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7 Ways To Improve Offline Advertising

CGI photography effectively turns common advertising pictures into eye-catching visual masterpieces that easily mesmerize viewers. Besides, with the help of 3D product visualization, creating huge images for a billboard is as easy and fast as visuals for small brochures.

A Furniture Manufacturer hired a photography studio with a huge team of specialists to create outstanding images for city lights in the downtown. The whole process took so many efforts, especially the tiresome organization of a photo shoot, but they still weren’t able to finish that marketing project within the deadlines. Searching for the right location and building a set took too much time, and producing furniture prototypes turned out to be even more complicated than the Manufacturer had thought. Moreover, despite all the efforts of the team and the big budget for the advertising campaign, the results and the target audience’s response weren’t nearly as great as everyone had hoped for. There were no more clients, orders or even inquiry calls than usual, so the campaign spendings didn’t pay off.

The budget could be much smaller and the results much faster, if the Manufacturer had contacted a CGI studio. Besides, the quality and options of product images are even more impressive and various. Learn how a CGI photography company can help to improve an advertising campaign and reach a new quality level at the same time.       

#1. Use Cost-Saving Options

Chair CGI for an Offline Advertising Campaign

Offline advertising supposedly includes traditional outdoor advertising such as flyers, brochures, newspapers, magazines, billboard ads, television, etc. All of those things require a photo shooting and a crew to create the final image: photographers, art department to build and decorate a set, location managers to find a perfect place and so on. With CGI there is no need in hiring a crew or renting expensive professional equipment. With the help of at least one 3D Artist and a computer, it’s possible to create as many images as Marketers need. After all, the advertising campaign is not just about the final product but also about planning and budgeting. CGI costs less than traditional photography thus brings mind-blowing results even with a tight budget which is definitely a huge advantage for any Marketer.

#2. Get Fast Results

Product CGI for a Lamp Advertising Campaign

Using CGI not only saves money comparing to photography but also shortens the time spent on creating the final image. Physical photo shooting makes people dependent on weather, time, equipment, locations – it might take weeks and even months to create a single campaign. Taking even one picture requires to go through all the steps of the organizing a photo shoot but one image won’t be enough for an advertising campaign. Moreover, it also takes time to monitor the entire process of production and postproduction. CGI photography solves all organizing problems – all Marketers have to do is to define their idea to 3D Artists and get fast results right on time. Besides, a 3D visualization studio is able to make as many product images as required without any delays.

#3. Make Adjustments

CGI for a Lamp Advertising Campaign

CGI images can be changed anytime – not only while a project is in progress but even after it’s already completed. There’s no need to stick to the original scene if the final result ended up being unsatisfying or a concept has been revised. Colors and textures can be changed in a few clicks as well as camera angles and other settings. In this way, creating a new image doesn’t mean starting over and setting up everything again like in the case with photography. Making adjustments to a CGI image does not require much money, time and effort which allows correcting not only the picture itself but even the whole campaign in general if needed.

#4. Communicate Easily

CGI for a Lamp Advertising Campaign

Under-communication can weaken the productivity of individual employees, teams, and a company itself. Since there are fewer people involved in creating CGI comparing to creating a traditional campaign using photography, it is way easier to communicate within a project. Moreover, most of the 3D visualization studios have established customer relationship management that includes Project Managers, salesmen, and online-platforms to be in contact with clients 24/7. It helps Marketers to run the advertising campaign smoothly as it doesn’t take much to keep everyone informed about the updates and changes as well as cut down on mistakes and misunderstandings in the first place.

#5. Increase Diversity

CGI for a Lamp Design Project

When it comes to changing backgrounds in order to make more diverse images for a campaign, traditional photography requires visiting several locations, building a few sets or rearranging decor. All these actions take a lot of time, effort and money which is especially inconvenient in case of strict deadlines. On the other hand, CGI photography allows to swap colors and materials in a few clicks, reconfigure the light, switch from day to night time, chose any weather conditions, add people to the background, move objects and much more. All these functions make it possible to create more options for offline advertising which makes it more diverse and engaging. The combinations of decor and styles for the scenes are endless as well as the various environment options for product renders.  

#6. Choose Unique Solutions

Lifestyle CGI for a Furniture Promotion Campaign

The effective way to upgrade offline advertising campaigns is to focus on the uniqueness that helps to stand out of the competition. CGI photography is the easiest and fastest option to achieve the desired result without spending thousands of dollars on trying out different concepts. 3D rendering makes it possible to transform an idea into reality as well as change or enhance it on the way. Usually, people stick to the concepts that have been implemented before – they compile and use things they have already seen. With CGI there are no more boundaries – never existing places can be created, previously unseen objects, new styles, and even laws of physics no longer matter. CGI is all about individuality, imagination and fresh bright ideas that will highlight your street ads among many others around them.

#7. Incorporate Storytelling

Furniture CGI for a Promotion Campaign

One of the biggest advantages of CGI photography is a context that helps to create a story. Choosing an ideal background not only showcases the benefits of a product but also demonstrates how it can be used or what emotions it can bring. For example, seeing a happy family at the huge dining table urges viewers to imagine a warm and cozy evening with their closest people. Now, prospects don’t think about the table as a simple object but as an asset that helps to gather the family and spend a good time together.

Manufacturing companies use such storytelling devices for offline advertising to engage the passersby as it keeps attention better than a beautiful picture without some ambiance or message. A well-thought context for CGI photography serves not only as a simple ad but also as a story about a product which makes the promotion material more interesting and emotional for the target audience.

CGI helps to get high-quality images for any type of offline advertising content and implement even the craziest marketing ideas. Moreover, 3D visualization companies provide visual materials fast without many efforts from a customer, whereas traditional photography requires the long and tiresome organizational process. Where CGI allows creating any scenes that come to mind, photography needs renting locations and building sets for a photo shoot, not to mention transportation, equipment, product prototypes, etc.

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