3D Rendering for Bathroom Manufacturers:

5 Ways to Use It

The key reason why most manufacturers and retailers switch to 3D rendering for bathroom promo imagery is that it is a time- and money-saving solution. With CGI at hand, they can forget about photo shoots forever. To get product images, they order 3D visualizations from a 3D rendering studio. In turn, CG artists create a life-like 3D model of a bathroom piece and experiment with backdrops, camera views, and lighting in 3D software until they get satisfying results. 

Using 3D rendering, they can make different types of imagery for bathroom promo — silo renders on a monochrome background or lifestyle 3D pictures. Moreover, CG services provide photorealistic motion solutions such as 360° spin and 3D animation that are quite difficult to make using traditional photo and videography. 

So what are the best ways to use 3D renders for bathroom promo and marketing? We chose 5 most effective practices of CGI uses based on our experience as a 3D rendering company. Let’s dive in!

#1. Incorporate Diverse CGI into Product Catalogs

Photorealistic CGI for Print Product Catalog

Like all manufacturers, bathroom brands need quality 3D renders for print and digital product catalogs. Both require various images to showcase the pieces at their best. Let’s find out which CG tools are the most effective for catalogs.

Print Catalogs

Firstly, in print catalogs, one has to demonstrate all bathroom items separately on a white or one-color background so that nothing distracts prospects from the product itself. It is also vital to show the entire range of colors and materials in a bathroom collection and provide close-up views to showcase the quality. For all these purposes, CG artists use silo 3D renderings they create based on a realistic 3D model of a product. 

To showcase how a full collection looks in interiors, CG experts create 3D room sets with suitable props and decor. In CGIFurniture, we have over 7000 props and 605 ready-to-use 3D scenes that work for bathrooms in all styles — from traditional to country to modern.

Digital Catalogs

As for online catalogs, brands can use the same static 3D rendering for bathroom images they ordered for print ones. However, since it’s a digital marketing tool, an e-catalog should contain advanced motion visuals for promo too. One of them is a 360° spin that can be created for each bathroom item in a set. 

A 360° view is an interactive CG solution that allows buyers to spin a product model and see how it looks from different angles. They can also zoom in on a 3D object to take a closer look at its quality. With a 360° view, online shoppers are able to make a more conscious purchase decision which leads to fewer returns.

#2. Revamp Social Media Marketing with Outstanding CG Videos

Traditionally, for social media marketing, marketers try to get as many diverse images as possible. This way they can always have new content to put out. However, mere images are not enough for advanced SMM. See for yourself, 93% of shoppers say they make purchases based on social media. Based on this statistic, product videos are the #1 purchase-driver on socials and definitely worth using in campaigns.

However, shooting real videos is too costly as it requires hiring a crew, building a set, and renting tons of equipment. To save the budget, marketers can replace an actual video with 3D animation. This realistic CG solution provides quality 3D videos for any marketing purposes. 

For example, to introduce new goods brands can use a demo 3D product video with beautiful camera walkthroughs, music, and a voiceover. To draw the prospect’s attention to quality materials and bathroom fittings, CG artists can make a detailed feature 3D animation based on stunning close-up views. 

#3. Improve Email Marketing with Eye-Catching CG Visuals

3D Product Render for a Sink from a Modern Bathroom Collection

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote goods as newsletters deliver hot offers directly to a customer’s mailbox. What kind of 3D rendering for bathroom furniture and fixtures works best for newsletters? Naturally, it depends on the design of the newsletter. Most often, brand marketers opt for silo renderings and combine them into a collage. 

To make an attention-grabbing collage, one can select a bright-colored background, put a 3D rendering of a bathroom item on top and add a copy and fun graphic elements. The latter could be a countdown timer that marks the end of seasonal sales, discount graphic tags, banners, etc.

In case marketers decide to go for the cross-selling technique for emails, they can use 3D lifestyle images that showcase the whole bathroom collection in a sleek trendy interior. This way, a brand can sell not one item but a bunch of matching goods from one set with just one picture.

#4. Give Landing Pages a Massive Boost with Top-Notch CGI

  • Before-Lifestyle Customization
    After-Lifestyle Customization
    White CG Room Lifestyle Customization Blue CG Room

When it comes to launching a new bathroom collection or announcing big seasonal sales, brands need to update the landing page on their website asap. Needless to say, the imagery for a landing page must be captivating enough to lure visitors with an offer and make them want to explore the website.

If a brand’s visual aesthetics is all about minimalism and clean lines, for example, then the landing page should go with it too. Therefore, the best type of CGI would be silo 3D rendering of bathroom pieces, i.e. product images on a monochrome background. Such pictures are easy to edit so one can Photoshop them on any type of backdrop. 

Another cool minimalist CG solution for landing pages is a 360° product view.  Since it’s an interactive tool, it inspires users to play with an item hence, stay on the website for longer. To draw the prospects’ attention to the offer at once, one can add a catchy CAT on top and write a discount and/or product launch date in big bold letters.

#5. Use Attention-Grabbing Images for Online and Offline Advertising

3D Lifestyle Rendering of a Black and Gold Bath with Plenty of Decor

As for bathroom furniture visualization for advertising, CGI is a fast and convenient way to get stunning visuals of photorealistic quality. Firstly, 3D allows creating any type of room set in terms of style, color, and context. Whether a brand sells traditional or modern bathroom fixtures, CG artists can select the best materials and decorum for a room set from their digital library. In CGIFurniture, we have more than 50 000 3D models of accessories including plants, candles, towels, and beauty products that we put into a scene to create a relaxed ambiance perfect for pampering nights.

Secondly, 3D rendering is done in 4K resolution. Therefore, final images can be successfully used in print media and large outdoor advertising mediums such as billboards, banners, and transit ads without quality loss. For online adverts, the resolution also matters as sometimes marketers have to optimize product images for various formats due to e-stores and device requirements. 

Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

product rendering price

To put it simply, 3D rendering is a game-changer for bathroom manufacturers and retailers. First of all, CGI saves them from enormous expenses on organizing photo shoots and filming videos. It also provides brands with a wide variety of visuals from static silo and lifestyle renderings to 360° views to 3D animation. These CG solutions work perfectly for all possible marketing and promo channels, such as catalogs, SMM, email marketing, advertising, and landing pages. We recommend ordering all kinds of 3D rendering tools to experiment with them and find out what works best for a specific audience.

Need quality 3D rendering for bathroom furniture and fixtures promo? Contact us for 3D rendering services and get a perfect toolset of CG visuals for any of your marketing purposes!

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