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5 Ways It Enhances Promo Strategies and Boosts Product Sales

Many furniture online retailers have no identifiable marketing strategy, which affects negatively the customer experience. The latter has fast become a number one priority of businesses and 2020 will continue the trend, according to 2019 Digital Trends Report

According to another report, manufacturers and marketers can still retain attention with the right promo strategies, where a personalized approach is prevalent. Herewith, in the furniture industry, where effective imagery is king, it becomes more and more difficult to target people with unique, eye-catching product presentations. This is where the CGI marketing comes in handy. 

It expands the marketers’ possibilities to showcase the products and features the approach, where people are treated as individuals. Together, these aspects empower any promo strategy to attract customers and this way – boost sales. So, here are 5 promo strategies where such marketing can drive product sales more than ever before. 

#1. Go Mobile with the CG Imagery

AR Shopping on eCommerce Platforms

Mobile selling is turning into a new standard for eСommerce. In 2019, about 2B people made a purchase from mobile devices, with 95% of shoppers doing research from their devices before completing a checkout. Thus, giant furniture retailers, such as IKEA, Pottery Barn, and Bob’s Discount Furniture, already engage users via their mobile and web apps. 

How can CGI marketing help sell on mobile devices? By providing a unique shopping experience. It often implies Augmented Reality features. So, when opening an app or visiting the website, prospects can look for furniture and accessories and drop CGI models of the products into real-life interiors. Additionally, the app’s users, for example, can pinch, zoom, and swipe to adjust the dimensions of the object since the app provides its percentage size. Herewith, the only thing they need is a smartphone’s camera or display. For users, it’s a fast and easy way to assess if a product blends in with an existing room’s layout. 

#2. Ramp Up Instagram Presence

Product Visualization of a Pink Couch

According to Statista 2018, Instagram has 1B active users monthly and about 500M use it on a daily basis. It is one of the biggest social media app connecting consumers, brands, and influencers. For the furniture industry, it’s a gold mine because of its picture-based nature. 

CGI marketing gives undeniable assets here. First, the viewers get a high-quality presentation of the object characterised by exquisite detail. Second, it taps into both human emotions and logic. CGI images appeal to the dream life people might have with the products and justify the purchase with their specs and data.

Therefore, if the marketers upload compelling CG images, use strategically the hashtags, and post at the right time, they have all the chances to build a large following and boost product sales drastically. 

#3. Tell a Brand Story Offline

  • Before-cupboard
    Before cupboard After

Furniture trade exhibits in the United States are powerful events to sell the goods at a national level and find faithful followers and fans of the brand. CGI marketing expands the ways how the brand’s story sounds. 

For example, product CGI will make print brochures shine amongst hundreds at the event due to its presentation-wise build, accompanied with relevant product information. 3D animation can make a presentation more instructive yet truly captivating. Marketers can adapt here “before-after concept”, show the potential of unexisting designs, and thus, create a maximum impression on the audience.

#4.  Turn to CGI Influencers

Product Video for Instagram

CGI marketing can engage substantively with influencer marketing. The latter, according to Statista, will worth $6B on Instagram alone by 2020. Recently, so-called CGI influencer marketing has showed up. CGI influencers also promise to help brands popularize the products and boost the brand’s awareness. 

Brands can use them to test out different kinds of content on different platforms. Again, the manufacturers and marketers can adapt CGI influencers to a brand story. First of all, they are simply computer code, virtual avatars that are not restricted by time and space. They simply take the brand messaging and target relevant audiences throughout the web with various visual content.

#5. Revamp Email Campaigns

3D Renders for Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead. When done correctly, it drives sales as much as other channels do. It still has the biggest ROI (return on investment) of up to 4400% compared to websites and social media. However, marketers call for changing its paradigm.

Thus, CGI marketing helps out here as well. Due to the visual nature of the products in the furniture online retailing, the CG images tell a story “straight to the point”. They promote efficiently a particular offer, convey a tone or personality, and make emails recognizable by viewers. To enhance the power of visuals, marketers can optimize the images with links and add texts. However, they should always keep in mind the visual-to-text ratio for emails not to be marked as spam and blocked. 

CGI in marketing opens new opportunities for manufacturers and marketers in their strive to reach out to people more intensively. It creates and maintains a unique customer experience in the most progressive marketing channels, addresses limitations of old-age promo strategies, helps to build a big following and gain a reputation. 

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