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How To Use CGI For Their Creation

Due to the great competition in product and furniture design, all manufacturers and retailers try to be as visible and recognizable as possible. Therefore, they invest a significant amount of money in top-notch visuals for their catalogs and SMM. Successful companies, though, set the bar high not only for promo images but for brand collateral items, too.

When planning a collateral strategy, advanced marketers and manufacturers tend to choose 3D over traditional photography. The reason behind this decision is that collateral programs require a huge variety of materials. Thus, marketers need to arrange a lot of photo shoots to get all the images they want. As a result, even the development of brand collateral comes at a high cost, not to mention its production.

In such cases, ordering CG imagery from a 3D rendering company may be the most effective solution. Let’s figure out how exactly brands can use CGI for collateral items and how to benefit from it.

#1. CGI Provides Stunning Renders for Print Catalogs and Brochures 

A Brand Print Collateral with Product Items

From all brand collateral items, a product catalog is probably the most important promo tool. You print it for showrooms, put it in PR packages at the trade shows, send it by mail to customers and media, and so on. 

Catalogs require various product photos on a white background for all designs and jaw-dropping lifestyles. All in all, to take actual photos of all the goods, marketers need a big budget on prototypes, a studio with backdrops, decor, and transport.

3D gives you impressive photorealistic catalog images without any of these expenses. With 3D software, CG artists can make one quality 3D model and easily change textures and colors. In the end, they are able to render as many design options and 3D roomsets as needed. And make it quickly and effortlessly.

#2. 3D Images Allow Creating Stylish Business Cards and Stationery

A Bunch of Collateral Items for a Brand Stationery

CG technologies allow manufacturers and retailers to get not only stunning marketing collateral but also nice branded stationery — business cards, letterheads, personal badges, envelopes, etc.

The key here is to make all brand collateral items not only attractive so that both employees and partners will enjoy using them, but noticeable at the same time. There’s nothing worse than having dull and mediocre business cards and wondering if your potential partners will recognize your card in the pile.

Having a 3D product model at hand, CG artists can create unique images simply by adjusting it in size and colors. For example, you can choose your bestseller products, tailor 3D models to your corporate colors, and put the image on your stationery kit. This way, a manufacturer gets outstanding collaterals they can proudly distribute to the company’s partners.

#3. CGI Is Perfect For Creating Outstanding Exhibitions Materials in Any Resolution

A Mockup of an Exhibition Stand Packed with Collateral Items of a Brand

When it comes to furniture fairs, marketers have to work harder to get all preparations done on time. Traditionally, each participant has to provide a whole bunch of promotional materials for the exhibition. For example, you have to create a beautiful stand, make different types of banners, print brochures and catalogs, fill PR packages with brand collateral and merchandise items… the list is simply endless!

Considering the number of collaterals, using traditional photography is too expensive and troublesome. But it’s not only about the quantity — brand managers need materials for various purposes, hence, of different sizes and resolutions. Therefore, GG imagery is exactly what you need — CG specialists can customize any collateral 3D item and make tons of 3D renderings out of it.

#4. CGI Helps to Make Recognizable Brand Visuals for Social Media 

A Screenshot of a Brand’s Facebook Page with Collateral Images

Marketers know — there’s never too much content for social networks! On the contrary, the problem is how to get more attractive visuals every day without overspending on it. 

CGI is an effective solution for any brand because it’s a well of ever-new content. Firstly, CG artists can use ready-made 3D scenes and adjust them to get new images – add or remove some items, change colors, light and backgrounds. Secondly, 3D experts are able to reposition the cameras within a 3D scene and take product pictures from different angles. Therefore, to put it simply, CG imagery is perfect for creative experiments and producing more content.

As a result, striking social media collaterals become a foundation for a unique visual brand identity. With personalized images, brand pages become recognizable and stand out from other companies with chaotic visuals. Just add some graphic elements to the photoreal 3D render and you will get the perfect covers and profile pictures for any of your social networks!

#5. CG Imagery Draws Customers’ Attention to Gift Cards and Coupons

A Person Passing a Brand Gift Card which is a Perfect Collateral Item

Gift vouchers and coupons are excellent promo and marketing items that many brands use to increase the loyalty of the clients. However, marketers often try to save money on their design, and as a result, such gift cards look like a cheap piece of cardboard. That’s not how you imagine the proper gift, right?

With CGI technologies, you are able to make attractive gift cards and coupons with no sweat whatsoever. You can ask CG experts to create a card with a product picture on a plain background or a full lifestyle. Whatever option you choose, professional 3D artists will make brand collateral items look like beautiful gifts you’ll be proud to give to your most loyal customers.

#6. CGI Helps to Provide Warm Greeting Cards for Any Occasion

A Festive Brand Collateral Card with a Chair and Decor Items

Maintaining relationships with investors and suppliers is very important for any brand. Therefore, with holiday seasons coming, marketers make and send hundreds of greetings cards to their partners. This means that they have to come up with ideas for brand collateral items and arrange festive photo sessions every new season. 

However, with CGI, you can customize your catalog pictures by making small changes to them without actually building 3D models and scenes from scratch. For example, ask CG artists to add some decorations like Christmas garlands, use an evening cozy lighting scheme, and pick a certain color palette. And basically, that’s all you have to do! 

#7. Quality CGI Is a Foundation for Buyer-Grabbing Merchandise Items

A Bunch of Collateral Items for a Brand Merchandise

Both customers and partners appreciate getting beautiful merchandise such as calendars, mugs, key chains, bags, T-shirts, etc. If done well, merch items look like nice quality souvenirs that could become a decent gift. Therefore, it’s better not to cut corners on these brand collateral items and invest some money in well-thought design. 

With 3D technologies, you don’t have to take product photos and digitally adjust them for merch objects. Using 3D programs, CG artists can easily tailor 3D models or scenes for any type of merchandise and make as many images as needed.

Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

product rendering price

CGI provides manufacturers and retailers with a slew of options for brand collateral materials. Using it, they can get a bunch of stunning photorealistic visuals for catalogs and prepare all promo items for an exhibition. Also, having top-notch 3D models, you can develop and produce high-quality merchandise, gift cards and brand stationery. 

Need eye-catching brand collateral items? Contact us for 3D rendering services and simply set the task — we will make professional CG renders for any purpose!

Irene Lewis

Content Writer

Irene is a content writer. She previously worked for interior and chess magazines. When not writing articles, Irene finds great pleasure in collecting Star Trek memorabilia, reading Medieval poetry and playing banjo.

Collateral items are visuals and media you can use to promote the brand – from print to digital tools.

There are tons of brand collaterals you might need. To name a few, brands need catalogs, corporate stationery, exhibition materials, social media graphics, coupons, gift cards and so on.

First, CG artists can develop an exclusive design for a brand’s stand and create 3D visualizations for each item. Secondly, they can use 3D models to make renderings for banners, brochures, flyers, catalogs, business cards, and so on. On top of that, developing visuals for the whole exhibition collateral in 3D doesn’t take so much time and effort as traditional photography.

Every brief depends on the purpose. We recommend contacting the client managers of the studio first. Describe your task, outline the number of visuals you need, and set the deadline – our managers will consult you about the materials they need, as well as on cost and the turnaround time.

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