E-Commerce Product Videos:

5 Ways They Boost Your Promo Campaign

Video is everywhere. It has quickly become the format of choice for everything from creating entertaining content to advertisements. People love to watch and share videos on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. They are the preferred medium when it comes to getting information before purchasing something online.

Product videos are also important in SEO because they help brands rank higher and drive traffic to their websites. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a large corporation, your brand needs good video content in order to succeed.

In this post, our CGI company will go over 5 ways product videos can benefit your e-commerce businesses.

Why Use E-Commerce Product Videos For Promo Campaign?

An e-commerce product video is an essential part of any promotional campaign. Why? Because they offer several benefits that other kinds of marketing do not.

First, let’s talk about what an e-commerce product video is.

In short, it’s a short video that explains the features and benefits of a single product in a way that will make customers want to purchase it immediately. These videos have become increasingly popular with the rise of online shopping, as many people have difficulty making buying decisions without seeing or touching the goods first. 

For some, the main appeal of online shopping over traditional brick-and-mortar retail is the ability to browse from home and still make purchases. While this certainly makes life easier for shoppers, it also means they may not be able to see or feel your product before they buy it. E-commerce product videos are helpful in this situation because they allow you to show off your products and give customers an idea of exactly how they work and what they do—without them having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Types of E-Commerce Marketing Videos

There are several types of e-commerce product videos you can use to market your products, but they generally fall into two categories: informational and promotional. Informational videos are intended to educate the viewer about the product, while promotional videos are clearly intended to prompt them to buy it.

Product Demo Video: A product demo video can show off how a product looks, works and functions. It’s a great way for customers to see exactly what they’re buying and how it works in real life. 

How-to Videos: How-to videos are helpful both for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar businesses because they are quick, concise, and provide valuable information on how to use the product or service. 

Comparisons Videos: These videos allow customers to examine different options side by side so they can make an informed decision about which one best suits their needs. 

Testimonials or Review Videos: These types of videos provide insight into what other people think about the product or service and may help customers feel confident about purchasing.

Now let’s get to why these videos are so helpful for promo campaigns:

#1. E-Commerce Product Videos Improve Brand Recall, Awareness, and Loyalty 

Video is one of the most effective ways to capture consumers’ attention in the digital marketing space. Here is a video marketing statistic fact: viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text. This means that when you use videos for product promo, you aren’t just allowing your customers to see what it looks like. You’re also helping them remember your message and brand in the future.

Another reason why e-commerce product videos are effective for increasing brand awareness is that they make it easy for viewers to share content on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This means that if someone likes or comments on one of your videos, their friends will see it too—creating word-of-mouth advertising without having paid for any ads or hiring anyone else.

#2. E-Commerce Product Videos Drive Search Engine Rankings 

The goal of any promo campaign is to drive traffic to your website and e-commerce product videos are a great way to reach a wider audience. You can gain new customers that haven’t heard of your brand yet, or you can use it to reach out to existing customers and boost sales.

  • Click-through rate – E-commerce product videos encourage more people to click on links within ads because the video provides additional information about what the ad is about. This makes them more relevant and reduces the risk of ad fatigue among users who see hundreds of ads each day.
  • Time on site – Product videos keep people engaged longer with your content, which means more time spent on your site and less clicking off to other sites for comparison shopping.
  • Sessions – Viewing an e-commerce product video will lead a potential customer into multiple sessions with you instead of just one session where they just visit one page before leaving again (which would hurt the bounce rate).
  • Pages visited – With increased engagement comes increased attention paid towards individual pages within a site or across multiple sites; thus increasing page visits per session.

#3. E-Commerce Product Videos Deliver Valuable Information 

Product promo videos can be used to show a product in action, in use, and even show how it’s made. This allows using video as a way of being more credible by showing the customer what they’re buying and how it works.

E-commerce product animation videos help to build confidence in your products. This makes the customer feel more comfortable with purchasing and using a product that they’ve never seen before. It also builds trust between you and your audience by showing them how easy it is to use your products, which can lead to repeat purchases.

You also want to use your video for other things as well—like explaining how the product is made, packaged, and shipped—in addition to showing off its primary functions. Those details will help cement trust with viewers so they’ll feel more confident about buying from you instead of going somewhere else online where those details aren’t available.

#4. E-Commerce Product Videos Enhance Customer Experience  

Customer experience is one of the most important factors in e-commerce success. Consumers are more likely to buy from a company they like, trust and feel is an authority on the topic. Product videos can help you enhance customer experience by making it easy for customers to understand what makes your products so great. That’s why creating an exceptional experience for your customers should be one of your main priorities as a business owner.

E-commerce product videos allow you to showcase the value of your products in an easy-to-understand manner. By using this type of content, consumers can easily see what makes your business stand out from the competition. 

Videos offer a rich, entertaining experience that goes beyond the simple conveyance of information. They do it with dynamic and vibrant visuals, music and narration. For example, product animations often display a story that moves the viewer from one scene to another. They do it by creating an emotional connection between the viewer and the content. And this quality is good not just for your promo campaign—it is good for your business! When people are more engaged with your brand, they’re more likely to take action like buying from your site or sharing what they’ve seen with their friends on social media. 

#5. E-Commerce Product Videos Increase Conversion Rates and Sales

We’ve already established that e-commerce product videos are great for generating leads. But did you know they can also increase your conversion rates and, as a consequence, your sales?

When you’re getting an e-commerce video, it’s important to remember that it’s not just about showing off how your product looks but also about how it works in real life. And when you include a demonstration of how your product works in your video, customers can see how easy (or difficult) it will be for them to use the product in their own homes.

They’ll also get a better sense of whether or not they should purchase the product based on its features and benefits. This is why a lot of companies will include demonstrations of their products in action in their e-commerce videos—it makes it easier for people to imagine themselves using the product, which can lead them down the path towards conversion!

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If your brand is looking for the most cost-effective way to create a promotional video for your products, take a look at the possibilities that 3D technology promises. Not only is 3D product animation less expensive than traditional video production but can be more effective in communicating complex ideas or features. Many e-commerce companies use 3D animations to show off their products, how they’re built, and how they’re assembled. 

Our company provides 3D product animation services for businesses that want to showcase their products in a way that is more engaging than still images or 2D video. Contact us now or book a demo!

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