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7 Major Reasons To Forego Studio Product Photography

A good many marketers and manufacturers are in doubt when it comes to CGI studios and services. This is not surprising since stereotype clouds are thrown over this uncharted technology. As a matter of fact, it is these stereotypes, which steal clients from gullible retailers. Some businesspeople are not certain about implementing CGI into their website, but as long as they are hesitating, other successful companies recruit the best 3D visualizers.

Do you really have to ignore such illustrative CGI advantages?  There are seven prime examples of why CGI is the wisest decision to enact.

#1. CGI Speed Advantage Breaks All Records

Speed Of CGI Projects

For successful material creation for an online store furniture retailers have to do not only what their job entails, but also perform as organizers, designers and assistants at the brand shooting. A merchant must have unshakable fortitude and be truly patient to make qualitative, and besides, quick product snaps. In the event that direct involvement is currently impossible, one has to find a hired hand to do so instead.

Every single item should be thoroughly worked out, whereupon making sure it is all ably done is vital, if one does not want to put up with this fiendish process once more. Picture this – to make a full catalog an owner should hire loaders to lift all the furniture to a specialized studio. On top of this, its location is usually in the middle of nowhere and hard to get to. Little things as hauling the stuff back to the warehouse after a tiring work or a running late photographer can drive anybody up the wall, especially when there are tons of things left to do apart from taking material for an online store.

One of the main advantages of CGI is promptness and usability. All the work is being remotely done by a well-coordinated expert team, which brainstorms independently and does not unreasonably bother its client. Moreover, it is always possible to see how things are going with the project, while a clock-watching photographer does not get the work done for months.

#2. CGI Services Don’t Cost An Arm And A Leg

Furniture lifestyle shots: Cost-efficiency

The aforementioned conduct of shooting also requires a well-equipped studio renting, not to mention creating a whole team made up of a photographer, a color correction artist and assistants. In the case where is no chance of being there in person, sending an own representative is advisable. Furniture transferring is also another financial catch, not forgetting decoration rent on top of that. However, it is just the tip of an iceberg. If the design is unresponsive at the market, not only the whole supply has to be changed, but also every single taken shot.

Keeping a teamwork track with a single click is a great CGI advantage. In addition, there is no need of herding cats, since it is not the first time the team functions together. Well-coordinated work saves time, but also money, which is also no small thing.

#3. Any Idea Is Easy To Implement With CGI

CG Rendering for a Beige Living Room

Experiments are part and parcel of doing business, and modern furniture business is no exception. Traditional product photography, as opposed to computer-generated imagery, fails to provide a client with an advanced shooting option, and it is the next CGI advantage. It does not require any tangible prototypes or fully delineated pattern design, which makes it essential when it comes to a furniture trial run.

If the product design is in question, but fruition hankering kicks in, let a CGI pro handle it before embarking on manufacture. One of the great advantages of CGI is the speed of response to any idea. For 3D visualizers nothing is impossible. Just be equipped with a sketch or resembling furniture reference, a CGI professional can do everything from the design to the concept itself. Even the absence of a material sample can’t get in the way of a great rendering.

#4. Adjustment Doesn’t Intimidate A CG Product

3D product rendering: Digital Catalogs

Taking into account the fact that a marketable well-integrated interior prototype creation is in itself a cumbersome process, making changes is by no means trouble-free.  If the furniture design has been altered, which is a quite common arrangement, then every single photo has to be retaken. Even within the shooting, changing decoration color or adding unavailable elements is more than just tricky.

The same cannot be said about an adjustment option without sacrificing quality, the next superior advantage of CGI. Changing product appearance is not a big deal. It is now feasible to change the whole picture or include add-ons if the main concept has been changed. Work remains sterling and mellow without undue fuss.

#5. Only Sky’s The Limit For CGI Concept Diversity

D Rendering of a Chair with Festive Decor

Another traditional photography drawback is a lack of conceptual equipment. How to stand out of the crowd of competitors, if products are in the same old interior and in similar interpretation? In towns, specialized studios could be counted on the fingers of one hand, and cities rarely could claim a wide variety of decoration and applicable tools either. Creating a picture to please every taste and requirement as well as to match any furniture store design remains a challenge.

The next significant CGI advantage is its flexibility and adaptability to any requirements of a client. Want to come up with a noteworthy furniture concept? Maybe even place it on a mountaintop or in the shallows of a blue lake? CGI services may easily let the imagination run wild, whether it is regarding a single item or a kit.

#6. CGI Services Break New Ground In Furniture Marketing


    A considerable CGI advantage is its novelty in the marketplace. CGI is a modern offbeat way to resonate with the customer’s aspirations and expectations. One of the most recent  CGI advantages is a 360 product view, which provides an excellent opportunity to look at the product from all angles in a snap. In contrast to photography, there is no need to switch pictures back and forth, since it is a real-time process.

    It has been argued that CGI will never be able to supersede the traditional shooting, but it is further from the truth. Modern furniture stores are bursting at seams with vibrant CG pictures. These are indistinguishable from real photos to the point that site users have no idea they have been made artificially.

    An ability to have light, texture and composition control without no loss of realism is another great CGI advantage. It is not so easy to achieve in traditional photography since the golden hour comes once a day, but having a natural light effect is vital to get sought-after interiors.

    #7.CGI Advantages Make Multipurposeness A Top Priority

    The Rising Popularity of CGI on Social Media

    Turnkey renderings can be used as a part of an ad or posted on social media in the form of GIFs or short representative videos. Being everywhere at once is no longer a necessity since visualizers perform as photographers, retouchers and interior decorators rolled into one. Hence, for both the manufacturers and the marketers saving time is a major CGI advantage.

    From the user’s side, CGI accelerates brand familiarization in a heartbeat, which makes sales soar. Numerous tabs and photos do not confuse customers anymore as long as renderings are smoothly successive, which significantly increases purchase chances.

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    product rendering price

    The only thing that may give rise to difficulties is a paucity of CGI technology familiarity. Indeed, many people are more used to working with traditional photography than CGI, despite the fact it is more arduous and time-consuming.

    So far, retail giants and large-scale online furniture stores go for CGI services as a priority in their brand development. It is important to give the customers an up-to-date opportunity to buy your furniture online. In order to keep abreast with the market times, every CGI advantage should be used, starting with white background renders, 360 product view to 3D animation.

    Would you like to draw customers’ attention with exceptional renderings or make your competitors turn heads? Feel free to contact us for top-notch 3D rendering services and make your sales significantly surge!

    Valerie Adams

    Content Writer, Editor

    Valerie loves writing about CGI in advertising, product design development, and swears by 3D printing technology. In her free time, she enjoys attending music festivals and art events around Europe.

    Digital product rendering is the process of converting a 3D model of a product into a 2D image (or a series of images). They can be extremely photorealistic, which is why they’ve become an alternative to product photos. Also, digital rendering allows to produce other types of content, such as animation, 360 views, and AR images.

    CG studios provide both static and motion solutions. In terms of still images, they can make a product photo on a white background and lifestyles or roomsets. As for motion options, they create product animation and a 360 product view.

    White background photos of a product are vital for e-commerce. According to the rules of some online shopping platforms, such an image is mandatory – a brand simply can’t post a listing without it. In short, it’s a basic type of product photo for any catalog.

    A regular 360 view usually consists of 36 product images, each showing the item from a slightly different angle. The images are processed to be displayed as a single interactive object one can rotate left and right. When rotated, the 36 frames spin so fast that a person perceives them as a solid 3D model.

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