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5 Ways It Helps Transform Your Furniture Business

As the ecommerce industry grows, so does the need for proper product representation. Effective item CG product visualization is one of the critical factors that define an online business’s success. The more an image appeals to a customer, the higher the chances of purchase are. Besides, such businesses as furniture retail can barely exist online without a range of product images on offer.

When it comes to marketing furniture online, product 3D visualization starts to gain leading positions, and there is no wonder why. While traditional imagery is still in use, it has proved to provide fewer advantages for a significantly increased cost. A 3D rendering company usually offers a lot more for a lot less in terms of service quality and deadlines. With CG imagery, there is no need to stage a real photoshoot to get professional images of furniture on sale. All can be entrusted in the hands of a skilled 3D artist and photorealistic renders can be ready in a matter of days.

Would you like to learn more about professional CG product visualization and how it can transform your business and boost sales? We have a list of crucial advantages on offer!

#1. Boost Interactive Connection Between the Customer and the Item



    The number of potential digital buyers grows by the day. For instance, according to Statista, in 2019, there were 1.92 billion buyers worldwide, and by 2021 the number will reach the point of 2.14 billion. That is a significant difference that can’t be ignored. However, no matter the improved variety of products on offer, and increased interest in them, modern buyers are prone to leave a website without making a purchase often too. Such a tendency is triggered by higher users’ expectations.

    Successful business runners know that an excellent visual is not enough for a client to purchase an item. You need to be able to let a potential buyer ‘play with it.’ CG product visualization, in its turn, introduces the possibility to experiment with the item’s coloring as well as material. Besides, a 360-degree view enables the client to spin a product so that it can be easily observed from all the angles in detail. Such a close user-item interaction will inevitably lead to the urge to get the piece, and that is one of the vital factors that will impact actual purchase.

    #2. Create an Effective Demonstration of a Product’s Characteristics

    Product Component Shot for Armchair 3D Visualization

    Every professional CG product visualization company is aware of the fact that a few pictures in front and side views are not enough to make a client buy the product. It is vital to show your potential customer that the mechanism and the structure are of reliable quality too. Unique attributes and enhanced functionality are among the features that matter greatly, especially to the modern generation of online shoppers.

    Traditional photography can rarely showcase the inner build of the product, and even if it does, it is going to cost a fortune. The fact is that the furniture piece prototype should be sent to the photographer, then cut and depicted the way it is intended to. Thus, it is disadvantageous both time-wise and financially. At the same time, for a 3D artist, it is a simple task to create a lifelike cutaway 3D image of the inner structure of a chair, sofa, as well as any other piece.

    #3. Drive Sales with Innovative CG Animation

    The longer a customer lingers on the site, the higher the chances of the purchase get. However, in order to keep a user involved, it is not enough to come up with a user-oriented furniture ecomm store design. A fair share of entertainment should be added to the picture too. Many online stores provide colorful and eye-catching catalogs for users to browse through. Still, the best way to boost sales would be to establish an emotional connection between the product variety and a potential buyer.

    CG animation is a branch of CG product visualization that is aimed at the creation of exciting and informative digital item demonstrations in motion. When a piece of furniture is displayed with the help of CG animation, it can showcase the functions and qualities of the item like no photo. Knowing all characteristics of the product and being able to envision how it is designed to work in real life will only spice a client’s interest up.

    #4. Apply Enhanced Lifestyle Imagery

    Kitchen Furniture 3D Product Visualization

    CG visualization brings details that may seem insignificant to the surface. Not so long ago, it was enough to visit a brick-and-mortar store to get a bed, a set of chairs, or a dining table. These days most purchases are triggered by corresponding emotions rather than by a direct need. Thus, one of the most important tasks that most online stores struggle to complete is to spread the vibe that is purchase-enticing.

    3D product visualization offers lifestyle imagery as a sure way to achieve the necessary result. Introducing a certain furniture piece into a variety of lifestyle settings will help a customer to better envision it in their houses. Once a client sees a given object as a fitting element of their own decorum, purchasing it will be another logical step to take. Apart from that, the same modern furniture viewed in different settings will resonate with a broader audience.

    #5. Implement Life-Changing AR Solutions

    3D Visualization for an AR App

    Many successful CG product visualization services suggest online furniture store holders implement Augmented Reality into their business. The truth is that AR is the tool that allows it to combine computer-generated images with the real-life environment. It means that any user can see how a specific item will look in the existing interior. If it fits well, there is little doubt that the item will be shipped soon enough to take its place in one’s home.

    What adds up to positive customer experience is the fact that Augmented Reality allows it to examine any product close up, from any angle, rotate it, and put in a variety of settings. With a set of high-quality AR 3D modeling of your product at hand and perfect 3D scenes for them, you can always go further and hire a professional to develop a fitting AR application.

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    product rendering price

    CG product visualization is one of those innovative technological trends that can make any business go viral. Speaking about furniture retail, it should be noted that there is a slim chance of getting to the top of the most required ecommerce stores without great product visualization at hand. CG imagery produced by a masterful 3D artist or a whole team of them will help you conquer the market in no time, with little effort and the least of money spent in the process.

    Looking for the highest-quality CG imagery to bring your furniture retail business to the top? Contact our team to discuss 3D rendering services in detail!

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