The surge in furniture shopping app development has played a crucial role in driving remarkable sales growth for furniture retailers. With approximately 24% of consumers in the U.S. opting to buy home furniture online. Industry giants like Williams-Sonoma Inc. and have seized the opportunity by implementing their own dedicated shopping applications. This strategic move has revolutionized the furniture sales landscape, marking a significant shift in how businesses engage with customers and sell furniture products.

The rise of furniture shopping apps has ushered in a new era of convenience and accessibility for customers. They offer a wider market selection and a diverse range of products. For furniture manufacturers and marketers, this shift translates to significant cost savings as the traditional brick-and-mortar store intermediary is bypassed, streamlining the product-buyer chain.

In this digital age, the success of sales hinges on the in-app customer experience. Through features like Live Chat and detailed product information, shoppers can make informed decisions without leaving their homes. Moreover, the integration of augmented reality (AR), virtual showrooms, and other CG services allows customers to visualize selected items within their current interior settings. All of that facilitates immediate decision-making.

In light of these developments, here are the top 10 furniture shopping apps that stand out among competitors in the industry, each offering unique features and functionalities to enhance the customer experience.

#1. Pepperly

Pepperly App for Online Shopping

Available on the Google Play and App Store

The app boasts an impressive selection of over 95,000 products spanning 37 renowned brands, meticulously organized into intuitive categories. From Furniture and Living essentials to Bedroom sets, Kids Room decor, Mattresses, and Bedding, users can easily navigate through various sections. Additionally, enthusiasts of interior design will find delight in perusing sections dedicated to trending styles, featured collections, and curated design inspirations.

However, what truly sets this app apart is its groundbreaking 3D View feature. Offering a dynamic viewing experience, customers can interact with products in a whole new dimension, examining them from every angle with fluid motion. Furthermore, the integration of augmented reality technology takes the shopping experience to the next level, allowing users to visualize selected items within their own living spaces. By leveraging their device’s camera, customers can seamlessly integrate virtual products into their rooms, adjusting placement, size, and color to tailor the perfect look.

#2. Wayfair

Wayfair Apps for Gadgets

Available on the App Store

Wayfair Inc. is a giant e-commerce company selling more than 7M products across 5 websites. In the Instagram era with “visually spoilt viewers’, the company has emerged as a leader among its peers. It has offered colossal selections for home decor via online furniture stores and a Wayfair app. 

The application introduces a groundbreaking 3D View in Room feature, enabling customers to visualize products within their own living spaces at a real scale. This innovative tool empowers users to make informed purchasing decisions with confidence.

Moreover, buyers have access to curated looks from renowned designers, offering inspiration and guidance for creating cohesive spaces. Additionally, the Room Planner tool provides a customizable platform for arranging furniture and designing personalized environments tailored to individual tastes and preferences.

#3. IKEA Place

Ikea Place AR App

 Available on AppStore and Play Market

IKEA is the largest furniture company in the world selling affordable household items through 400 stores around the world. When surfing the interior designs on the site, one might want to live in that reality. Little do they know that the company uses 3D renders, which are as photorealistic as real photos, to cover 75% of the product’s presentation. 

Furthermore, IKEA has pushed the boundaries of 3D technology by introducing their augmented reality Place app. This innovative tool allows users to handpick individual items or entire room sets and seamlessly integrate scalable 3D models into their living spaces. For instance, this technology offers clarity on whether the pairing of a lounge couch and a torchiere aligns with a specific living room design.

Moreover, by creating a user profile and engaging with AR views, the app offers personalized recommendations, new product highlights, and interior suggestions tailored to each individual’s preferences. This personalized “For You” feed enhances the shopping experience, providing curated content based on the user’s history and preferences.

#4. Overstock

Furniture Retail Platform Overstock

Available on the Google Play, Inc. is one of the biggest online retailers in the USA and worldwide. The company sells furniture, home decor items, and handcrafted art pieces via its websites and the app. There are also other non-furniture-related directions.

The app offers a cutting-edge  AR modeling  feature, enabling buyers to visualize furniture and decor elements seamlessly integrated into their home design. Through photorealistic 3D models, users can accurately assess the texture, size, and functionality of the products before making a purchase decision.

In addition to its advanced AR capabilities, the app provides an array of exclusive in-app features. These include access to special coupons and offers, personalized shopping recommendations, perks associated with Club O accounts, and convenient access via Touch ID authentication, among others.

