CGI Studio has revolutionized the approach to product presentation for manufacturers and marketers, significantly streamlining their workflow processes. With CGI, there’s no longer the need to organize photoshoots, rent locations, or hire photographers to achieve a competitive presentation of their products.

Currently, photo shoots pose significant challenges due to their organizational complexity and associated costs. Consider the following: a product photographer typically charges between $100 to $175 per hour, as reported by Fash, a platform connecting people with photographers. Moreover, frequent changes in scenes and objects, resulting from updated designs or new concepts, further add to the complexity and cost. Additionally, expenses related to location rental and decorations can quickly escalate. Ultimately, these factors may lead to budget constraints and compromises in the presentation of products.

However, furniture manufacturers are interested in exploring 3D rendering as an alternative. Yet, they often lack the time and human resources to find professionals skilled in this specific area. Additionally, recruiting staff for such roles requires expertise and qualifications related to the profession. Hiring an unqualified 3D artist poses risks to all business plans.

Turning to an outsourced CGI studio offers several advantages over hiring an in-house staff, making the process significantly easier and more beneficial. Here are seven compelling reasons why this is the case. Let’s delve into each one.

#1. Time-Effective Hiring Process of a Contractor

Outsource 3D Companies are Easy to Find

Hiring a professional 3D artist typically requires HR employees to search for the right candidate. Without dedicated HR resources, the responsibility of posting job vacancies, reviewing portfolios, and conducting interviews often falls on the shoulders of executives or marketers. This can be challenging, as individuals lacking expertise in CGI skills may struggle to properly assess the competency of potential candidates.

In contrast, when a manufacturer seeks to collaborate with a CGI studio remotely, the process is much simpler. By conducting a bit of research, they can easily find ratings of 3D companies worldwide, review portfolios, assess pricing structures, and place their first order. From there, all that’s required is to define the task, leaving the rest in the hands of the outsourcing partner.

#2. Cost-Saving HR Financing

Cost-Saving Outsource CGI Services

The truth is undeniable: retaining an employee, training them to proficiency, and providing necessary equipment can be both tedious and costly. Monthly expenses for an in-house employee typically include a fixed salary along with additional costs such as medical benefits, taxes, and more.

In contrast, working with an outsourced 3D studio alleviates the need for long-term resource commitments. Employers simply pay the required hourly charges, allowing for greater flexibility. Additionally, it’s possible to establish a comprehensive pay scale tailored to each short-term project. This eliminates concerns about price fluctuations that may arise with traditional photo shoot arrangements.

#3. A Flexible Working Schedule

The Working Schedule of Remote 3D Studios

In-house employees are subject to limitations set by the Labor Code, restricting their working hours and preventing them from working beyond established schedules or on weekends due to potential legal and labor union issues.

However, the dynamic changes when working with 3D companies. Partners can establish deadlines and adhere to them, including weekends if necessary. Additionally, many contractors and outsourced CGI services operate globally, enabling work to continue around the clock. This arrangement enhances efficiency and output, as remote companies can operate across different time zones, maximizing productivity.

#4. A Wide Range of High-Profile Specialists

Outsource Remote 3D Artists

When trying to hire a 3D artist, an employer might encounter the limitations of the local market. If the salary and skills ratio are defined, it’s not always easy to find the right person within established criteria. 

The outsourcing market, on the contrary, is global. It consists of specialists from the whole world with skill sets of different levels and wide salary requests. The chances are bigger here to find the candidate that meets all the requirements. Besides, some options work with any budget. If a small business cannot afford high-end specialists in the field, it can still hire decent candidates within the financial capacity of the firm.  

#5. Accelerated Speed of the Working Process 

The Speed of Work in Outsource 3D Studios

Time sensitivity is often paramount when preparing for a product launch. While larger companies can assemble sizable teams to manage tasks efficiently, small and medium-sized businesses may struggle with limited resources, typically relying on one or two CG specialists. When confronted with heavy workloads, meeting deadlines without compromising quality becomes challenging.

In contrast, outsourcing to a CGI studio offers a solution. These studios can deploy multiple staff members as needed, especially for large-scale and multi-tiered projects. With teams working simultaneously on various tasks, projects can be completed much more swiftly, ensuring timely delivery without sacrificing quality.

#6. Efficient Project Management System

Project Managment System in Outsource 3D Companies

Well-reputed outsource CGI companies offer additional benefits, including a well-established hierarchy and effective human resources management. Consequently, there is no need for the hiring party to invest effort in organizing project logistics.

At the heart of a CGI studio’s operations is a robust Project Management System. In essence, when an order is received, the CGI studio assigns personnel, builds teams, and divides the project into manageable milestones. The scope of responsibilities also encompasses risk management and reporting. The project manager ensures that the workflow is organized efficiently to minimize any potential issues that could impact the project timeline.

#7. Convenient Customer Relationship System

Cutomer Relationship Managment Platforms Online

One common misconception about the process is the concern among furniture manufacturers and marketers that they lack control over it. However, there is no need for such worries, as many remote CGI companies have developed powerful CRM platforms to address this issue.

For instance, CGIFURNITURE studio provides access to a platform called Archivizer, which can be accessed from any device. This platform enables communication with all specialists involved in the project, facilitating the ability to ask questions, make corrections, exchange files, and share intermediate results at any time.

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product rendering price

In summary, partnering with an outsourced CGI studio offers benefits to both solo entrepreneurs and large firms alike. These studios handle various organizational challenges that would otherwise burden manufacturing companies. Moreover, working with CGI services has proven to be more cost-effective. There’s no need to invest in hiring in-house specialists, providing them with benefits, purchasing equipment, and so forth. Simply set a task and await the results.

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