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7 Factors That Define Its Price

CGI product photography is already overcoming the traditional one thanks to the cost-saving solutions and quick implementation of the tasks. As a result, manufacturers get photorealistic and gorgeous imagery that is bound to entice prospects without any efforts from their side.

A start-up furniture company is working on its e-commerce website. manufacturers want it to be competitive on the market so the visual presentation of the products is extremely important. Unfortunately, they are new to this business and don’t have large start-up capital. At the same time, photographers services and photoshoots costs so much that the company’s owners can’t afford them at the very beginning of their business. Moreover, the e-comm website is soon to be launched with no time left for long photoshoot organizing and searching for experienced photo studios. 

Thankfully, the traditional product photography is not the only way to get jaw-dropping images for a business. A CGI company can give Manufacturers the same result for less money and in the short term. Learn what exactly affects the cost of CGI product photography services and figure out how to use this info in your favor. 

#1. The Complexity of the Task

Product Images for Tables and Chairs

The complexity of the task involves many aspects that affect the amount of time 3D artists spend on completing a project. Particularly, the number of views, a background, supporting 3D models for the main item, a file format, and resolution. The spent time, however, is one of the main factors that forms the price of CGI product photography. Most of the 3D visualization studios charge per hour, so the more time a task takes, the higher will be the ultimate cost.   

#2. Time Frame

The urgency of a CGI project affects the price as much as its complexity. The strict deadlines have to be included in the brief with the warning of the importance level. Usually, client managers of CGI companies require additional payment if a manufacturer asks to finish a task faster than the proposed turnaround time. In such cases, 3D artists suppose to work overtime and spend their free evenings doing their job. To compensate for this commitment that ensures the speed of the process, CGI product photography studios charge some extra money. 

#3. Provided Files

The high-quality of sent references make the working process of CGI artists faster, which means more budget-friendly outcome for clients. To illustrate the situation better, let’s take a look at two different cases to get the main point. For example, a furniture manufacturer wants to get CGI product photography for a sofa. In the first case, they send drawings of the item and reference images of the scene they want to see in the background. In the second case, a manufacturer already has a ready 3D model of the sofa. Obviously, the estimated cost in the second situation will be lower as a 3D artist doesn’t have to spend time on creating a high-poly 3D model.

#4. Final Resolution

Product Images for Dining Room Furniture

The most common resolution of computer graphics is FullHD, which is often provided by CGI product photography studios as a standard service. However, the required resolution depends on how a client will use the image. For product pages on e-commerce websites, the FullHD 1920×1080 image will work perfectly. On the other hand, if a manufacturer wants posters, they will need a higher resolution image so it won’t look blurry when printed. Such outdoor advertising as billboards or citylights requires even higher resolution for CGI product photography files. Naturally, any resolution beyond the standard FullHD costs more. 

#5. Corrections

Close-Up CG Shot for a Sofa Product Image

Corrections and adjustments are indispensable parts of the product CGI creation as clients often change their ideas as well as ask to fix the flaws. Usually, 3D product photography companies require an extra charge for all possible revisions. However, there are CGI studios that make minor corrections for free as they are included to the original estimated cost. For example, CGIFURNITURE offers 30-60% revisions as a part of a project.

#6. Post-production

CGI Services for a Lamp Product Image

Post-production is the final stage of creating CGI product photography that brings life into images making them more realistic. Most of the big 3D companies include post-production to the cost, but there are still cases when extra charge is needed. For instance, adding people to CG images requires high-level Photoshop skills from 2D design specialists that are paid separately. The same goes for other unusual and intricate visual effects in 2D graphics software. 

#7. VIP Renders

CGI Services for a Sofa Product Image

Each CGI product photography company has 3D artists of different levels such as junior, middle or senior. The senior specialists are the ones with the most experience and diverse skills.  It means that one senior 3D artist can take on a project that requires several CGI services at once. In such cases, manufacturers ask specifically for high-level CG specialists to be sure their project is in safe hands. For a higher price, they can provide clients with an extraordinary outcome and the best results on the market of 3D visualization.

There’s no doubt that CGI product photography is high in demand. Most of the leaders in manufacturing industries are already using 3D visualization to present their goods in advertisement and other types of marketing. What modern viewers see on posters, websites or TV may not be the actual photo or video of a product, but photorealistic computer-generated imagery. It’s more cost-saving and much faster to get. With the help of our facts above, you’ll know what defines the price of CGI projects and how you can reduce it for your benefit.

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