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10 Best E-tailers in 2020

Furniture ecommerce is expected to reach $229B in 2021, according to Statista’s Digital Market Outlook. China and the USA are the biggest slices of the pie. The manufacturers and furniture retailers owe such success mostly to two factors – multichannel marketing and personalized customers journey. 

The later is achieved with instrumental and strategic technologies that retain and engage customers more than ever. One of them is 3D modeling and rendering as a way of product visualization at an online store. 

This technology allows furniture website owners to picture the items in the tiniest details, such as texture or color variations, and tap it into the customers’ home design narrative. Moreover, for online platforms, it has become a way to get rid of the cumbersome photo shooting sessions that often miss deadlines. From now on, there’s no need to hire photographers, rent a photo studio, move furniture, change decorations for various backgrounds.

In a nutshell, ecomm business has changed the game of the industry, and those who understand the rules win. So, here are 10 furniture ecommerce sites that are at the top of it. 

#1. Ligne Roset

Online Furniture Store Ligne Roset


Ligne Roset is now an empire with 200 exclusive furniture stores and 750 retail distributors worldwide. It collaborates with well-known and young talents in modern design and offers furniture collections, decorative accessories, textiles, rugs, and lighting. 

The ecommerce brand uses 3D modeling and rendering to help customers visualize the product in their own home with the help of photorealistic lifestyle images. That way, a famous $3,940 TOGO sofa doesn’t seem unaffordable if put into the context of the overall elegance and comfort. 

#2. Ballard Designs

Furntiure Website Ballard Designs


Ballard Designs, a retail company with 10 stores in the US, spreads a unique concept of home arrangement. Its signature distinction is the European style. The designers travel the world, learn new fashion ideas and techniques, and then present the goods based on the gained knowledge. 

The brand offers over 300 customizable items. When clicking on them, still forms come to life thanks to a successful imaginary choice. The ecommerce site’s program allows setting different lighting and altering background scenes. Moreover, one can easily and quickly switch the details of the product’s 3D renders, such as color, design elements, material and drapery. That way, a prospective buyer customizes it according to personal preferences.

#3. Joybird

Ecomm Furniture Website Joybird


Joybird Furniture is all about lending the customer’s individual flair to every piece. After getting the precise specifications, a passionate team of designers set out to handcraft the furniture. Well-organized visual elements on the website allow anticipating the finest details of the future item. For example, a photorealistic cgi of Lewis Sofa translates the texture and colour of the piece dawn to the smallest detail. 

The biggest asset of this store is its value vs. price ratio. Plus, with a remarkable collection of products and an excellent post-sales service, Joybird stands out amongst others in furniture ecommerce.

#4. Room & Board

Furniture Online Shop Room&Board


90% of Room & Board’s products are made in America. The company is based in Minnesota and teams up with local small businesses to manufacture furniture solutions for every corner. 

The brand is committed to sustainable and conscious materials sourcing, which is trendy nowadays and adds significantly to this furniture ecommerce conversion rate increase. To showcase the selective materials in detail, they use such 3D modeling tools as 360° view with a zooming effect that helps understand clearly what the furniture functional details are and how well it blends in with the whole design.

#5. John Robshaw Textiles

Furniture and Textiles Online Store John Robshaw Textiles


When looking through John’s printed fabrics, one literally feels the smell of the Indian natural dye thanks to a bright, colorful, and detailed image reproduction of the textiles on the site. 

Inspired by the Indian culture, his products have no equal, especially extravagant beds with extraordinary headboards. When manufacturing, John uses hand printing, stitching and quilting. These techniques are precisely seen on each item. The visual presence of every piece of furniture is accompanied by the creator’s stories. They look like a personal talk with a customer, which is the essence of the store’s individualized customer approach. 

#6. Jonathan Adler

Furniture & Decior Ecomm Site Jonathan Adler


Jonathan Adler’s furniture ecommerce site is all about sophistication, mind-blowing chic, and usability in everyday life. His uncompromising quest to translate the pieces’ build just the way it is in real life is accomplished with the help of unique furniture rendering.

Jonathan knows how to introduce an item brilliantly to the customer. First, it shows off as a single piece of the interior in all its beauty like a woman in front of the mirror. Then, it is integrated into the whole design to manifest how the item interacts with other elements. 

#7. Lulu & Georgia 

Furntiure and Decor Online Shop Lulu & Georgia


Sara Sugarman, the founder of the company, comes from the family who used to refurbish houses and hotels around the globe since 1955. She promises to bring the trendiest and the best in furniture. 

To convince her customers from the first look, she uses lively decorating guides, which makes the walk through the site enjoyable. As for the product presentation, the ecommerce website uses two types of images – on white background to showcase the furniture in details and in the lifestyle context to picture the whole interior look. 

#8. Modani 

Furniture Online Collection Modani


Modani looks royal at first. However, the online store offers the options that work with any budget. The ecommerce brand focuses more on simple geometric forms rather than the bulky decorations found in classic or modern furnishings. 

The furniture website uses 3D visualization to highlight the feel the Manufacturer wants to transmit through a particular product. Not only does the representation show top-notch materials and A-class craftsmanship, but puts the item into an organic surrounding to leave in one’s mind the whole picture. 

#9. Amusespot

Home Decor and Furniture Online Store Amusespot


Amusespot’s motto is simple – a product design should make people’s lives better. The team strives to educate customers and motivate them to make more informed decisions within the ecommerce market. 

One of the ways to “enlighten” about the item on the ecommerce site is by demonstrating it via a photorealistic 3D render. It shows the material characteristics and different settings of the item, which is no less detailed than a physical showcase in a brick-and-mortar store. 

#10. Wisteria

Furniture Online Market Wisteria


Wisteria was founded as a small family business by the couple Andrew and Shannon Newsom willing to bring beauty and meaning into the homes. Now, it consists of 3 stores and a staff of 100 employees. The owners used to get ideas for interior design by traveling the world in the search for decor ornaments. 

Wisteria sole designs are the mix of the concepts they got from overseas furniture makers and their own understanding of things. What’s important, the ecommerce brand manages to convey it with interesting short texts dubbed “Inspiration’ near the product and excellent visual presentation. For example, the Golden Leaf Coffee Table really strikes the eye with an ideally polished marble top that one can see on the image. 

Furniture ecommerce will always have a personalized approach assured by every particular brand. The question is how to translate and communicate it to the customers in the best possible way. This is where 3D modeling and rendering comes in handy. They surface manufacturer’s intents and customer’s benefits that all together create an irresistible impulse to purchase the item. 

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