3D Virtual Photography

5 Reasons to Try It for Your Product Promo

Have you ever wondered why fewer and fewer marketers are choosing traditional photography for their product images these days? The thing is, it is a rather expensive and effort-consuming process. First, marketers need to order product prototypes of all designs and transport them to the studio. Then, they set up the scene and keep changing the arrangements for each room set. Logical question is, wouldn’t 3D virtual photography be a more effective option?

Besides, marketing and promo campaigns require a lot of visual material that should be diverse and suitable for different formats. So, it turns out that with old-school product photography, you can’t always get all the types of imagery, especially from one photo session.

On the other hand, when working with a 3D rendering studio, you can get plenty of photorealistic CG pictures with your minimal involvement. But 3D virtual imagery has much more to offer. Read on 5 key reasons to try it for your business.

#1. 3D Virtual Photography Is Cost-Effective

A Marketer Showing How Much You Can Save If Using 3D Virtual Product Photography

With a traditional photo shoot, the main expenses lie in the preparation. It includes prototyping, renting a photo studio with equipment, buying decorations, as well as paying fees to a photographer and stylists.  

When you opt for 3D virtual photography, you don’t need to spend money on any of this. Studio CG artists create a virtual scene in 3D software, fill it with ready-to-use 3D models and set up 3D cameras. This way they perform the functions of both stylists and photographers at the same time. Therefore, this process is prompt and doesn’t cost as much as traditional photography.

#2. 3D Solutions Give You Unlimited Creative Opportunities

3D Product Photography of a Virtual Wabi-Sabi Home

CGI allows creating any type of roomsets in terms of category, style, color gamma, and materials. CG artists simply pick ready 3D models and scenes from their catalog and adjust them to the main product. In our studio, we have collected over 50 000 models and 6 500 lifestyle scenes. So, most likely you will be able to find among them those that work best for your product. 

Moreover, using 3D software, CG experts can easily replace all the elements of a virtual room set, as well as change colors and materials in no time. Thus, by choosing 3D virtual imagery, you can get any of your ideas visualized exactly as you want.

#3. 3D Virtual Photography Is Fast and Convenient

A Man Visualizing Time Allocated for Virtual 3D Product Photography

As we mentioned before, marketers don’t need to spend a lot of time preparing for a 3D virtual photo shoot. All they have to do is to send a 3D studio a 3D rendering brief with photos, drawings, sketches, references, mood boards — and their gorgeous lifestyle images will be ready in just one or two days!

The key here is to add as many visual materials as possible, as well as outline your target audience and mention your style preferences. This information will help our CG artists to better understand your tasks and, as a result, make images even faster.

#4. 3D Photography Allows Visualizing Any Design Concepts

3D Photography of a Kitchen Furniture in a Virtual Room Set

If you haven’t manufactured products or prototypes yet as in they’re still in progress, you can’t take traditional photos of them, right? But with CGI, you don’t have to use physical objects. CG artists simply recreate your product in 3D, put it in a virtual room set, and render it on any background.

3D allows you to have your design concept photorealistically visualized long before you manufacture the item. With CG product visualization, you can reduce the overall cost of production and start promoting goods earlier. Besides, having a 3D virtual photography of different designs, you can test the preferences of your audience in advance, and produce only potential bestsellers.

#5. 3D Virtual Photography Is Multipurpose

Product 3D Photography Used for A Virtual Listing in an E-Store

Naturally, marketers need images of various formats and resolutions for different purposes. But chances are, the same traditional photos won’t work for both billboards and online stores. They must be either re-shoot or cropped and re-formatted.

Since 3D virtual photography is a more flexible tool than a traditional one, it can provide marketers with product images for any purpose. Just mention the way you want to use these pics beforehand, and CG specialists will make CG photos of exact format and resolution.

On top of that, CG artists can always open a ready-made 3D rendering project in CG software and tailor it for your recent marketing purposes. For instance, with seasonal sales coming, they can easily add themed decor to a virtual scene and re-render it in all required formats.

Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

product rendering price

The main reasons to use 3D virtual imagery are its adaptability and cost-efficiency. Marketers don’t need any physical samples, props, equipment, or a large crew. With ready-made virtual scenes and 3D models, CG artists can significantly reduce both turnaround time and the cost of the services. Also, with CG tools at hand, one can get the visualization of design concepts without risking their money on prototyping.

So, are you ready to try 3D virtual photography for your products? Contact us for 3D rendering services and get photorealistic product imagery in just a few days!

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