3D Rendering Services for Consumer Products

How to Communicate Product Value with CGI in Marketing Materials

3D rendering services for consumer products are an effective solution for the presentation of the product for e-commerce as well as for marketing and advertising. Using 3D technology, Marketers and Manufacturers get promo images much faster and save their budget at the same time. 

However, there’s a perennial question about how to increase product value and meet buyers’ expectations. There must be something in marketing materials that showcases the characteristics valuable for the target audience to emphasize the ultimate benefit they get from the product. In other words, Marketers have to prove that the product is worth buying.

Without the visual proof, consumers won’t find the product convincing enough to risk their money. Therefore, they will most likely choose a product from a competitor whose promo visuals look more realistic and compelling. This is especially important for online sales, where images basically are the only thing buyers can rely on while choosing goods. Thus, effective marketing materials should be highly photorealistic, depict item’s quality, functionality and convenience. In short, visuals have to demonstrate the exact qualities that customer values the most and make them want to buy a product. 

As a 3d product rendering company, we know exactly how to increase product value with 3D rendering services for consumer products. Read up to learn 5 tips on how to emphasize the necessary qualities of the product and boost sales using 3D services. 

#1. Product Rendering Services Emphasize Material Quality 

Pink Sofa 3D Rendering Close-Up View

In online shopping, it is vital to show the texture of the material, the quality of the stitches and small details of an object. And nothing can do it better than close-up views of the product. The usual zooming option in product listings not always gives customers a desirable approximation, even with HQ pictures. Therefore, it is better for a Manufacturer to order not only a 3D rendering of a product on a blank background but ask CG Artists to make several close-up views.

 Also, 3D rendering services for consumer products provide buyers a unique opportunity to see the furniture piece in section. For example, a cut out of an armchair 3D model showcases all the layers, so the a customer could see the whole construction – from the framework and springs to filling foam. With a 3D section view, a consumer will feel confident in the quality of a product and ready to buy it online because they already know how it’s built and what parts it consists of.

#2. Product Animation Showcases Item’s Functionality and Usability

When people shop online they cannot touch the product to see how the object works, so it is more difficult for them to understand the usability of the item. For example, how could online-shoppers see how the sofa folds and unfolds, how many useful drawers are inside the wardrobe, and how one can modify modular furniture? 

Product animation is one of the most spectacular 3D rendering services for consumer products that brings customers closer to the real shopping experience and showcases all the merits of the furniture design. Moreover, 3D animation could become a detailed video instruction on how to use an item, which could be useful for complex furniture systems, lighting, home appliances, and so on.

#3. A 360 View Showcases Design Features from All Angles


    Again, buying furniture online, consumers can’t pick up the item or walk around the product to evaluate the design from all angles, as they used to do in a retail store. Surely, different views of static product renderings work well for online listings too, however, a Manufacturer doesn’t always provide all the angles that customers expect to see. 

    A 360 view, on the other hand, gives buyers the opportunity to spin the product, examine it from all sides to make a complete picture of the product. This way, consumers can be sure that they have seen all the elements and features before they purchase a product. Therefore, a 360 view increases the buyer’s awareness and reduces the return of goods.

    #4. 3D Rendering Technology Offers Customization

    3D Rendering of the Cabinet Design

    3D rendering is an excellent tool that helps Furniture Manufacturers and Marketers to show the same model in various colors and materials with different design modifications. With 3D technology, color and material could be changed in just a few clicks, so Marketers can offer their clients a large range of product designs. This way, a brand can demonstrate the huge variety of a product that suits every taste and budget. Moreover, expanding the catalog with new design options, Marketers can declare that a brand will provide any design at the customer’s request.

    In addition, some online e-commerce platforms and big brands provide consumers with furniture shopping apps where they can create their own design of a product. Using these apps, they can choose the color and material of the base, upholstery, and finishing to make an individual design on their own. This technology became a game-changer for online shopping, increased customers’ trust and loyalty and rocket sales. Of course, this wonderful option became possible thanks to the 3D rendering services in the first place. 

    #5. Lifestyle Renders Perfectly Show Product Compatibility with a Home Interior 

    3D Rendering of an Armchair in Different Lifestyles

    Looking at a photo of the single product, consumers can’t always imagine how it will look in the interior, whether it will fit in their home style or not. In such cases, a variety of lifestyle photos of a product in beautiful interiors will showcase the object at its best. Moreover, lifestyles or room sets could draw the prospect’s attention to the compatibility of furniture – how perfectly the same item works in interiors that are different in terms of function, style, and color. 

    For example, neutral chairs will look great for a home and in a cafe, and the same accessories can work for an industrial-style loft and for a minimalist bedroom. When potential buyers see that an item visually fits into different styles and is easy to combine with other objects, this purchase looks like a reasonable investment for them. Thus, providing consumers with different scenarios for the same item is not only an aesthetic whim – it also significantly increases the chances of product sales.

    With the help of 3D rendering services for consumer products, Manufacturers can increase the value of the item by demonstrating the best goods’ qualities that buyers expect. Close-ups and a 3D model cut out could show the quality of the material, animation demonstrates best how the product works, and lifestyles emphasize the versatility and compatibility of the product. Moreover, the biggest benefit of 3D rendering is that all these types of visuals can be made as a part of one project!

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    Excited to try 3D technology for your marketing materials? Contact us for 3D rendering services for consumer products and we will make visuals that will improve the value of the product and raise your sales!

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