Effective Product Presentation

7 Must-Have Tools that Help with It

No doubt, every marketer is dreaming of having skills and talent for effective product presentation as Steve Jobs had. And though it looks like a gift given only to chosen ones, it is really something you can and should master. At the end of the day, the image of a company and the credibility of a product can depend on how you deliver the presentation. Whether you’re speaking at a furniture exhibition, presenting a product to potential investors, or throwing a presentation event for interior designers, you have to be on point!

To become a guru of product presentation, you must train your public speaking skills, learn how to communicate and keep an audience engaged for longer. Also, you have to understand how to use time-tested assets to deliver the information and get all the attention of the crowd.

Our 3D rendering studio has been working with furniture manufacturers and retailers for many years now. Therefore, we know exactly what type of CGI they need for an effective product presentation and how they incorporate those to win over the audience. So, grab your coffee or tea and read on 7 assets every marketer should use in their presentation!

#1. Research

A Man Making an Effective Presentation of the Product with Convincing Analysis

A truly effective product presentation should be based on relevant research on a topic cemented with statistics and precise data. For example, if you work for a kids’ furnishings company, you can refer to the study on gender-neutral colors. So share the results of the survey on how many parents prefer non-gendered color schemes these days. In general, people tend to trust a product more when they see real numbers, so it’s good to apply a scientific approach to your presentation. And of course, if you’re presenting a design concept to investors, you should operate accurate numbers and be supported by the latest marketing research.

#2. Infographic

A Marketer Giving the Product Presentation Using Effective Infographic Charts

Infographic is a self-explanatory visual tool that can successfully deliver a large amount of information to any audience, both industry professionals and potential consumers. Surely, an effective infographic chart has to be clear, minimal, and impressive. The best way to create one is to use a collage with product renders and bold fonts on top. This way, each slide will be striking enough to be visible even from the farthest row of the room.

#3. Storytelling

Slide from an Effective New Product Presentation that Depicts Happy Customers 

To connect with your audience on an emotional and intellectual level, you can tell a story based on the brand’s history, values, and beliefs. For instance, there should be a good story behind a company that makes inclusive furnishings, or a family artisan studio that is manually producing furniture pieces fоr generations. You can also include a story of those people whose life was changed in some ways by the product. Needless to say, you can enhance the story even more with touching images and videos. 

#4. Physical Demonstration 

A Man Trying How Effective an Ottoman Bed Is During a Product Presentation

One of the most obvious tips for effective product presentation is to do an actual demonstration of how the item works. Especially when it comes to exhibition stands at the furniture fairs and presentation parties. When the audience sees the product with their own eyes, they automatically evaluate its benefits and start trusting a brand. 

A demonstration is particularly important for transformable or modifiable furniture pieces where the function is not less important than visual aesthetics. Give people a chance to test the object themselves. Their genuine reaction will be the most effective proof of the product’s quality to the rest of the crowd.

#5. Demo 3D Animation

Sometimes you don’t have the opportunity to bring a furniture piece to the presentation either an object is too large or a room is too small. In such cases, realistic 3D demo animation is the best way to make a convincing and effective 3D product presentation. Using CG video, you can show an item from all sides with walkthroughs, emphasize the design with close-ups, and demonstrate the versatility of a piece by showing it in different interiors. Add a professionally done voiceover and music to a CG video, and you will get a spectacular movie about the product to wow your audience.

#6. Clearly Articulated Benefits

A Cut-Away View of a Product that Makes the Most Effective Presentation

Even if you speak about the benefits of the goods many times during the speech, you need to clearly articulate them once more for an effective product presentation. The best way to do it is to allocate a separate section for advantages and make a list of benefits with the pictures to help customers remember them better. Therefore, make an individual slide for each benefit with close-up or cut-out views of the furniture piece and add a copy on top. At the end of the day, investors have to leave the meeting with a clear understanding why they should put their money in your product. So print out the benefits slides and distribute those among potential partners.

#7. Impressive CG Images 

A Lifestyle Image Used for Effective Presentation of a New Product

How to conduct an effective product presentation successfully? You will certainly need a lot of high-quality images. First of all, you need product silo renders i.e. the image of an item on a monochrome background. Then, order detailed enlarged views and cutouts to show the quality of the upholstery and the frame structure. Last but not least, you need to show the object in the environment, so use 3D lifestyles in different interior styles. 

By choosing CGI for all the images, you can get product pictures even before having final prototypes and present the design concept if needed. Also, with 3D, there’s no need to spend big budgets on conventional photo shoots — CG artists can choose any backgrounds and create any type of 3D visualizations in CG software with no sweat.  

Professional tip: order silo renders of all designs and make a collage out of them so you can show the entire model range in one slide. The best thing about using CGI is that 3D artists can make all these images in a few days using the same 3D model! How cool is that?

Examine case-studies of CGI projects to see real examples of using 3D technology for marketing purposes.

product rendering price

For a truly effective product presentation, you will need all the assets we’ve suggested. Refer to current studies with statistics and deliver information with self-explanatory infographics. Also, incorporate emotional storytelling to touch people’s hearts and enhance your speech. Moreso, if you have an opportunity, let people physically examine a furniture piece or use 3D animation to show it in action. And of course, order impressive CG visuals that make a product shine — detailed close-up and cut-out views, silo renders of all design options and awe-inspiring room sets.

Getting ready for a product presentation? With our 3D rendering services, you can get jaw-dropping visual materials for slides and win over any audience!

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