3D Visualization for Furniture:

How to Get Product Imagery Faster

Product 3D visualization for furniture presents a cutting-edge solution, offering brands newfound opportunities, notably the ability to procure professional imagery more efficiently.

While visuals are being generated, marketers and manufacturers can allocate their time to more urgent business endeavors. Given the paramount importance of time, 3D technologies assume a critical role. How, you ask? Let’s explore.

Through 3D visualization, top-tier furniture visuals can be obtained promptly, unaffected by external factors like weather conditions, road traffic, or the photographer’s availability. This streamlined process significantly reduces the time required. Quite tempting, wouldn’t you agree?

As a company providing product visualization services, we know how you can get your visual materials even faster with CGI.  So read up and take a look at these 5 tips which will allow you to get your imagery extra-fast.

#1. Provide an Effective Task Brief

A Standard Technical Assignment for 3D Visualization

Ensuring that the project brief contains all pertinent information is key to initiating work promptly and with minimal additional queries. This not only enhances accuracy but also aligns the 3D rendering precisely with the manufacturer’s specifications, thereby minimizing the need for revisions. So, how can one fill out the brief effectively? It simply involves addressing a few essential questions regarding the product and image concept. Here are the most crucial ones:

  1. What type of service do you require? Specify if it’s low- or high-poly modeling, a hero render with a white background, a lifestyle image, print design, 360-degree view, or 3D animation.
  2. What additional objects and accessories should be included in the scene? Provide dimensions and describe the finishes.
  3. How will the image be utilized?
  4. What mood should the image convey? Describe the lighting, time of day, and desired window views.
  5. For lifestyle images: What finishes, flooring, ceiling, window, and door frames are preferred in the scene?
  6. How many images are needed? Specify the format, resolution, and size requirements.

The questions look easy enough, but the answers will make for a smoother and therefore faster 3D visualization for furniture projects.

#2. Provide Several Visual References

Reference Example for Furniture Visualization

Any visual reference is valuable for furniture 3D visualization, whether it’s technical specifications or inspirational materials. These references can range from simple smartphone photos to detailed AutoCAD drawings. Sketches, layouts, Pinterest images, video briefings, and more can also be helpful. The abundance of materials provides valuable information about the product, enabling CGI companies to create stunning and precise furniture renders.

#3. Don’t Overload with Details

White Background Furniture 3D Rendering

Leonardo da Vinci famously stated that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, a sentiment that holds true even in the realm of 3D visualization for furniture. In CGI visuals, simplicity equates to speed. Excessive details in product visuals increase workload and time requirements. Conversely, a 3D artist can create a furniture 3D visualization on a white background in less than a day. This simplicity directs attention to the product’s advantages, making it both simple and effective.

#4. Stay in Touch and Check Drafts

Chacking the Progress of a 3D Rendering Project

To maintain smooth progress, 3D artists regularly submit drafts for review to ensure alignment. Given that many companies outsource 3D visualization for furniture, maintaining open communication with the 3D team is crucial. This allows for quick adjustments if designers change their preferences. Establishing a single communication channel and review schedule with the CGI studio is advisable for furniture manufacturers.

Recognizing the importance of effective communication, we’ve developed a tailored CRM platform for 3D visualization projects. Clients can easily register, create projects, upload relevant information, track task progress, communicate with the 3D team and manager, and access intermediate and final results—all from any mobile device. Our experience underscores the time-saving benefits of efficient communication.

#5. Choose Scenes and Accessories from the 3D Library

Using CGIFURNITURE Library of Ready 3D Scenes to Speed Up a Project

Utilizing premade 3D scenes and decor elements for lifestyle images significantly reduces workload while maintaining high-quality 3D visualization for furniture marketing. Ready-made objects and environments are invaluable when time is limited. While some manufacturers may worry about sourcing such materials, many CGI studios offer their own selections, eliminating the need for extensive searching.

We’ve recognized the importance of this option and have curated a library with over 7,000 scenes and 65,000 models. This extensive collection ensures that one can easily find suitable assets for their project, resulting in top-quality results in less time.

Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

product rendering price

Get high-quality marketing and sales visuals quickly with photoreal 3D visualization for furniture. Speed up your project without compromising on quality by following these steps: fill out the brief, provide references, choose a simpler concept, stay in touch with the team, and consider using ready-made scenes and furnishings.

Contact us for professional 3D visualization for furniture and explore our product visualization prices.

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