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5 Tips for Developing a Superb Marketing Campaign

In a world where online furniture shopping rules the market, and blended buying experiences are becoming increasingly common, finding good advertisement ideas for furniture selling has become very intimidating. Finding the right marketing strategy that will help drive sales in the least possible time while staying within the budget is tough. This becomes especially true when marketers are literally facing hundreds of ideas that all look lucrative and effective on the surface. Trying each of these ideas to gauge their effectiveness one by one is a choice that marketers simply do not have.

This leads to many marketers resorting to using other businesses’ successful marketing ideas and strategies in the furniture manufacturing industry. Such a step can turn to be inefficient at best, and disastrous at worst. That is because no two furniture retailers are the same – each has its own niche and target markets and therefore has a different set of priorities. So, a strategy that works flawlessly for one, might be a complete failure for another. 

Under these circumstances, how can furniture retailers come up with the best ideas to advertise their products? Fortunately, there are some common points between successful marketing strategies that they can incorporate when they are creating theirs. Here are 5 practical, creative, and effective advertisement ideas for furniture that will help marketers create superb product content:

#1. Make Sure Your Website is Optimised


It is no hidden secret that the number of people shopping online is increasing by the day. Websites are indeed literally the first point of contact for anyone looking to buy or even research for furniture online. This makes having an attractive and intuitive website a no-brainer idea for successful furniture advertisement. The lower a visitor’s user experience of the website, the higher their chance to revisit it. The only way online stores can avoid this from happening is by optimizing their website according to the latest search algorithms. The idea behind optimization is to increase the number of visitors, as well as retain them long enough to become paying customers.

The best way to start is by making sure that all of the website’s content, including graphics, complies with the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. The better the SEO strategy, the higher the website will rank on Google searches. Secondly, the website should load fast and be easy to navigate. Finally, it must be optimized for different platforms. People browse on many different devices – from mobiles and tablets to laptops and monitors, it is important for them to have a uniform user experience no matter what platform they use. All of these tips together make for great advertisement ideas for furniture stores.

#2. Amp Up Your Visual Content

7 Myths about eCommerce Business

While good text content is a great start, it is definitely not enough. Humans are visual creatures, and they need to see and experience good quality graphics to be convinced of the authenticity of any product. This is especially true when it comes to products such as furniture. Up until recently, uploading high-quality physical photographs of furniture in lone and lifestyle formats qualified as the best advertisement ideas for furniture promotion through graphics. With the advancement of technology, however, there are better types of visuals that retailers can and should use for furniture advertisements in order to stand apart from the crowd and get ahead of the competition. 

The best furniture ads today use computer-generated imagery (CGI). This is a high-end technology that is used to make 3D rendered images of products. These images are far more interactive than physical photographs – not only are they allow for any concepts, they also offer a 360-degree view of products, 3D animation, VR and AR tools. Such visuals – especially when it comes to items such as luxury furniture, offer customers a sense of ownership and a more accurate idea of their chosen item. This goes a long way in personalizing the customer’s journey and get them excited about buying certain products. These days, furniture retailers can easily have such images created by hiring 3D visualization companies. These companies offer high-end 3D product rendering services at very affordable rates.

#3. Utilize the Power of Social Media

Social Media Ads

Of the millions of people who shop for furniture online, a large percentage actually shop – or at least get their ideas from social media. Far from being the enjoyable pastime it once was, it is now the center place for social shopping. Online shoppers prefer social media due to the ease of access, sense of familiarity, and level of personalization it has to offer. With leading platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest doubling as successful e-commerce platforms, it all but makes sense for retailers to incorporate them into their advertisement ideas for furniture. Having a strong social media presence helps will go a long way in helping furniture brands establish their brand value and authenticity through advertising.

Having pages of the furniture business on all leading social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest) is a great start to advertising for furniture. But the success of these pages depends solely on the marketer’s ideas and initiatives. All social media pages must active, post content consistently, stay updated. Marketers should ensure that they have social sharing buttons on their website and social media pages which visitors can share with friends and family at the click of a button. Like with websites, the content should be optimized according to the latest algorithms. Retailers should also add their 3D product renders from their online catalogs to their social media pages for a more uniform user experience.

#4. Don’t Forget Traditional Advertisement

Traditional Advertising

In today’s age when digital advertising is king, almost all the hype is around online shopping and e-commerce. Many brands, therefore, put traditional advertisement ideas for furniture promotion on the back burner. This isn’t the wisest of choices – while digital advertising for furniture does have a wider reach, its traditional counterpart isn’t exactly dead. A certain percentage of the population still prefers and uses non-internet based communications systems such as newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio. Any marketer worth their salt would certainly incorporate them into their advertising strategy. After all, they do add to the reach without being much of a burden on the marketing budget.

Traditional advertising mediums typically include television, print media, and radio. The only investment any furniture retailer will need here is a small amount of ad spend. Furniture ads must be regularly updated and customized according to seasons and sales periods. In addition to this, retailers can also sponsor local events in an area, which will help highlight their role in being an active part of the community. They can also opt for co-branded advertising with other businesses, such as real estate companies, popular cafes, restaurants, and bookstores, by supplying them with furniture in exchange for the free advertisement of their products. 

#5. Offer Workshops

Advertising Events

As a rule of thumb, customers tend to gravitate towards those retailers who can offer them value. While this generally means quality products, discounts, free merchandise, and occasional sales, it can also mean industry and lifestyle-relevant knowledge and facts that can help them bring improvements in their life. This gives a lot of room for furniture retailers to conduct workshops and use them as a solid advertisement idea for furniture. Workshops generally include industry experts (such as furniture manufacturers or interior design professionals) who give free-advice on a number of furniture related topics such as types of decor aesthetics, cleaning and caring for furniture, and online buying, among others. 

There is a lot of advertisement that can be centered around these workshops which can help furniture stores promote their products. Marketers can start by advertising the workshop one or two weeks before it happens to get people interested. They must make it clear to them that the workshop in question will be free of charge. This will remove any concerns and hesitations on the part of the prospective audience. Finally, they can incentivize attendees with small rewards, such as exclusive discount coupons for attending the event. This will entice them to opt for and buy from their store over any other.

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With public demand for furniture growing by the day, and people being spoilt for choice, the level of competition that furniture retailers face is very high. While having smart, trendy, and quality furniture is certainly a prerequisite, it is not enough on its own. People have to know these high-end products are indeed available to be bought. The only way any furniture manufacturer can achieve this is through quality advertisement. By using the above-mentioned advertisement ideas for furniture, retailers can ensure that they have a solid brand image. Having that will help them build a solid customer base by attracting visitors and converting leads on a regular basis.

Interested in trying 3D rendering services to take your furniture advertisement strategy to the next level? Contact us at CGIFurniture – we will help you achieve high-quality results in the shortest possible time frame. Our team of 3D artists will make sure that your products are being showcased at their best and brightest!

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