3D Rendering for Luxury Furniture

5 Ways It Helps to Attract the Target Audience

By using sleek 3D rendering for luxury furniture, manufacturers and retailers sell not just furnishings but an opulent lifestyle. Which is exactly what their target audience of businessmen and celebrities is looking for. 

Using CGI, brands can get luxurious room sets for catalogs and promo without overspending. Since 3D technology doesn’t require actual photoshoots, studio equipment, and backdrops, brand marketers are able to set a high bar and request top-notch luxury interiors for product images.

As a 3D rendering company, we know how to create opulent lifestyle pictures that will draw the high-end buyers’ attention at the first sight. Here are 5 ways how CGI helps to impress them and sell furniture faster.

#1. Luxury 3D Rendering Showcases Furniture in High-End Real Estate

3D Render of a Luxury Interior Full of High-End Furniture and Accessories

Given the unlimited possibilities of 3D technology, CG artists can create any background for furniture images, including luxury real estate. They can place furniture pieces in spacious houses or apartments with high ceilings, bay windows, enfilades, galleries, and add columns, arches, fireplaces and other chic details. CG artists simply choose the desired backdrop from their 3D library and customize it to specific products.

By opting for opulent real estate as a background for luxury furniture, CG artists can strike a chord with the chosen target audience. It will be much easier for them to visualize high-end furniture pieces in their homes if they see them in a suitable environment.

#2. CG Rendering Allows for Chic Materials and Fabrics

A Bedroom 3D Rendering with Luxury Furniture Pieces and Accessories

CG artists create a 3D rendering for luxury furniture using the most exotic and sumptuous materials that cost thousands of dollars in real life. However, such renders won’t be any more expensive than usual ones which means manufacturers can save budget for other marketing means.

The thing is, our 3D experts have an extensive library of ready-made luxurious CG materials such as marble, bronze, granite, expensive wood, leather, etc. Since 3D artists don’t spend a penny on actual materials, they can be generous with chic textures and create luxury interior design for CG renders that high-end customers would fall for. 

#3. Furniture 3D Visualization Incorporates Trendy Interior Styles as Backgrounds

3D Render of a Parisian Chic Home with Luxury Furniture and Decor

Luxury furniture manufacturers and sellers have to keep up with the latest interior trends and tailor their product catalogs accordingly. Whatever trend is on top now — Contemporary Minimalism, Wabi-Sabi, or Hollywood Regency, they can use it for their room sets so that their furniture images look classy and up to modern standards at the same time.

Our 3D experts closely monitor new interior trends and can advise manufacturers on which style is best for their room sets considering their products’ aesthetics. For instance, if the brand and their target audience prefer a more traditional vibe, our GG artists will opt for one of the classical interior styles. 

#4. Luxury 3D Room Sets Include Accessories from Top Designers and Brands

3D Rendering of a Living Room With Luxury Accessories and Furniture

When creating 3D rendering for luxury furniture, CG experts also add classy accessories and decor, such as carpets, textiles, sconces, art pieces, etc. Needless to say, these items should enhance the sophistication of the furniture collection and emphasize the overall luxuriousness of the image.

That’s why 3D artists decorate room sets with recognizable items from famous brands and designers. Such accessories are the attributes of a luxurious lifestyle that convey the status of high-end society members. In CGIFurniture, we have lots of 3D models of luxury design pieces in our library. If there are particular items manufacturers want to see in their 3D rendering or even incorporate the products of their partners, our experts can create such 3D models from scratch.

#5. Top-Notch 3D Rendering for Luxury Furniture Emphasizes Statement Art Pieces

3D Render of a Luxury Mansion with High-End Furniture and Art Pieces

The target audience of luxury furniture brands includes people from the art industry: art entrepreneurs, curators, famous collectors, etc. When such people see luxury furniture in appropriate interiors, they expect to see refined art pieces that complement them, too. The well-curated room set should look like every element was hand-picked by a sophisticated expert. With this effect, the value of all furniture pieces in a set doubles in the eyes of well-off buyers.

Collaborating with a well-reputed 3D rendering studio, furniture manufacturers can rely on their expertise and taste. Most of our 3D artists have art and design backgrounds, so they know how to select and smoothly incorporate art pieces in a 3D rendering.

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A well-executed luxury lifestyle CG image is not only selling glamour, it’s setting high standards and offering a better quality of life. That’s why 3D artists use lavish real estate as a background for luxury furniture and create 3D room sets with sumptuous materials and textures. To win high-end buyers, they also add elegant accessories from leading brands and designers and carefully select artworks and sculptures, giving preference to iconic and top-rated artists.

Need top-notch 3D rendering for luxury furniture? Order 3D rendering services from us, and you’ll get stunning room sets that can charm even the most demanding target audience.

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