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7 Surefire Ways To Use It For Ecommerce Marketing

In recent years, we have seen 3D product video gradually replacing traditional video advertising in eCommerce. It’s no wonder since the latter is more pricey and time-consuming. See for yourself marketers have to hire a director and crew, rent a studio and equipment, build a filming set, etc. In turn, when choosing 3D animation, they don’t need any physical locations and a large team. All they have to do is to contact a multi-disciplinary 3D rendering company and send a brief.

Working with 3D artists, marketers can get life-like 3D animations of any format for various marketing and promo channels. And after the 3D product video is made, it can be converted or re-tailored for different digital platforms. So, offhand, there are at least 7 bulletproof ways to improve your eCommerce marketing with 3D animation. Read on!

#1. Add a 3D Product Video to Listings on Ecommerce Platforms

The first and most important rule of a successful furniture listing is to make it highly-informative and engaging. For that, add not only static visuals but also jaw-dropping product videos. Using them, marketers can showcase the quality of the materials and textures in close-up views. They can also add a 3D product video that shows objects in action to convey furniture’s usability, as in the video above.

Let’s be honest, we all know how fiercely competitive are platforms like Amazon. Therefore, it’s simply vital to use compelling visuals to temp buyers over to your side. A listing with a 3D product animation video will definitely stand out from the competitors’ offers. 

#2. Use 3D Product Animation for Cross-Selling

One of the key advantages of 3D animation is that in one video you can showcase as many goods as you wish to make buyers want them all. For that, ask CG artists to create an awe-inspiring interior scene filled with matching furniture, decor and accessories to enhance the vibe of the collection.

As a result, a customer gets inspired by the atmosphere of a 3D product video and is eager to recreate it at home. Naturally, all they have to do is to simply buy the same items from the collection and use 3D animation as a reference for their interior design.

#3. Create Animated Assembly Instructions for Product Pages

A quality product video is a must for listings and online catalogs, especially when it comes to furniture. Since website visitors can’t physically touch the piece and test it, they want to get as much visual evidence of the product’s quality as possible.

To help them make a conscious purchase decision, add a furniture assembly 3D product video right next to static images. The thing is, such a 3D animation can instruct buyers on how to use the piece and make the product shine at the same time.

#4. Boost Visual Merchandising with 3D Animation

According to statistics, product videos bring 66% more leads to a brand’s website. Therefore, it makes sense to incorporate as much 3D animation into your e-store as possible. For example, marketers can use different 3D product videos on the landing and home pages and other sections, and even try animated banners.

Plan your video content in such a way so it could capture visitors’ attention right from the landing page, and effectively guide them further through the website. And once users are on a product page, show them another 3D product animation to introduce the goods and prove product quality.

#5. Diversify Your Email Marketing

Make your email marketing informative and avoid boredom by all means. Your email only has a few seconds to impress the customer — otherwise, it will instantly end up in a trash folder. So, reduce the amount of text. Instead, use visuals that urge excitement and are easier to consume.

If marketers need to introduce new products or promote seasonal discounts, why not add a short animation? Make sure the copy is tempting enough so customers click on the link at once and get redirected to your website. 

On top of that, feel free to use funny GIFs and cut scenes from a 3D product video. Luckily, these CG files are small in size and can be easily opened even on a smartphone. Therefore, they perfectly fulfill their promotional function and make buyer-grabbing offers.

#6. Enhance Social Media with a 3D Product Video 

Today, it has already become mandatory for any brand to be on social networks. According to research, 93% of surveyed sellers got new customers thanks to videos on social media. Therefore, video content is one of the most powerful selling tools for brands, so one shouldn’t pass it up. 

Moreover, every platform requires videos of certain formats, so don’t just post the same 3D animation everywhere. It’s much more effective to adapt it for each digital platform. For instance, YouTube is best for longer videos such as assembly animation or how-to 3D product videos with music and voiceover. But as for Instagram and TikTok, you need to make 15-second edits with entertaining elements such as filters, emojis, witty copy, etc.

Besides, consider working with influencers and ask them to include your 3D videos in their reviews. Such collaboration will increase your website conversion and dramatically expand your audience on social media at the same time.

#7. Create Buyer-Grabbing 3D Animation Advertising

Thanks to CG technologies, a 3D product video looks no less realistic than traditional video advertising but is more affordable and less troublesome. Therefore, it brings new opportunities in creating eye-catching commercials for YouTube, Vimeo, apps, TV, and literally every marketing channel.

Using 3D software, CG artists can create any special effects such as water, snow, fire, smoke, fog, explosions, and so on. Therefore, they are able to put into action even the most incredible ideas marketers have. In addition, one can add subtitles, text captures, music, and voiceover to a 3D video to make it even more immersive and spectacular.

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All in all, a 3D product video is a super versatile promo and marketing tool. You can use it on Amazon listings, different pages of your website, email marketing, social media, etc. No matter how complex your script is, experienced 3D artists can animate any concept with special effects and all. Just include all the necessary information, required video format and references in a brief beforehand.

Excited to try 3D animation? Contact us right now for 3D rendering services and get a realistic 3D product video tailored specifically to your needs!

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