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5 Specializations of CGI Studios

Any business, whether it’s construction, real estate, online retailing, or product design needs outstanding visuals. Photorealistic images work great for promo campaigns and catalogs, and they are simply necessary for product design approval. Also, if an architect or interior designer doesn’t have first-class images, it’s simply impossible for them to convince investors with just words or freehand sketches.

Therefore, clients face a choice to hire a 3D visualization company or go for traditional photography. The last one, however, is not always an option. Especially, when it comes to architectural projects, interior design or the launch of a new product. Naturally, if the project has not been implemented yet, then there’s nothing a photographer can do. Hence, architects, interior designers, and manufacturers turn to a 3D rendering company to get stunning digital visuals for their projects. 

But what type of CGI services a good 3D visualization company can offer their clients? Well, there’s a list of 5 popular CG solutions that a multi-disciplined 3D studio should provide.

#1. Architectural 3D Visualization

A 3D Render of a Private Residence

Architectural 3D rendering is a photorealistic CG imagery of a building and its surroundings. To make stunning renders, all 3D architectural visualization companies are going through the same stages first, 3D modeling, texturing and lighting, and then, 3D rendering. 

3D artists start with creating a detailed 3D model of a building and elements of its environment. They can place a building in the middle of a lush landscape or a city downtown, depending on the project. After that, 3D modelers add figures of people, animals, cars, etc., to add dynamics and bring life to the image. And in the end, they adjust the sky and lighting sources to enhance the presentation and make the whole picture even more photorealistic. 

According to the client’s vision, 3D artists can make more traditional or dramatic 3D renderings. If an architect wants it more spectacular, modelers can choose an unexpected angle, set up impressive lighting and breathtaking surroundings. Or vice versa, they can create a more calm and neutral environment to focus clients’ attention on the building itself.

Modern 3D software provides artistic filters that can make architectural visualization look like a pencil drawing or watercolor painting. With these options at hand, architects can choose different presentation styles for particular tasks and audiences. Say, to get project approval from the investors, it’s better to use photorealistic visualizations. However, creative filters may work perfectly for social media marketing.

To get architectural 3D rendering services, an architect must send a 3D visualization company a full brief. The brief has to include all project details a site plan, floor layouts, material sheets, lighting requirements, photos, references, etc. After that, all they need to do is to wait for the result.

#2. Interior 3D Rendering 

3D Rendering of a Living Room with an Open Kitchen

Interior 3D visualization is a photorealistic presentation of the indoor spaces of the house. The first-class interior render conveys all textures, materials and furniture pieces with the highest quality and resolution. 

To create interior visualization, 3D artists begin with building up all the walls based on 2D floor plans. Then they place all the windows and doors, as well as add architectural elements such as columns, arches, stairs, etc. The next step is they insert 3D models of furniture and decor into the interior and apply textures on all surfaces. After that, 3D experts set up cameras and lighting for 3D rendering.

The interior light can’t be overstated it’s especially important in residential buildings that have to look spacious and comfortable. Usually, 3D artists make two visualizations with both daylight and evening light to demonstrate that the space looks gorgeous with both natural and artificial lighting.

To get interior CGI rendering, designers should send the 3D visualization company a floor plan, furniture layout, lighting plan, ceiling plan, wall elevations, a list of materials. One can also add photos and 3D images as references. In short, the fuller is the brief, the faster the 3D company will make 3D visualization.

#3. Product 3D Visualization

 Product 3D Lifestyle for a Bedroom Set

Product 3D visualization is vital for promo campaigns, online and offline advertising, catalogs, SMM, and so on. To make the buyer’s heart pounding from the first glance, product images must showcase the goods in the most realistic and tempting way. Today, 3D has almost replaced traditional photography because professional 3D product visualization companies can make CGI with the same photorealistic quality but in the most creative ways.

Experienced 3D artists know how to build an accurate 3D model of the desired quality and set up materials to achieve the photorealistic look. Not only they have large libraries of textures and materials but can also create a custom one if needed. Therefore, they will make astonishing visualization for even the most complex and exclusive designs.  

Also, a good 3D visualization company has lots of ready-made 3D roomsets from urban interiors to exotic scenes. Therefore, 3D artists can execute as many diverse lifestyle concepts as possible. They just place a product 3D model in any type of environment and change to a ready-made 3D scene in a few clicks to get new scenery.

To order product  3D rendering from 3D company, marketers must provide detailed drawings of the product, photos of a prototype or similar item, as well as sketches, hand-drawings, mood boards, and so on.

#4. Animation

According to statistics, 68% of people prefer to learn about a new product or service by watching a short video. Thus, it’s no wonder that animation works perfectly for any of the before-mentioned industries.

For architecture and real estate marketing, a 3D company can make a flythrough animation around a building. For a better presentation of the interiors, one can order a walkthrough video for all the rooms. And for product design and e-commerce, it’s crucial to have product animation that shows items for sale in action.

A well-reputed 3D visualization company has a separate department of 3D artists who specialize in making animation. Depending on the task and client’s preferences, they can make both short silent videos or create a movie-like animation with captions, a voiceover and beautiful music.

To order animation, clients must give a 3D company as much information and materials on the project as possible. These could be a script, drawings, ready-made 3D models, references on animation, etc.

#5. CAD & BIM Services

A BIM Model of a Residential Building

A truly far-sighted 3D visualization company also has a team of CAD experts because 3D and 2D solutions always go hand in hand. No matter if it’s architecture, interior or product design, all projects need accurate CAD drafts. Without them, it will be simply impossible to manufacture a product and implement a construction project. 

Architects and interior designers can order site plans, floor plans, furniture layout, sections, wall elevations. As for manufacturers, a 3D company can provide detailed millwork and shop drafts.

Also, some 3D studios offer BIM or building information modeling. A BIM model of a building it’s not just a 3D object but an information unit that contains all the data about the project. To put it simply, BIM has info on each small element which building consists of.

Every unit in the BIM model restrains its own information including the price per unit. For even more convenience, each BIM element belongs to a specific Family Furniture, Plumbing, Roofs, Pipes, and so on. Therefore, if manufacturers want to expand the market, they should provide downloadable BIM models of their furniture and appliances on the website. The thing is, having ready-to-use BIM models at hand, architects and interior designers most likely will use them for their projects. Hence, a little investment in BIM can significantly increase the sales of the brand.

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If you need any type of CG imagery, find a multi-discipline 3D visualization company with a good reputation. Such a 3D studio can professionally execute mind-blowing 3D rendering, precise 2D CAD drafts, and even quality BIM. No doubt, they have all the resources to provide top-notch services, including modern hardware, the latest software, and a large team of experts.

Need out of the box 3D and 2D solutions for your business? Reach to us for 3D rendering services and we will make any type of professional CG imagery for all purposes!

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