On the other hand, when going with traditional photography, marketers have to manage several processes at the same time: manufacturing samples, renting a studio, hiring a photographer, selecting and buying or renting decorations for sets, making arrangements for transportation. This makes it difficult to plan marketing campaign activities in terms of timing, since there is a high risk that at least one of those many processes won’t be completed on time, delaying the whole project.

So, the possibility of getting perfect campaign-ready furniture renderings within such short time as two days allows to avoid any unexpected delays. Those can be bad enough to mess up the whole marketing team’s schedule and drive a project to failure, making it reasonable to consider an alternative.

#3. Furniture Renderings Show Multiple Variations of the Same Product

Furniture Renderings for a Minimalist Sofa

Any item can have multiple design options created for it, where it is realized in different colors and materials, with different types of finish. Furthermore, every single texture in a 3D furniture render looks highly realistic and is perfect for detailed close-ups, which help to showcase the best design elements of the products. This way, furniture design visualization can bring customers closer to the product, as if they were looking at it in a store.

Then, every product can be shown from multiple different angles to create visually enticing images for catalogs and marketing campaigns. These help to attract the attention of potential customers, while also being informative for them. Looking at the photorealistic furniture renderings, customers will be able to fully understand the characteristics of a product and appreciate its features.

#4. Furniture Renderings are a Must for Great Storytelling

Lifestyle Furniture Render for a Loft Bedroom Set

The main goal of any marketer is to tell a compelling story about a product. A story that will make people want to buy it. And CGI serves this purpose like nothing else. There are whole digital libraries with an endless variety of immersive lifestyle interior settings, as well as various objects and pieces of decor. And any of those settings can be tweaked to fit the client’s preferences.

This way, the same item can be marketed to various target audiences. Different styles and aesthetics appeal to different customer segments, reflecting their personal preferences and values. For instance, the same sofa can be equally suitable for a young family with kids and an elderly couple, they just need to see it in the right context. It can be a spacious room with bright walls and toys lying around, or a cozy one with a fireplace and a bookshelf next to it. Marketers know their audiences very well, and CGI offers them powerful tools to reach those audiences in the most efficient way.

#5. CGI Allows Marketers to Focus on Marketing Only

CGI Gives Marketing Team More Time to Prepare the Campaign

Now, this truly sounds good. Outsource production of visuals for furniture marketing campaigns simplifies the manufacturing company’s internal processes tremendously. And when a marketing team no longer needs to monitor multiple preparation processes, they can actually focus more on a campaign itself.

First of all, it leaves more time to polish the campaign strategy and make sure everything is thought through. Then, it allows for more creativity and diversity: different images can be created for different media outlets, new formats of promotion included, different narratives designed to reach all the potential customers.

#6. With CGI, It Is Possible to Make Last Minute Alterations

Silo Furniture Shot for a Convertible Sofa

Everyone is familiar with the situation, where some changes need to be made in promotional materials at the very last minute. With traditional photography, doing this quickly and efficiently, say, within a day, is impossible. Even if there is no need to manufacture any new samples, there is still renting a studio, booking a photographer, arranging the set, transportation – all those things just cannot happen the same day it is needed.

But when 3D furniture renderings are used, it is always easy to add some extra shots from different angles or to change some details in the interior when the scene is ready. For instance, if a new color or material variation of a product comes out, a rendered image of it can be created in no time with an existing 3D model. This provides a lot more flexibility for a marketing team and can load a great amount of stress off their shoulders. Who wouldn’t want that, right?

#7. Furniture Renderings Make Situational Marketing Easier Than Ever

Leather Armchair Visualization for Christmas Furniture Marketing

Situational marketing is all about staying relevant at any time and adding a bit of a more human touch to the promotional materials. With CGI, marketers don’t need to puzzle over yet another Christmas setting for an armchair. They can have it in any scene from a vast library of those mentioned above, with some theme decorations thrown in to create the perfect mood for the occasion.

The most important thing is that the aesthetic of those situational marketing materials can be tailored to perfectly suit the brand, whatever the theme is. And, of course, CGI helps to create that purchase-inducing mood by subtly appealing to emotions people feel regarding different special occasions.

So, since 3D furniture rendering offers a chance to effortlessly create unique, beautiful images that will help to sell the product, why not take it? It can be a truly life-changing thing for any furniture making company and, more specifically, for any team of marketers who struggle with promotional materials every time.

Another useful thing to do with furniture renderings is to include secondary items of the same brand into scenes with main products. This will help to cross-sell items that look good together in an interior, and the customers won’t feel advertised to. They will think it was their own decision.

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