#5. Zara Home

Zara Home App for Online Shopping

Available on the AppStore and Google Play 

Zara Home offers a range of furniture and home decorations through its app. What immediately stands out is the app’s seamless and enjoyable navigation, ensuring users can effortlessly explore its various sections without confusion.

Utilizing 3D product models, Zara showcases its products within real-life contexts, providing customers with a vivid understanding of how each item complements daily living spaces. For instance, a user can envision a three-leg pot stand adorned with flowers against a color-coordinated tiled wall, all meticulously preserved with the help of 3D technology.

Moreover, each item is accompanied by a captivating description, enhancing the shopping experience. Unique features such as innovative voice search and contactless payment further distinguish the app, setting it apart from other furniture shopping platforms.

#6. Westwing Home and Living

Westwing Home and Living App

Available on the AppStore and Google Play 

Westwing is Germany’s premier shopping club renowned for its curated selection of handpicked furniture, home accessories, textiles, and more. With exclusive discounts of up to 70% available daily, the platform has garnered a loyal membership base of over 3.2 million users.

The app has received accolades from local TV channels and prestigious magazines like Elle Decoration and Wohnidee. Esteemed designers frequently recommend Westwing for its cutting-edge content, enriched with high-resolution images, immersive 3D renders, and a convenient built-in zoom feature.

#7. Urban Ladder 

Urban Ladder Online Shopping App

Available on the App Store  and Google Play

This app captivates users with its vast array of stylish and contemporary interior designs, offering everything needed to furnish a home from start to finish. Boasting over 5,000 furniture and home decor options, it eliminates the need to shop elsewhere.

With personalized recommendations based on search history, convenient pinch and zoom features for detailed examination, and insightful customer reviews, users can make informed decisions. Additionally, the app provides valuable content such as How-to guides and DIY tutorials to enhance the shopping experience.

Like its counterparts, this app utilizes 3D models to showcase products seamlessly integrated into home designs, allowing users to appreciate every intricate detail. For example, one can admire the antique-finished rivets of the Barra upholstered bed as if it were right in front of them.

#8. MyCity by City Furniture

City Furntiure Shop App

Available on the App Store

Upon downloading the app, users are immediately struck by its impeccable organization. With enticing sections such as Concepts, Stories, and History, there’s something to pique everyone’s interest.

In Concepts, users discover innovative design solutions from five cutting-edge brands, while Stories offers up-to-the-minute news and shareable deals for social media enthusiasts. For those curious about the platform’s origins, the History section provides a fascinating glimpse into its inception.

When it comes to shopping, the app excels in providing a seamless experience. For instance, contemplating the purchase of an $1840 Cassius Deluxe Sofa becomes effortless with its accompanying 3D model, offering insights into the size, usability, texture, and more. Furthermore, users can easily share the image with a friend to solicit a second opinion, enhancing the decision-making process.

#9. MyFOA

MyFOA Shopping Platform

Available on the AppStore and Google Play

Furniture shopping apps frequently serve as digital extensions of established furniture companies, and is no exception. While the official website has embraced innovative features like 3D View product presentations, the app primarily relies on high-resolution images.

However, there’s room for improvement. Some furniture pieces are depicted in a single photo, integrated into broader design contexts, leaving users wishing for more detailed views. Features like zooming and all-around viewing are notably absent, detracting from the overall user experience.

#10. EBTH 

EBTH Shopping App

Available on the AppStore

EBTH (Everything But The House) offers a wide range of uncommon treasures, ranging from art and jewelry to fashion accessories, collectibles, and antiques. Renowned as the premier source for unique finds, including both new and pre-loved furniture in the USA, EBTH distinguishes itself through its meticulously authenticated collection.

Transform your living spaces with our carefully selected pieces, each one guaranteed to make a distinct and memorable addition to your home. With an unwavering dedication to authenticity and rarity, EBTH remains the preferred platform for those in search of the extraordinary. It ensures that every piece contributes to a home that stands out from the rest.

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Numerous online retailers are leveraging furniture shopping apps as a powerful marketing tool to boost sales and gain a competitive edge. In addition to forging partnerships with renowned brands and design studios, the integration of 3D visualization technology has emerged as a key strategy to showcase the company’s unique features and advantages.

It effectively communicates essential details to potential buyers, including accurate measurements, textures, and colors. Additionally, CGI provides a realistic depiction of how the furniture will appear when incorporated into their home interior. By offering this immersive experience, retailers can enhance customer engagement and confidence in their purchasing decisions, ultimately driving sales and reinforcing their position in the market.

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