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5 Tips How They Help To Make An Ecommerce Website Burst With A Profit

Although such up-to-date furniture industry giants as IKEA have long benefited from digital rendering services, a large number of manufacturers and marketers are still questioning the relevance and the necessity of these services. They are most comfortable and familiar with posting a bland toneless photo along with a mediocre caption, but still wondering why their sales decrease or stay the same in the best-case scenario.

Actually, they close their eyes to a wonderful world of advancement and benefits a 3D rendering company provides furniture stores with. But to those concerned about their business promotion and sales growth, we offer to your attention 5 tips to boost sales using furniture rendering services.

#1. Consider An Engaging Role Of Animation

One of the most pivotal advantages of digital rendering services is its technological capability to create animation from scratch. There is no need to take a bunch of photos. Presenting a desirable result to 3D rendering service is more than enough to receive tons of rave clients’ reviews. This helps to generate blue-ribbon visual content and also enriches a website with substantial information.

Apart from being informative in nature, animated digital renders further demonstrate their customer care concern in a remarkably modern way. Product renders throws users into a store exploration. By interacting with a brilliant 360 product view or multi-raw view, a client becomes a part of the brand, which not only strengthens customer loyalty but also places online furniture store marketing into a higher rank.

#2. Get An Opportunity To Try A Myriad Of Design Options

3D product rendering: Digital Catalogs

Using the power of digital rendering services, manufacturers can try different colors, patterns and textures on their products. Any adjustment can be made with a click of a button without any time-consuming rush. On top of that, it won’t cost a fortune like with real prototypes. 

Now a site is provided with products of all colors and sizes, considering that work simplification coupled with sales promotion are the main objectives of furniture rendering services. And what could be more interest-increasing, than a chance to view any item a client wants in every possible pattern and texture. Every desire can be granted in this day and age, starting with a rough matte polka-dot chair to a fluffy leopard-print throw pillow.

#3. Use Contrasting Interiors To Attract A Different Target Audience

3D Rendering for Furniture

By means of digital rendering services, it is possible to create a whole unrepeatable environment for an online store. There is a broad range of 3D renders, ranging from Rustic style interior elements to light Eclectic overtones. Furthermore, furniture rendering may help to think outside the box and make the imagination explode.

Such modern furniture renders are not only a huge source of pride and diverting online store decoration. They also attract various target audiences, whether it be a young boho-style family or an elderly luxury-loving couple. Digital product rendering can make anyone take a different look at the same item.

Let’s consider a sofa, for example. To someone, it will be a perfect fit for their French Country interior, while others are looking at it as an exact match to their Modern Farmhouse design. So why not streamline the process and give the clients an opportunity to see the item in any possible role?

#4.  Kick Product Packaging Up A Notch

E-commerce promotion: CG imagery

The finest furniture rendering can make even the drabbest and run-of-the-mill item look its best. It has been a little tough to sell a classical good recently, bearing in mind the great artistic furniture variety that makes plain pieces fade away. Be that as it may, but in the hands of a dexterous and neat 3D artist, any dull sample may be coherently implemented into any interior.

With the help of digital rendering services, an item can be straightforwardly applied to a customer’s interior. Once an online app is downloaded, any 3D render is seen at the phone screen and can be effortlessly tried on. Using AR technology, clients can place an item into their interior, then easily zoom in and out and try a different arrangement. It significantly facilitates user experience and simplifies the decision or even nudges towards making it.

#5. Make The Product Advertisement The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

3D Rendering for Product Advertising

The one and the only way to take a top-quality winning picture is to spend considerable time and effort, as is often the case. Moreover, seeking a suitable studio and hiring a well-equipped team can get seriously expensive. That is a moment when digital rendering services get into the game. No more worries about being unable to change a bad angle a photographer has taken. Now the work can be smoothly overseen, including the simplicity of making adjustments.

Besides, digital renders, unlike habitual photos, remain in excellent quality under any circumstances and any amends, therefore, may be used not only for online stores and printed catalogs but also for outdoor advertising. Not to mention the fact that 3D renders an order of magnitude more budget-friendly than their traditional counterpart.

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product rendering price

Doing business becomes way easier if all the technology benefits are used. It is no wonder that those, who take a latter-day method for drawing customers’ attention pull ahead of rivals considerably. Digital rendering services are one of the most essential ways to boost sales and increase online store visibility.

Would you like to outrun the rivals and make the potential clients look at your digital renders with their mouths open? Consider taking furniture rendering services and make your sales sky-rocket!

Valerie Adams

Content Writer, Editor

Valerie loves writing about CGI in advertising, product design development, and swears by 3D printing technology. In her free time, she enjoys attending music festivals and art events around Europe.

Digital product rendering is the process of converting a 3D model of a product into a 2D image (or a series of images). They can be extremely photorealistic, which is why they’ve become an alternative to product photos. Also, digital rendering allows to produce other types of content, such as animation, 360 views, and AR images.

CG studios provide both static and motion solutions. In terms of still images, they can make a product photo on a white background and lifestyles or roomsets. As for motion options, they create product animation and a 360 product view.

White background photos of a product are vital for e-commerce. According to the rules of some online shopping platforms, such an image is mandatory – a brand simply can’t post a listing without it. In short, it’s a basic type of product photo for any catalog.

A regular 360 view usually consists of 36 product images, each showing the item from a slightly different angle. The images are processed to be displayed as a single interactive object one can rotate left and right. When rotated, the 36 frames spin so fast that a person perceives them as a solid 3D model.

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