3D Rendering for Product Design

5 Ways To Accelerate A Product Launch

3D rendering for product design turns any marketing launch into an easy and effective process. The results are not only fast, but they are also cost-saving thanks to skipping the manufacturing of test prototypes.

Furniture Manufacturers are planning the launch of new products before the end of the season. They need to start preparation of all marketing tests, but the design of the items is still not decided. How can they manufacture product prototypes if the final look needs some further work? Firstly, they can’t afford to produce other prototypes if the first design version will not be approved. Secondly, the re-production process will take too long, and they will not finish before the deadline of the product launch.    

Thankfully, product rendering allows experimenting with items’ design without physical objects. Manufacturers can try different concepts, change details in progress, and even make product testing research on the way. Want to know how? Read our tips! 

#1. Makes The Concept Development Easier  

Concept Development for Product Design

3D rendering for product design allows creating a limitless number of different variations for an item look. In this way, Manufacturers can try a variety of concepts until they choose the best one, and it won’t take as much time as making prototypes or using only sketches. 3D rendering helps to show an object in a few color schemes or with various design details. For example, Furniture Manufacturers can try their new sofa look in black, grey and brown colors, then change its handles and legs, and so on. After all experimenting, they can finally pick the most fantastic product design.  

#2. Helps To Do Product Testing

CGI for Product Design Testing Research

The flexibility of 3D rendering services helps to make product testing at a reasonable cost. Unlike traditional photography, a product design render doesn’t require ready goods to prepare visuals for the focus group of customers. It is no less effective to test how a product will be perceived on the market with the help of a few 3D renders before starting the manufacturing process. The reaction from the target audience will show if the goods are worth investment or it is better to come up with something new. The main point is that Manufacturers don’t have to spend money on the production before they make sure product design is well-accepted on the market.   

#3. Gives Opportunity To Evaluate Product Materials

3D Visualization for Product Materials Evaluation

3D rendering software allows examining and even calculating the amount of materials required for a certain product. By using these options, Manufacturers can find out what kinds of resources they need for an item and how much of them they have to order. 3D rendering for product design gives an opportunity to see how materials will look like on a product while calculating the exact amount of resources. The last part will keep Manufacturers from wastings and shortcomings. All in all, getting this information before the production stage even begins will save money and minimize mistakes during the process.   

#4. Creates Interactive Options For Product Information

Launching products is all about presenting the goods in all their glory, which means showing the possible options and functions. 3D rendering for product design allows creating as many versions of an item as Manufacturer needs – different colors, finishing, details of the structure, etc. Moreover, 3D rendering makes product information not only more detailed but also fun and interactive. For example, 3D animation and 360 view are perfect for demonstrating items’ functions in a very entertaining way.      

#5. Allows To Experiment With Product Updates

3D Visualization for Enhancing Product Design

Sometimes Manufacturers want to update product design and re-launch it on the market. But before that, they need to try different looks for an item and choose the best one. 3D rendering makes it possible without spending the budget on manufacturing product prototypes. 3D Artists can prepare several design options in the short time and Manufacturers will be able to pick a variant they’ll send to production. In the end, product re-launch will not only happen faster but be more cost-saving on top of that.

3D rendering for product design solves most of the problems of the marketing launch. This service allows for preparing an item faster and without extra costs. With the help of CGI, Manufacturers can test products while avoiding the manufacturing of prototypes as well as quickly upgrade the design of the old items. Moreover, the whole presentation of the goods after launching is much more detailed, appealing, and interactive thanks to the photorealistic quality and media formats such as animation and 360 view.

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product rendering price

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