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How CGI Makes Your Listings Stand Out

When it comes to the highly-competitive Amazon platform, manufacturers and retailers are well aware that they can win a customer only with the most attractive offer. Therefore, they have to invest in mind-blowing imagery to truly stand out from the crowd. 

But the traditional formula of a prototype+photoset doesn’t work for Amazon — it’s too toilsome and time-consuming. Unlike photos, CGI doesn’t require much of your effort and provides 100% photorealistic Amazon 3D pictures literally the next day. With CG imagery, manufacturers and retailers can act much faster than competitors with similar goods and become the first sellers of such a product on the platform.

Also, let’s look at e-commerce from the buyers’ point of view. Honestly, we all use Amazon in the same way every shopper does — we quickly scroll through the page and click on two or three listings that captured our attention. Considering this, sellers should put themselves in the consumer’s shoes and come up with effective visual ideas that resonate with customers’ needs. And whatever ideas they have, digital imagery can transform them into photoreal 3D renderings that successfully deliver the message.

Once you have a clear vision of what opportunities you can give to your customers, all you have to do is to set a task for a 3D rendering company. But before ordering Amazon 3D pictures from them, learn 5 ways you can use CGI to create a striking listing.

#1. CG Imagery Allows Showing Goods from Any Angle With Zero Efforts

A Close-Up 3D Picture of Modern Desk Lamps with a Charger

With 3D technology at hand, CG experts can create multiple views of the same object in a short time. 3D artists simply place cameras around the 3D model, set certain angles, and take several pictures of the product one by one.

No doubt, Amazon buyers would like to examine the object in detail and with maximum concentration before purchase. Therefore, providing them with plenty of 3D pictures of different angles totally makes sense. Such a listing is highly informative and attractive to Amazon visitors. Thus, they will most likely choose this particular offer over a similar option just because it shows the product from several angles.

#2. Amazon 3D Pictures Provide Multiple Color and Design Options for a Product

Choosing the Design Options Using 3D Pictures of a Bed

Open Amazon and look through the listings. The first thing that jumps at you is offers that have color and texture options to them. Those types of listings have special icons below so buyers can immediately see that these products go with a wide range of designs. 

Of course, everyone likes having multiple choices and embraces the opportunity to select the design that suits their interiors and taste. Thus, offering them a variety of options is the key to making your listing more attractive and viewed. 

Even if “multiple designs” sounds intimidating to you, don’t worry — creating Amazon 3D pictures for different designs is not laborious or time-consuming at all. In fact, 3D artists can change the texture and color of the product in just a few clicks! Also, because of the convenience and speed, CG imagery will cost less than traditional photo shooting for all the objects. So, you do the math.

#3. CG Hero Shot Displays the Product at Its Best

Amazon Hero Shot

A hero shot is a visual technique aimed at demonstrating the product at its best and selling it without any additional sound or text triggers. You have to admit, this is exactly what every Amazon seller is dreaming of! 

However, creating a hero shot has lots of aspects and components to it – from building a specific composition within a frame to setting creative lighting for a 3D scene. No doubt, making such 3D pictures for Amazon requires a bold approach, hence, thinking out of the box. 

Of course, experimenting with 3D models instead of re-arranging the actual room set for gazillion times can save the seller’s time, money, and nerves. Just provide a professional 3D team with mood boards and references and get prepared for stunning Amazon 3D pictures!

#4. First-Class 3D Lifestyles Grab Customers’ Attention at Once

A 3D Picture of a Kitchen Furniture Set for Amazon

If we compare product photos on a white background and 3D lifestyle pictures — of course, the latter solution is more attractive and informative. The main advantage of 3D roomsets is that they sell not only one product standing against a blank wall, but a whole scenario of how people will improve their lifestyle using this item.

For example, manufacturers of outdoor furniture can display it in a relaxed exotic 3D lifestyle picture. This way, customers get the message — this piece will bring tropical chill out to your home and take your pool parties to the next level. By the same logic, Amazon sellers of luxury items should place goods in A-class roomsets to enhance the opulent vibe even more, and so on. 

#5. Cut-Out Views Showcase the Quality of the Design 

A Cutaway 3D Picture of an Armchair for Amazon

Having no access to a physical product is the biggest issue of e-shopping. Choosing goods online, buyers can’t examine them properly and have no other choice but to rely on Amazon 3D pictures. 

However, manufacturers can provide a convincing demonstration of a product’s characteristics with cut-out 3D images. This is the unique feature of CGI — you can reveal the whole structure of the object without damaging the actual prototype. 

A cutaway 3D picture is simply vital for Amazon listings of beds, mattresses and upholstered furniture. Of course, online buyers can’t physically touch the item or sit on it to test its quality. In such cases, a cut-out view helps them to see the inner structure, so they can get sure the design is well-thought-out and robust without testing.

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product rendering price

In our opinion, if Amazon sellers want to get an outstanding listing, they should focus on providing Amazon 3D pictures that are targeted at pleasing customers and not at beating the competitors. That should be the real reason behind ordering jaw-dropping lifestyles, posting plenty of product angles, and demonstrating the quality of the design. We say, your listing becomes truly buyer-grabbing when it resonates with your audience. And once you find a key to the shoppers’ hearts, your Amazon competitors’ offers will just pale into insignificance compared to yours.

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Irene Lewis

Content Writer

Irene is a content writer. She previously worked for interior and chess magazines. When not writing articles, Irene finds great pleasure in collecting Star Trek memorabilia, reading Medieval poetry and playing banjo.

Literally, any photorealistic 3D solution works for Amazon listings. However, the most spectacular CG pictures for Amazon are 3D lifestyles, cut-out and close-up views. As for motion imagery, a 360 product view and 3D animation are perfect for Amazon.

A 3D lifestyle or 3D roomset is the picture of products placed in matching surroundings – interior or exterior scene. Creating a 3D lifestyle, CG artists fill the scene with 3D models and set up photorealistic textures and lights. As a result, 3D lifestyles look like actual photos of a roomset and you can’t tell 3D from a photo.

A cut-out or cutaway view shows objects in a vertical section. This way, customers can see all the layers and structures of the item. Often, manufacturers use cut-outs to show the quality of the mattresses and display what they consist of.

3D imagery provides sellers with close-up views of the item – that’s how consumers can see the texture and examine the product in detail. A cutaway view showcases the inner design of the item. Also, CGI allows taking product pictures from various angles and even create motion solutions – a 360 view and 3D animation.

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