5 Brand Collateral Ideas

for Furniture Manufacturers and Sellers

As the competition in the furniture industry goes fiercer, manufacturers and sellers have to get more creative with their brand collateral ideas to gain the upper hand. With well-thought-out collateral materials, they can help build awareness about their company and convert potential buyers into leads before their competitors do.

However, with all the creative ideas brand marketers have, they are still limited in their budget. They simply can’t spend all the money on furniture photoshoots for all the collateral materials. Thus, it all comes to an unsatisfying compromise of getting only those items that are affordable and fast to get.

Our 3D rendering company creates images for collateral materials of furniture brands all the time. Based on our experience, any ideas can be effectively implemented with CGI. Here are 5 ways to make outstanding brand collateral items and save time and money.

#1. Create Engaging Landing Pages for a Brand Website

A Brand Marketer Developing their Ideas for Digital Collateral such as Landing Pages

A website landing page can serve a different purpose but, traditionally, its purpose is to collect users’ contact information. In this case, the landing page should contain striking visuals, clear message with CTA and carrot, i.e. the benefits that the user gets from entering their email. The most common carrots are a discount or access to hidden content or special tools. With all these ingredients, such a landing page is a perfect motivator for users to share their data with a brand. 

To promote upcoming collections, brands can create a specific landing page with an interactive 3D product configurator. Using it, site visitors will be able to try different design ideas that will be in the new collection. After they’ve tested all the options, they can click on the button “Get notified by email” or “Save the sale to the calendar” so that they know when the goods will be in stores. 

#2. Offer Customers Personalized Email Newsletters

A Brand Representative Testing Email Newsletter as an Upgraded Collateral Idea

Speaking of brand collateral ideas for email marketing, there’s some thinking to be done. Most of the companies simply bombard their subscribers with newsletters and promo offers, and that’s a big no-no for modern consumers. We all hate spam, thus, brands may annoy their subscribers by being too intrusive.

To revamp email marketing, furniture brands have to change their newsletter strategy. We say, provide helpful content, make it short and visually impressive. For instance, brand marketers can use emails as a source of additional digital content and share tips on colors and style, discuss the latest trends, provide research articles on sustainability, etc. Jaw-dropping collage edits or a lifestyle image could be a cherry on the icing for such a newsletter. This way, emails are no longer perceived as an annoying promo but become a well-thought-out brand collateral tool that keeps subscribers engaged and interested.

#3. Get Diverse CGI for Printed & Digital Promo Items

A Printed Brand Catalog Being One of the Most Effective Collateral Ideas

No brand can sell products without online and offline promo and marketing materials such as catalogs, brochures, booklets, and so on. The standard approach here is to use only necessary images, i.e. pictures of a furniture piece on a monochrome background and its photos in the interior. Too many visuals in one collateral item often appear excessive and even tacky. On top of that, furniture manufacturers usually don’t have enough time and budget to spend on additional photo shoots to get even more promo pics. 

With affordable CGI, marketers can get a needed number of pictures to increase the potency of their promo materials and play with their brand collateral ideas. Using 3D software, CG artists can replace all the materials and textures in the scene, add or remove 3D models and change the camera and light settings in just a couple of clicks. Therefore, one can showcase the same furniture piece in different interior styles, display it in a day or night lighting scheme, and get all possible product views including detailed close-up ones.

As for digital collateral ideas, CGI provides cutting-edge solutions such as an interactive 360° product view and 3D animation. These CG tools can be easily integrated into any platform and enhance product e-catalogs and listing pages.

#4. Revamp Brand Collateral Materials for Exhibitions

A Vector Image of a Brand Collateral for Exhibition with All the Ideas and Media Included

For a successful company presentation at furniture fairs, marketers need to order tons of brand collateral items — a display stand, banners, catalogs, brochures, flyers, business cards, the list goes on and on. But the problem is not only the short deadline and the number of images. To stand out from the crowd and attract as many visitors as possible, one has to develop killer brand collateral ideas.

The best solution would be to collaborate with exhibition stand designers on unique display design and hire a CG studio that can deliver all the visual materials for print collateral in a matter of days. The images must be perfectly executed and be of the highest resolution. And since visuals for events are usually printed in different formats, using CGI is a brilliant idea. 3D renders made by CG experts are of top quality and can be saved in any resolution, tailored specifically to the promo media tool. Delivered by professional CG artists, the same 3D rendering can be used for both a small brochure and a big banner.

#5. Introduce a Brand and Goods Using Top-Notch CG Videos

Product videos are an essential part of brand collateral in the 21st century. Modern consumers love watching demo and explainer videos before they purchase products and they also need the emotional connection such videos provide. Watching videos they can clearly see the idea behind the furniture piece as well as learn all its benefits in just a minute or so. Product videos are self-explanatory and attention-grabbing so they work for literally any brand collateral ideas and channels — brand websites, eCommerce platforms, social media, presentations at the furniture fairs, you name it. 

Opting for realistic CG animation instead of actual filming is key to get different types of product videos without overspending. Since all 3D scenes are easy to customize and adjust, CG artists can tailor them to any ideas brand marketers might have in the shortest time possible. Story 3D animation can talk customers through the history of the company and effectively convey their message. How-to and assembly CG videos are perfect for explaining how an item works. And feature 3D animation based on close-up views serves as a visual proof of the high quality of the product.

Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

product rendering price

To make brand collateral ideas work, furniture manufacturers and retailers need to reconsider all existing methods and think innovatively. For example, incorporate 3D configurators into landing pages and use a delicate personalized approach for email marketing. Also, they can get diverse print and digital collateral using top-notch CG imagery. All in all, brands should make customer experiences personal and playful with engaging CG videos and interactive solutions to remain ahead of the curve and get noticed by potential consumers.

Need help with bringing your collateral ideas to life? Contact us for 3D rendering services, and we will create any type of static and motion CGI to cover all your marketing needs!

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