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6 Main Elements of the Inner Organization

Product visualization companies provide high-quality services and on-time delivery of the results for any kind of project. Manufacturers are able to not only get the variety of visual materials for different marketing channels but also receive it within the tightest deadlines.

A furniture company spent a pretty penny on the product photography for the last marketing campaign but it didn’t pay off. The new goods haven’t been sold as successfully as the old products and the e-comm website hasn’t brought enough online orders since the launch. Manufacturers decided to find a more cost-saving solution for getting product images for different marketing channels. They want to try the alternative way which is CGI but where do they start? The manufacturing firm hasn’t worked with product visualization companies before and they have no idea how to choose the reliable contractor as well as how the whole 3D rendering process works.  

In order to get the best result out of the first collaboration with a product visualization studio, Manufacturers should pay attention to the main indicators of a reliable CGI company and find out how it works. Learn 6 features that every highly professional 3D studio should have before making the final choice of a contractor.  

#1. Carefully Selected Team of CG Specialists

The Team of In-House 3D Visualization Artists
Personal qualities and experience of 3D Artists are very important for creating the perfect team for every client and project. Some Manufacturers want extremely fast results, some put quality over quantity, others prefer a clear concept or a specific ambiance above everything else, etc. Product visualization companies carefully study their clients, estimate tasks and choose CG specialists according to Manufacturers’ requirements and wishes. The final selection of professionals is based on a project’s brief, deadlines, and workflow. For example, each CGIFURNITURE visualization team consists of six 3D Artists, one Project Manager and a Mentor both of whom check that everything is done at the highest quality level and on time.

#2. A Large-Scale Database

A Database of 3D Models for Product Visualization Projects

Working with different furniture manufacturers allows product visualization companies to build a big database of various CG elements. It can include 3D models, 3D scenes, BIM objects, templates for projects and so on. The longer 3D visualization companies provide services and the more clients they have, the bigger scale of their library with all kinds of 3D products. Thanks to this, any Manufacturer is able to find ready-made 3D models suitable for a certain project which makes the whole process faster and the ultimate cost lower.

#3. Effective Customer Relationship Management

CRM Platforms for Product Visualization Projects

Product visualization companies have special departments that are focused on building and supporting a client base. These specialists are responsible for communication with Manufacturers and helping to set a task for 3D Artists. Client Managers use different contacts including phones, messengers and social media to always keep in touch with prospects, no matter what time difference is. Some 3D visualization companies like CGIFURNITURE have their own CRM platforms that are available on all gadgets and give regular updates on the progress.      

#4. Established Workflow

The Established Workflow Of 3D Artists

Steady workflow is essential when it comes to both quality result and following deadlines. Product visualization companies have the most organized working process compared to freelancers or even a small in-house staff. Big CGI studios usually have a lot of employees with different specializations and provide a few product visualization services to choose from. This factor makes it easier to distribute tasks and work on several stages at once. In this way, the whole product rendering process is much faster and smoother.

#5. NDA

NDA for Product Visualization Projects

Safety of clients’ intellectual or physical property is one of the main priority of all experienced product visualization companies. Most of them offer to sign a non-disclosure agreement in order to prevent the information leak about inner matters of a firm as well as new products and ideas. This legal protection ensures manufacturing companies that a 3D product visualization contractor is reliable. Moreover, it helps to build the trusting business relationship which is vital for long-term successful collaborations.

#6. Company Values

Company Values in 3D Visualization Industry

Company values define the professionalism and experience of a product visualization studio as well as its potential growth in the future. It shows how companies treat their clients, what standard of quality they have, what guarantees they provide, etc. Besides, many product visualization studios are interested in improving the skills of their specialists and acquiring the most advanced equipment as CGI technologies are constantly evolving. It only makes sense to choose 3D studios that are willing to move with the times and become leaders of the industry.  

Product visualization companies are reliable contractors that provide awe-inspiring visual materials in no time. Manufacturers can be sure that all their information and content are secure in the hands of professional CGI studios. Moreover, big product visualization studios always offer all kinds of quality and delivery guarantees so there is no risk involved whatsoever. Besides, the well-established organization of working process and communication makes services of CGI companies much more effective.

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