3D Furniture Modeling Services

5 Factors that Affect the Price

3D furniture modeling services suit the best perceptive Manufacturers and Marketers who want fast results without huge spending. These busy businessmen know how to earn money and win over their customers with effective digital marketing strategies.

Let’s imagine a situation in which a furniture firm has to launch a new product line within a tight deadline. Marketers won’t have time to organize a photoshoot, book a perfect location and hire a really good photographer. Moreover, creating a whole set of photos for every furniture piece requires manufacturing a prototype for each of them, which costs a small fortune. It is only natural to think about such an alternative way as a 3D visualization. But how to find a provider for a reasonable price for the first time?

Our furniture 3D modeling studio can give a few factors that all CG companies take into account while pricing. Learn 5 key elements that define the cost of 3D visualization services and choose the most cost-saving option.       

#1. The Complexity of a 3D Model

Chair 3D Visualization for Product Design

The defining criteria for a 3D model’s complexity is the number of polygons, which is divided into three categories: high-poly, middle-poly, and low-poly. As the name of categories implies, the quality and overall look of the model directly depend on the number of polygons. Low-poly modeling is usually reserved for video games, especially online and flash, as it can be quickly rendered in real time. Naturally, low-poly 3D furniture modeling services are the least expensive. Middle-poly models cost a little more because their resolution is higher and details are more visible. The most priced 3D modeling is high-poly as it allows for the highest resolution, in which every detail of furniture looks photorealistic. 

#2. The Type of Background

Tufted Upholstered Armchair 3D Rendering

One of the factors that define the price of 3D furniture modeling services is the complexity of a 3D scene. A simple white background is the easiest option, which will cost the least among all the backdrop types. A little more complicated 3D scene, such as decor or architectural elements, will add a few extra dollars to the total cost. The most impressive background choice is a lifestyle, which allows putting furniture into any environment a Manufacturer dreams of. It is no surprise that this backdrop costs more depending on the number of details. However, most 3D studios have a database of ready-made scenes, which are much more budget-friendly than creating a CG environment from scratch. 

#3. The Number of Angles

Usually, a 3D modeling company offers prices for one model in a single view. Each additional angle requires changing lighting and camera settings as well as new rounds of rendering. Also, the whole process takes much longer, so if 3D Artists charge per working hour, the overall price will be higher as well. The more views a manufacturer requires, the more extra payment is added to the standard cost of 3D furniture modeling services. The options are a general view, close-up, top view, and 360-degree view – every angle has its own benefits and demonstrates various features of products. 

#4. The Urgency of a Project

Urgent 3D Modeling Project

When it comes to 3D furniture modeling services, CGI studios always evaluate the complexity of a project and determine turnaround time (TAT). If Manufacturers require specific deadlines that are tighter than the calculated TAT, it increases the price. The main reason for this is that 3D Artists have to work overtime to finish the task earlier than they would normally do. As most of them charge per working hour, it is only natural that urgency adds extra money to the average cost of a 3D modeling service.       

#5. The Amount of Corrections

3D Product Visualization for a Soft Sofa

Another factor that significantly affects the price of 3D furniture modeling services is different kinds of revisions. The more corrections a client makes, the higher will be the final cost of a project. However, some 3D modeling studios offer corrections as a part of the standard package of services. For example, CGIFURNITURE includes 30-60% of various adjustments in the initial price. Everything above 60% is paid by clients, while more than 90% of corrections are considered an entirely new task.   

3D furniture modeling services are extremely effective for getting top-notch product images quickly and without much effort. Manufacturers don’t have to organize photoshoots and produce prototypes of the goods. The only thing they need to care is finding high-quality services at a reasonable price. For this purpose, we created a list of factors that define the cost of 3D modeling services. Knowing them will help to compare providers and calculate the price in advance to avoid unnecessary costs.

Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

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