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How to Choose a Reliable Provider

3D visualization companies offer services that are mainstream nowadays. Since many furniture manufacturers, marketers, design experts want to dominate in the business, they implement new ways of product visualization. However, the representatives of manufacturing and retail willing to digitize the goods’ presentation often get confused about the right contractor to partner with. It’s not surprising since a well-colored and well-described site of a 3D visualization studio cannot tell about the expertise in the field. 

So, what is a professional 3D visualization company? What are the key characteristics one should consider picking the best contractor for their project? Here are five pivotal points to look for when surveying candidates. 

#1. The Company’s Successful Profile 

CG Images for Furniture Marketing

To get a clear understanding of a potential contractor, furniture manufacturers and marketers need to do a little research. The point is to investigate the company’s profile and see the dynamics of its development. Here are the benchmarks to lean on when examining the profiles of 3D visualization companies.  

Social proof 

It is highly important to read customers’ reviews on the contractor’s official site, dedicated forums or other independent platforms; learn client testimonials and explore case studies. They speak volumes and help understand its approach in action. Also, it is an opportunity to understand if the team can address a new-coming project.  

Presence on professional networking platforms

It is wise to check the company’s overview on such sites as Crunchbase. It is a leading platform for professionals to find companies with disruptive technologies, network within the site, and get new opportunities. One might also find it interesting to look through Bloomberg, the platform providing different data about companies.  

Workforce dynamics

If possible, it would be helpful to check whether the company invests in workforce development and education. Since 3D technology evolves constantly providing new approaches, the product teams need to keep up to meet the needs of the clients. 

Reports and updates

Another way to understand if there’s fresh blood in the company is to find recent updates and reports. Such criteria are not obligatory but, once found, might signal that the team in there works well and improves their services day by day.  

#2. The Diversity of Portfolio

High-Quality 3D Visualization for Digital Marketing

The portfolio checkup helps understand if the competency of the contractor is in line with the potential common project. Going particularly after its diversity might tell about the full powerhouse of the 3D visualization studio. Thus, the number of brands in the list of clients is a good sign. 

The first thing to look at when regarding the works of 3D visualization companies is the quality of renderings. The most popular errors that should be put on the alert are incorrect scaling, low-quality unrealistic textures, inconvenience of styles’ combination, too harsh or too dull lighting, and the overall lifeless look of the rendering. 

#3. CRM Support and Organized Infrastructure

CRM for 3D Visualization Studios

Fundamentally, 3D rendering companies should work through an effective CRM system and well-organized infrastructure. So, asking about these integral aspects of workflow is a must. 

CRM platforms build up omnichannel communication and in-house interactions, allowing keeping tabs on the course of the project, making corrections in real-time, and initiating payments. Ideally, 3D visualization companies offer an app or online platform for the client to immerse into a project anytime and in any place. 

As for the infrastructure, one should investigate the staff that will serve the project, such as the client manager, project manager, sales manager, and other professionals involved. It is crucial to be assisted from the start-up phase until the day of handing over the final product. That way, it is practically impossible to have misunderstandings with 3D artists, which sometimes happens in collaborations with freelancers. 

#4. Pricing Policy and Customer Loyalty Programs

The Cosy of 3D Visualization Services

It would be useful to find a few 3D product visualization companies and compare the ratio of price to service. After deciding on the contractor, it is recommended to ask for the financial estimation by calling or emailing a client manager. If the company promises too cheap prices, one shouldn’t fall for it – the partnership is a win-win for all.  

If the collaboration is going to be long-term, many 3D studios offer discounts and loyalty programs. In fact, one should wonder if there are such specials in general. It is a sign of well-thought client policy and care for brand image.   

#5. High-Level Performance and Sticking to Deadlines

High-Quality 3D Visualization for Bedroom Furniture

Usually, 3D product visualization is part of a marketing campaign of manufacturers and marketers. That’s why meeting strict deadlines and following the timing are important during the project. Thus, one needs to find out how exactly the product team breaks it down into milestones, sets goals, distributes tasks, and meets deadlines. In this case, a timeliness guarantee will be a plus. 

It makes sense to look for quality standards and responsibility for results clearly stated on paper. One should get to know about the assessment criteria and control systems applied in the post-production phase.

#6. A Render Farm for Urgent Projects 

3D Visualization for a Living Room Furniture

Equipment plays an important role in executing large-scale, multi-faceted projects. That’s why another score for the 3D visualization companies will be the availability of the render farm. It should be anticipated for the clients ordering urgent complex rendering services. 

A render farm is a high-performance collection of networked computers designed to render CG imagery. It is capable of tackling huge and complicated projects in less time than a big team of employees each working on a separate computer would. Paying attention to this fact might influence the final decision about the potential contractor in case of large-scale projects. 

#7. Obligatory Non-Disclosure Agreement

NDA and Confidentiality Policy of 3D Studios

Finally, a good 3D visualization studio must offer NDA – non-disclosure agreement, under which the whole project is being held and which protects the client’s data. It is a legal contract between two sides. NDA includes knowledge, data, and confidential material that are being shared during the project with a particular purpose. It limits other use or access to all the materials. 

The agreement is signed at the very beginning of the collaboration and is crucial when the workflow has an outsource nature. In fact, if the company outlines the legal part during the first negotiations, it is one of the reasons to consider it as a decent candidate. 

A 3D visualization company is worth partnering up with if it meets the following criteria: a solid reputation on the relevant platforms, reviews from clients, a successful portfolio, high-level performance backed up with an effective CRM system, and well-organized infrastructure, a flexible pricing policy and loyalty programs for long-term clients. 

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