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5 Key Post-Production Stages

The importance of video content for the furniture business can’t be overestimated as it is often the only way to show online buyers the benefits of a product. According to research, 96% of consumers watch videos to learn more about goods they’d like to buy. Therefore, ordering videos is not even a question for furniture manufacturers and retailers. What they should decide for themselves is whether they want to go for a realistic product animation video.

The thing is, CG videos are done in 3D software using digital furniture models. Thus, one doesn’t need an actual studio, equipment and props that are required for video shooting. That’s why the whole animation process costs much less than actual filming. On top of that, there’s nothing impossible for 3D animators — using CGI software, they can pull off post-production and motion design of any level of complexity, as well as create breathtaking special effects.

In this article, CG animation specialists from our 3D rendering company reveal 5 basic stages of post-production and explain their importance for product CG videos.

#1.  Artifacts Cleanup

The first stage of the product animation video post-production stage is removing the render artifacts. Despite the high quality of the rendering, 3D animation still contains minor defects such as noise, grain, and flickers. This may be something non-professionals won’t notice but CG experts can spot such things at once. To get rid of all undesired artifacts, they use AI-based denoiser and deflicker plugins. After cleaning is done, 3D animators can do compositing, i.e. add new objects and effects to a ready video. 

#2. Adding New Objects

At this compositing stage, CG artists add new elements to the product animation video. Those could be people, animals, plants or objects shot against a chroma key screen. In our case, the objects are the parts of the sofa’s structure. After CG experts cut an object from the background, they must carefully erase the remnants of the green backdrop before pasting it into a 3D video. This process requires using special plugins and programs which takes extra time. Once CG artists add the item to the scene, they can apply special effects.

#3. Special Effects

As for special effects for a product animation video, CG artists have no limitations whatsoever. They can create fire, rain, explosions, fog, snow — any effect needed! The most popular ones for product animation are various weather effects so that a video showcases a piece in a more spectacular way. In our example, the animator changed the shade of the sand in some places to make it more raised and realistic. He also intensified the glare on the beams and made the glass on the right slightly lighter. Traditionally, brand marketers specify all the desired effects in the script in a 3D animation brief. Having this information beforehand, a CG team can understand which plugins they need, distribute the workload, and precisely calculate turnaround time.

#4. Color Correction

At this stage, product animation video post-production is almost ready, all that’s left to do is color and brightness correction. Using CG software, 3D visualizers can adjust the colors, brightness, and saturation levels. Firstly, they recalibrate highlights and dark areas in order to balance the picture. Then, with an external object added to the scene, they have to make it look organic in the scene. After the correction is done, a 3D product animation becomes indistinguishable from a traditional video. At this point, CG artists can proceed to edit and motion design.

#5. After-Effects

Applying after-effects is the final stage of сompositing where CG artists can manipulate camera and matrix settings to enhance the realism of product animation video. In this process, they strive to mimic traditional optics so they adjust settings in a certain order. First, they apply all camera lens effects such as vignetting, sun flare, focus change, bokeh, color aberrations, etc. Next, 3D visualizers tweak matrix settings such as motion blur and digital noise. In the end, 3D animation starts looking highly realistic as it was shot in an actual studio with real cameras.

Motion design is a process of overlaying different elements on top of render and post-production. For example, those could be a brand logo, headings, text boxes, and other client materials. To enhance the texts, CG artists can use the motion blur effect or highlight them. Also, 3D experts can apply a tracking tool that links text to a specific object in the video so they could move together. These two motion design tools work perfectly for assembly and how-to 3D animation as they take the explanation element to the next level.

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With CGI, one can create a stunning product video animation unlimited in creativity and spectacularity. CG artists are able to add or remove any objects from the scene, as well as enhance video with after-effects and color correction. Adding motion elements such as a brand logo, animated text, data, etc. is the icing on the cake.

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    Wow, I am absolutely amazed by the Product Animation Video showcased on your website! The level of detail and creativity in your animations is truly outstanding. It’s evident that your team at CGI Furniture possesses immense talent and expertise in the field of 3D animation.

    I was particularly impressed by how the animations bring the products to life, allowing viewers to see every angle and feature in such a realistic manner. The attention to lighting, textures, and motion is impeccable, making the products incredibly appealing and visually striking.

    As a potential customer, these animations provide a clear understanding of the products, helping me visualize how they would fit into my space. It’s fantastic to see such high-quality work in the furniture industry, as it truly enhances the online shopping experience.

    I also appreciate the user-friendly interface of your website, which makes it easy to navigate and explore your portfolio of animations. The variety of products showcased demonstrates your versatility and ability to cater to different styles and preferences.

    Overall, I’m thoroughly impressed with your Product Animation Video and the work you do at CGI Furniture. Keep up the fantastic work! I’ll definitely be considering your products for my future furniture needs.


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