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5 Superb Marketing Benefits Compared to Product Photos

Custom 3D modeling is a relatively new technology when compared to simple photos of products. Many people don’t understand it due to its relatively recent discovery. Some people consider it to be too expensive while others, having never seen the result it produces, don’t know what to think about it. The truth is that there are many reasons why 3D modeling is better than simple product photography. Some of which will be discussed later in this article. 

CGIFurniture 3D studio understands traditional photography and its principles, and it has a thorough understanding of 3D modeling as a key service. 3D models are vital in e-commerce as they allow visitors of online marketing platforms to see the goods on offer from all possible angles. CG custom images enables customers to decide what they want to buy quickly without the need to see items on the shop’s shelves. The information below provides five specific reasons why 3D modeling is so beneficial for online stores and other e-commerce businesses.  

#1. Showcasing Many Designs Using a Single 3D Model

Online Brief for Product 3D Rendering

This is one of the most significant benefits custom 3D modeling gives. Color and patterns are an essential part of the design. When someone chooses modeling and rendering services, they can easily change the shades and details on a rendered image. This is only possible when the foundational model is fully ready.

Different item’ versions made on the base of the same 3D model allow for the variety of images derived from each other with minimal cost and time implications. The situation is different with product photography. A picture of every item has to be taken separately, and the time, work, and resources put in for the preparation of each shot have to be more or less the same. The manufacturer has to meet the cost separately, and this ends up pushing the price significantly higher.

#2. All-around Demonstration of the Product Details


    Online shoppers often complain about the discrepancy between the products they see displayed on online marketing platforms and what gets shipped to them after they order. The cause of these disappointments can be attributed to the limitation of still photos in giving precise representations of objects. Even when the photos of the same object have been taken from different angles, a buyer may not get a clear picture. 

    This is unlike custom 3D models that allow for interactive rotation so that a potential buyer can get a 3600 view of the object in question. Moreover, when cg artists render a 3600 product view in high poly, manufacturers get custom 3D visuals of remarkable quality. Based on such custom modeling,  3600 view can be zoomed in and out to give a clear view of the object from any side. Customers then get the chance to see the said object all round, thus getting a clearer picture of what to expect when they place their orders.

    #3. Trying Different Contexts for One Product 3D Model

    Office Open Space Lifestyle Interior for Chair Products

    Many people go to showrooms or exhibitions, see a piece of furniture they want or a simple picture of it and spend time racking their brains to figure out if it is a good fit for their home or office. CGFurniture furniture 3D modeling allows buyers to place the custom model they desire within the environment in which they want to use it.

    The custom 3D model of a couch, for instance, can be rendered into the living room or office to give the buyer a clear picture of how it would fit in the context. This facility of custom 3D modelling enables clients to accurately select and purchase what works best for them. Such prospects are satisfied since their shopping is not an ordealthey get exactly what they are looking for. 

    Simple photos offer no such opportunities. Whether what a person buys fits into the place they want to put, it is entirely dependent on their ability to imagine the product in the said context. This isn’t easy, considering not everyone can imagine settings and colors in their mind without any examples.   

    #4. Showing the Product’s Functionality in Motion

    Sometimes a buyer wants to see how a product they are interested in works. They may also want to get an understanding of its different parts and how it is assembled. Traditional photos have no way of showing all these things. Even if several images are taken at every point to explain the functioning or assembly of the item, the effect can’t be the same. 

    The rendering software allows the custom 3D modeling specialist working on the project to animate the product in motion. Once the process is animated, an observer can see the parts of a wardrobe falling in place or a sofa getting folded and unfolded. This type of modeling and animation allows customers to get a much clearer picture of the true potential of items on sale.

    #5. Integrating a Realistic Customer Experience with AR

    The Selection of the Interior Style in AR Shopping

    With the usual product photos, the process of selecting what furniture to buy is complicated. It is full of trial and error, or it would require different pieces of furniture to be transported to the venue, which is cumbersome and time-consuming. On top of that, this option of transporting furniture to test suitability may not be available. There is nothing to transport if the buyer wants their furniture custom made.

    On the contrary, a 3D model in the AR app is perfect for bespoke furniture. Augmented Reality (AR) allows a user to see a rendered 3D model in the real world. By using AR, a buyer can see how a piece of furniture, for example, would fit into their house by layering its 3D model in the real room. Any AR app a person decides to use must have a selection of 3D objects to work with, and this is where 3D modeling comes in handy.

    One crucial factor to consider is the amount of time used in the preparation of product visuals. If businesses don’t meet deadlines, they lose opportunities. Taking professional photos takes longer than rendering cg images. With custom 3D modeling services, all a manufacturer needs to do is to send a photo of the item or even a simple sketch, if the product design is still in progress, to a CGI studio. The result will not disappoint – custom 3D models are high-quality, versatile, and multifunctional. 

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    To enjoy all the benefits of 3D modeling listed here and many more, contact us. We offer custom 3D modeling services and photorealistic 3D models of any complexity.

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