Top 10 Benefits of 3D Modeling in Product Design

Working on product design, manufacturers need to see their concepts visualized, thus, they order prototypes to experiment with them. However, when it comes to the initial creative development process where ideas flow one after another, prototyping becomes too expensive. Using the benefits of 3D modeling in product design, one can reduce the number of intermediate prototypes, as well as make the whole process cost-effective and risk-free.

It is also crucial for manufacturers to spot design flaws as early as possible. This way they will be able to finalize product design before actual production begins. And with CGI services from a 3D modeling company, one can create a design that is not only good-looking but also user-friendly and safe. Learn more about all the benefits of 3D modeling in this article!

#1. 3D Modeling Accelerates the Development of Product Design

A Manufacturer Showing the Time Benefit from Using 3D Modeling for Product Design

Product design development used to be a very time-consuming process — a vicious circle of correcting the design, ordering a new prototype for every major change and waiting for them to be delivered. And it was going on and on until the design was deemed perfect. 

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Everything has changed with CGI becoming a big part of the product design process. Manufacturers come up with designs, and professional 3D artists visualize their ideas digitally. In this case, furniture makers don’t need to order loads of prototypes, hence, they can try different concepts one after another with no delays. For instance, CG specialists from CGIFURNITURE can create product 3D models of any complexity in just 48 working hours. 

#2. 3D Modeling Simplifies the Prototyping Process

Simplified Prototyping as One of the Main Benefits of 3D Modeling for Product Design

Trying designs with 3D modeling, furniture makers simply don’t need many intermediate prototypes. Together with CG specialists, they can change a 3D model as many times as needed and see instant results. They can enjoy the benefits of 3D modeling in product design until they get the furniture piece they envisioned. Once perfection is achieved, manufacturers need only one final prototype to test it on the target audience.

#3. Using 3D Models Reduces the Budget of a Product Design Project 

A Manufacturer Proving Cost Benefits of Utilizing 3D Modeling for Product Design

As we mentioned above, 3D modeling benefits manufacturers by saving time on design development and reducing the number of prototypes. Hence, it costs less. Since all work on the project is done digitally, furniture makers can cut their expenses on production and materials. And when the corrections are included in the cost of 3D furniture modeling services, like at CGIFURNITURE, one can focus on design development without the risk of overspending.

#4. All Product 3D Models are Easily Adjustable


    Among the biggest benefits of 3D modeling in product design, adjustability is the especially important one. Using 3D software, CG artists can easily change any aspect of a 3D object with no sweat. For example, they are able to adjust its geometry, proportions, textures, materials, as well as remove or add design elements.

    #5. With 3D Modeling, One Can Visualize Any Design Concept

    A Product Designer Using Flexible 3D Modeling as one of the Key Benefits of CGI

    Operating modern 3D modeling programs, CG artists can create 3D objects of literally any shape and structure. The software allows visualizing even the most extravagant design concepts a furniture maker might come up with. CG specialists are able to recreate rough sketches in 3D, freely experiment with the geometry of an object and mold it like clay. What’s more, 3D artists can create custom textures from scratch or adjust the ones from the databases.

    #6. CG Rendering Services Include the Unlimited Number of Corrections

    A Screenshot of Product Design Process Using Benefits of 3D Modeling

    One of the obvious benefits of 3D modeling in product design is that manufacturers are unlimited in the number of adjustments. Any 3D model can be edited until a furniture maker is happy with the result. At our studio, corrections up to 60% are included in the project cost. However, if adjustments exceed this limit and lead to significant changes in a 3D model, it is considered a new project.

    #7. Product 3D Modeling is Perfect for Approving Intermediate Stages of Product Design Development

    • Before-3d Roomset
      After-3d Roomset
      3d room grid 3d Roomset 3d room rendering

    Every change in product design must be approved by manufacturers and marketing teams. Using old-fashioned freehand sketches for this purpose is not that effective, as those don’t showcase the design details in all their glory. 

    On the other hand, getting high-quality 3D renderings of each product design stage is another benefit of CGI. Professional 3D specialists can render several design variations of the same item. Manufacturers only need to choose the best option to accelerate the deсision-making process.

    #8. CGI Allows Fixing Errors Before Product Design is Finalized

    An Engineer Benefits from 3D Modeling and CAD in Product Design Development

    One of the most amazing benefits of 3D modeling in product design is that it helps manufacturers identify the mistakes in design in advance, without prototyping. Moreover, any 3D object can be optimized for CAD software that automatically checks its compliance with the drawings and reports errors.

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    Another benefit of CGI is 3D simulation. When it comes to products with complex mechanisms, CG experts can do their 3D simulations to address safety concerns and see the malfunctions. This process takes place in special software that requires a CAD model of a piece. Having a ready 3D object, CG artists can optimize it and export it to the particular file format that works best with CAD software.

    #9. The Details and Accuracy of Product 3D Models are Impeccable

    A 3D Model of a Product Designed with Benefits of CGI

    Scrupulous accuracy is a huge benefit of 3D modeling. Only a 3D object can fully show all the design features — both external and internal. If needed, CG artists can even slice a cross-section of the 3D model to better display all the design details. At the same time, freehand sketches or 2D drawings don’t show the design with all its benefits, usually highlighting only certain aspects.

    #10. 3D Modeling Helps to Improve Communication Between Developing Teams

    A Product Design Team Enjoying the Benefits of 3D Modeling and Rendering While Approving the Design

    The use of 3D modeling benefits all the members of the project as it simplifies communication between a product design team and stakeholders. Since everyone gets the same 3D visualizations and files, all professionals speak one language. Moreover, 3D models are saved in universal file formats so every specialist can work on them without switching to another software.

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    So here were the main benefits of 3D modeling in product design. First and foremost, it provides the opportunity to visualize any design concept, see instant results, and make corrections to a 3D model at any moment. Also, 3D modeling allows manufacturers to spot errors in design at once and fix them beforehand. All in all, CGI reduces the number of intermediate prototypes, speeds up the design development process, and comes at a reasonable price.

    Need help in visualizing your product design ideas? You can benefit from our 3D modeling services by getting top-notch 3D models of any complexity!

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