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7 Solid Reasons to Choose an Outsource 3D Contractor

CGI studio has changed not just the way manufacturers and marketers present their goods but has relieved them from onerous workflow processes. From now on, they don’t have to organize the photoshootings, rent a location, hire a photographer to get a competitive presentation of their products. 

At present, photo shootings are expensive and cumbersome due to their organization complexity. Let’s do mathematics a bit. A product photographer charges from $100 to $175 per hour, according to Fash, the platform helping people and photographers find each other. Things get especially complicated when the scenes and objects change because of updated design or new concept, which is absolutely commonplace in this field. Plus, the location rent and the decorations are costly as well. To sum up, prices might go beyond the budget and the company has to compromise with the presentation of the products. 

On the other hand, Furniture Manufacturers do want to give 3D rendering a try, but they have no time or human resources to search for this particular type of professionals. Moreover, recruiting staff needs to know the drill – profession-related qualifications. Should a 3D artist be unqualified, all business plans are at risk. 

With an outsource CGI studio, things turn way easier and more beneficial than hiring an in-house staff. And here are seven reasons why it is absolutely true. Let’s dive in.

#1. Time-Effective Hiring Process of a Contractor

Outsource 3D Companies are Easy to Find

To hire a professional 3D Artist, one needs to have HR employees searching for the right person. Otherwise, vacancy posting, portfolio scrolling, and interviewing fall on the shoulders of an executive or marketer. The latter, again, cannot assess the level of competency properly without the basic knowledge of CGI skills. 

When someone from the firm-manufacturer wants to find a great CGI studio to work with remotely, it’s enough to make a little research. They can find the ratings of 3D companies across the globe, examine portfolios, assess pricing scale, and make the first order. Then, all hirers needs is to set a task. The rest is the concern of the outsource partner.  

#2. Cost-Saving HR Financing

Remote 3D Rendering Costs for Manufacturers

The fact is undeniable – to retain an employee, train them to be proficient, provide the equipment are tedious and pricy. Besides, monthly expenses include fixed salary together with medical and health perks, taxes, etc. 

When working with an outsource 3D studio, the employer doesn’t have to commit itself to long-term resources. They just pay the due hourly charges. Moreover, it is always possible to build a full-fledged pay scale for a short project. This way, the Marketer shouldn’t worry about price fluctuations, as it can be with the physical arrangement of photo shootings. 

#3. A Flexible Working Schedule

The Working Schedule of Remote 3D Studios

In-house employees’ working hours are  limited and defined by the Labor Code. Moreover, even if the deadline is approaching, the business owner cannot make the employees work out of schedule or at weekends since they might face problems with labor unions and the Law.  

The situation with 3D companies is different – partners agree on the deadlines and stick to them, even if weekends are implied. Furthermore, contractors and outsource product CGI services work across the globe in most of the cases. For the furniture manufacturer or marketer, it means the work is in process around-the-clock, and the efficiency is improving. Remote companies can work through all time zones and boost the outputs significantly.

#4. A Wide Range of High-Profile Specialists

Outsource Remote 3D Artists

When trying to hire a 3D artist, an employer might encounter the limitations of the local market. If the salary and skills ratio are defined, it’s not always easy to find the right person within established criteria. 

The outsource market, on the contrary, is global. It consists of specialists from the whole world with skill sets of different levels and wide salary requests. The chances are bigger here to find the candidate that meets all the requirements. Besides, there are options that work with any budget. If a small business cannot afford high-end specialists in the field, it can still hire decent candidates within the financial capacity of the firm.  

#5. Accelerated Speed of the Working Process 

The Speed of Work in Outsource 3D Studios

Time sensitivity is probably the most crucial aspect when it’s about launching the product on the market. Large companies can afford to hire a big team of professionals. But small and medium-sized businesses usually invite one or two CG specialists. When facing a solid workload, they cannot handle it without compromising the deadlines.

 An outsource CGI studio may engage as many staffers as it makes sense if the project is large-scale and multileveled. They will work simultaneously on different tasks and complete them much faster. 

#6. Efficient Project Management System

Project Managment System in Outsource 3D Companies

Other advantages of well-reputed outsource CGI companies are a well-established hierarchy and successful human resources management. So, there’s no need for a hirer to put efforts into organizing aspect of the project. 

The core of a CGI studio’s activity is a reliable Project Management System. In simple words, when the order comes in, a CGI studio assigns people who accept it, build the team, and break down the process into milestones. Its scope of responsibility includes also risks management and reporting. The project manager’s duty is to organize the process in a way to minimize any potential problems that may affect the timeline.  

#7. Convenient Customer Relationship System 

Cutomer Relationship Managment Platforms Online

The most widely spread misunderstanding of the process is the fear of furniture manufacturers and marketers that they don’t have control over it. But there’s no reason to have worries here – most of the remote CGI companies worked out powerful CRM-platforms for this purpose.  

For example, CGIFURNITURE studio offers a platform called Archivizer accessible from any gadget. It allows communicating with all specialists involved in the project, asking questions, making corrections, exchanging files, and sharing intermediate results at any time.

In a nutshell, the partnership with an outsource CGI studio is advantageous for both solopreneurs and large firms. CGI studios take care of different organizational issues that, otherwise, would be a burden for the manufacturing companies. Furthermore, working with CGI services proved to be more budget-friendly. There’s no need to invest in hiring in-house specialists, providing them with social and health perks, buying equipment, etc. It’s enough to set a task and await the result.

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