Amazon Product Images for Furniture

7 Types and Requirements

Many furniture brands consider Amazon the most effective eCommerce platform so the number of sellers is constantly growing. Since January 2021, almost half a million new companies have joined the Amazon marketplace. Naturally, this causes severe competition, and it’s getting more and more difficult for furniture manufacturers and retailers to stand out from the crowd.

On top of that, there are some strict requirements for Amazon product images to follow. Firstly, they must be professionally shot, look 100% authentic with realistic colors and proportions. Secondly, sellers are not allowed to use illustrations and sketches — it should be either photography or 3D renders made by a 3D rendering company.

We’d like to help online retailers create product listings quickly and effortlessly. So, in this article, we describe 7 types of product images for Amazon and their main requirements. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

#1. A White Background Primary Product Image

A Primary Product Image on a White Backdrop Used for an Amazon Listing

The essential requirement for Amazon product images is using a picture of an item on a white background as a Primary photo. This is the first picture buyers see on their google research results and a product page on Amazon. Here are some of the key aspects of the platform’s Primary Photo policy: 

  • Amazon product images should be of the highest quality and look 100% realistic;
  • A product must fill 85% of an image and be perfectly lit;
  • The backdrop should be pure white without any color gradients or patterns;
  • The platform accepts only pictures that are not less than 1500х1500 pixels so they don’t get blurry when zoomed in;
  • Amazon product images should include only relevant accessories. It means a picture should contain only those decor items that go with the main product. Otherwise, the customers may get disappointed by their purchase being not what they were expecting.

#2.  Additional Product Images

Cut-Out View for a Product Render

Along with the main product image, an Amazon listing should contain additional photos. For example, pictures of the same product but in different colors and materials, additional angles, close-up and cut-out views. Also, one can use 3D renders to demonstrate all the stages of object transformation open/closed drawers, a folded/unfolded sofa or ottoman bed, etc. Such pics are crucial when it comes to transforming furniture. 

Amazon product image requirements for additional pictures are mainly about file formats. According to the rules, JPEG is a preferred one. However, sellers can also upload TIFF (.tif), PNG(.png) and GIF (.gif). 

#3. A Product 360° View


    A 360° spin is one of the most convenient CG tools in terms of product examination. It’s an interactive 360° model of a furniture piece that allows customers to spin it in all directions. In addition, it allows zooming in and out to see the design in detail. 

    All in all, this CG tool brings Amazon buyers’ online shopping experience closer to the real in-store one. And since shoppers get an opportunity to scrutinize an item before purchase, they are less likely to return it or leave a negative review. Therefore, both buyers and sellers benefit from a 360° product view.

    #4. A Lifestyle Product Picture

    A Product Lifestyle Images Perfect for Amazon Listings

    When it comes to selling furniture, Amazon allows adding product lifestyle images to the listings. The lifestyles, i.e. room sets are showing a furniture piece or a whole collection in a suitable environment with complementing accessories, plants, carpets, artworks, tableware, etc. Basically, those images recreate the homey ambiance and sell not only a product but also a lifestyle it brings. This way, customers can easily envision a product in their own homes while examining the listing. 

    Amazon permits adding any type of room sets to the listings, and brands use this opportunity to demonstrate furniture pieces in various interior styles and lighting schemes. They ask CG artists to pick the best combinations of furniture and decor so that product images for Amazon enhance the comfy vibes and emphasize the versatility of furniture.

    #5. An Assembly and How-To Video

    Buying furniture, customers often need assembly instructions that are easy to understand and follow. Surely, paper instructions work well but sometimes they could be too complicated. Therefore, the best way to help buyers is to add a self-explanatory assembly video to the listing. 

    Such a video demonstrates how an item can be assembled and disassembled and what tools are needed for that. It also dissects the stages of the assembly process and makes it look doable and fast. 

    By choosing 3D animation instead of filming a video instruction, a brand can save a lot of money and time. To create such instruction in motion, one doesn’t have to actually disassemble ready furniture pieces as the whole process is modeled and filmed in 3D software.

    Product 3D animation not only increases conversion rates but also reduces the number of returns and bad reviews. It explains all the subtleties of the assembly process in detail and helps buyers to properly use a furniture piece on the first try.

    #6. Amazon Infographics

    Amazon Infographics for Furniture Products

    Quality infographics is another effective type of Amazon product image as it highlights the main design features of an item. Seeing it, buyers can immediately figure out why this product is the best option and remember it better. The thing is, graphics help to comprehend the information faster than text descriptions. 

    Amazon infographics can mention the key aspects of the design such as proportions of a piece and modifying features. It also can include vector badges like “100% wood” or “360° spin”  to shorten the explanation even more. To create such graphics, brand marketers don’t have to order new product images, they can use the same furniture 3D renderings they already have and add a copy and badges on top of it.

    #7. A Warranty and Satisfaction Guarantee Sign

    Various Vector Badges that One Can Use for Amazon Product Imagery

    Many furniture manufacturers and retailers promote their products using easy returns, 1-year warranty, satisfaction guarantee, and other marketing tools. However, Amazon forbids direct advertising in listings so sellers can’t write those things in a text description. 

    That’s why some brands use Amazon product images with vector icons as a promo solution. They take 3D furniture renderings and add badges they need on top. This way an image effectively boosts customer confidence in a brand and increases conversion without being an obvious advert.

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    Amazon’s policy for product photos is strict but flexible to some degree. For example, a Primary listing image should be a high-quality photo of the product on a clean white background, without unnecessary items. That’s a must. However, additional pictures may vary and have different backdrops. Brands can upload close-up and cut-out views, more angles, and lifestyle images. They can also use product 3D renderings as a foundation for collages and infographics. In addition, retailers are allowed to upload product videos such as life-like 3D promo animation to show a product in action and demonstrate how a furniture piece is assembled.

    Need quality Amazon product images? Contact our managers for 3D rendering services, and you will get jaw-dropping static and motion CG solutions for your listings!

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