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5 Ways To Save Time, Money and Effort On Product Marketing

CG rendering has been in for a while now. However, with the growth of e-business, it has become especially required these days. There are many reasons why professional CG rendering services are gaining popularity at the speed of light nowadays. The truth is that in order for any product to sell well, it should be advertised and marketed correctly. That is when photorealistic CG rendering comes in handy.

The better the representation of any product is, be it modern furniture or anything else, the more requested it is going to become among potential customers. So, it is not uncommon for many e-commerce companies to hire professional photographers to create appealing product catalogs. However, in the majority of cases, that is an expensive practice and not entirely beneficial. The fact is that CG rendering usually offers a lot more for a lot less.

Would you like to learn more about how to save your means and time on product marketing with the help of a 3D rendering company? Read on to discover some fresh and business-boosting opportunities!

#1. Use the Offered Flexibility to Your Benefit

Living Room Furniture Rendering

The combo of flexibility and successful business is usually the one that many companies seek. If something is flexible, it can be used in many ways and can bring double income. Whether it is an online store startup or a known furniture store, both require quality photos to show the clients the range of products on offer. While some companies incline to hire professional photographers to do the job, others tend to value 3D artists’ work more.

While a real-life photoshoot may look professional and appealing, it provides a limited range of settings to make use of. Besides, any product should be already created to be presented to potential audiences. At the same time, any skilled photorealistic rendering service would offer you an almost unlimited number of settings to play around with besides physical representation of the item on offer is not mandatory. What is more, if there are any changes introduced, 3D renders are super easy to modify while in the case with real-life photography, a re-shoot will be required, which would require additional expenses.

#2. Experiment with Product Design Versatility

Digital presentation of furniture: Use of 360 product view

Gone are the days when one design was acceptable for a vast number of customers. Shoppers are quite picky these days. Usually, they are looking for a design that is both practical and unique. Hence, if you enable a customer base with an ability to experiment with the design, product material, and the coloring of any product, you will allow them to feel like genuine designers themselves. Apart from that, a 360-degree product view is one of those CG rendering technologies which transforms every experience into a personalized one.

The urge to purchase an item designed on your own is what can keep the client on the website long enough to carry on with the purchase. Traditional product photography can’t offer a related experience, which makes it weaker when it comes to effective marketing strategies.

#3. Showcase Every Product in Detail

Attention-Grabbing Product Visuals

Very often, when shopping for a particular item, users pay attention not only to the design but also the quality of the product. This comes especially true when people are looking for new furniture. More and more furniture stores use the CG rendering to showcase the item both from the outside as well as from the inside. The better the understanding of the mechanism is, the higher are the chances of introducing it into one’s interior.

It is unlikely that anyone would physically cut a chair in half to present its sturdy construction to a potential buyer. With the help of a professional CG rendering service, there is no need to go to such lengths. Product 3D visualization allows to create that cutaway image in a matter of a few hours. It goes without saying that no furniture is wasted or damaged in the process, which certainly improves the economic venue.

#4. Increase the Sales with 3D Animation

Even though the technological era that we live in has a lot to offer, sometimes, simple animation is what makes a client commit to the purchase. The thing is when you ‘bring the item to life,’ you help the customer envision it better in real life. Picturing a specific furniture piece in one’s own setting adds up to the desire to get it as fast as possible. Many respectable furniture retailers such as IKEA use the trick, and it pays off more than well.

Animated CG rendering allows it to preview the item from all angles, close-up, and even show it off with a fly-through. Such an approach illustrates all the necessary details of the product while also highlighting the characteristics and possible advantages. That fact alone that a customer spends more time on the site while looking through the provided product videos serves as a perfect marketing strategy, which leads to increased sales.

#5. Broadcast to a Larger Audience with Impressive Catalogs

Digital Product Catalogs

A successful business can barely exist online without a colorful and appealing catalog at hand. If we are talking about a furniture store, a full catalog is a first and primary thing that a client pays attention to. In order to engage a broader audience, it is necessary to show as many products on offer as possible. However, that is not enough. A mere plain white background may not feel inviting enough for a client to stop and actually consider the purchase. At the same time, lifestyle images are highly popular among the modern generation.

Placing the same item into various settings will speak to a broader client base than showing the same product against a white background. With real photoshoots, the settings are usually limited in number, not to mention the fact that staging such a setup would cost a business owner significantly. A professional CG render, in turn, knows no limits as long as a skilled 3D artist masters it. It is possible to create as many settings with the same product as needed, white background included, and the cost will be significantly lower than one average photoshoot would require.

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product rendering price

To thrive as an online store in the modern world, it is essential to have all the best marketing tools at hand. The further ahead your business is in terms of advanced technology, the higher will be the sales, thus the income. In order to attract a larger customer base, it is vital to speak out to it with the help of inviting and ‘alive’ imagery. That is precisely what CG rendering these days offers for a reduced cost both time and moneywise.

Increasing your customer base has never been easier! CGIFURNITURE 3D rendering services are among the best in the industry for many reasons. We know how to make your business skyrocket!

Valerie Adams

Content Writer, Editor

Valerie loves writing about CGI in advertising, product design development, and swears by 3D printing technology. In her free time, she enjoys attending music festivals and art events around Europe.

Digital product rendering is the process of converting a 3D model of a product into a 2D image (or a series of images). They can be extremely photorealistic, which is why they’ve become an alternative to product photos. Also, digital rendering allows to produce other types of content, such as animation, 360 views, and AR images.

CG studios provide both static and motion solutions. In terms of still images, they can make a product photo on a white background and lifestyles or roomsets. As for motion options, they create product animation and a 360 product view.

White background photos of a product are vital for e-commerce. According to the rules of some online shopping platforms, such an image is mandatory – a brand simply can’t post a listing without it. In short, it’s a basic type of product photo for any catalog.

A regular 360 view usually consists of 36 product images, each showing the item from a slightly different angle. The images are processed to be displayed as a single interactive object one can rotate left and right. When rotated, the 36 frames spin so fast that a person perceives them as a solid 3D model.

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