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7 Stages of Cooperation with a CGI Studio

Most furniture makers want to know everything about the process of collaborating with a rendering company before they commit to it. They want to know how long it takes, how complex it is, and how much involvement it requires from them. The reason for that is rather simple – nobody likes unpleasant surprises, especially when time and money are at stake. Therefore, manufacturers try to learn as much as possible about 3D product rendering in advance to avoid any damaging setbacks.

Furthermore, furniture makers might have several burning questions after doing their initial research. However, contacting studios and talking to client managers seems a little too pressuring at that stage. So, what’s the alternative? Well, to make things easy, let’s learn about the 7 stages of collaborating with a 3D rendering company right now!

#1. Finding The Right One

finding the best 3D rendering company

Everything begins with selecting the most suitable 3D rendering company. It is extremely important to do a thorough research and to make a shortlist of the top options. When the number of companies on the list is small enough, it is time to contact them. Normally, before placing an order, a furniture maker will talk to a client manager.

At this point, the former can ask all the questions they might have. Also, this is when they can get a preliminary quote for their product rendering project. In fact, truly professional companies are always ready to give their prospects all the necessary information before starting a project. This way, manufacturers can be sure they are making the right choice.

#2. Signing A Non-Disclosure Agreement

legal security for furniture makers

A good 3D rendering company prioritizes not only the quality of its work but also the safety of intellectual property that belongs to its clients. Therefore, it is standard practice to sign non-disclosure agreements at the very beginning of every rendering project. The main purpose of NDAs is to protect copyrighted and patented designs that a CGI studio receives from the clients. Moreover, they help to prevent any kind of unfair use of the final 3D renders. And lastly, NDAs guarantee that a CGI studio will not mention a manufacturer’s brand anywhere without their express consent.

#3. Formulating The Assignment

Next, a furniture maker formulates the assignment. If a 3D rendering company has a CRM system, a manufacturer must first register in it. It allows the company to communicate with clients more efficiently and be sure that no message from them gets lost. Then, a manufacturer selects the kind of service and the number of visuals they need.

For instance, a CGI studio can create custom 3D product models, 2D rendered images (white background, lifestyle, etc.), 360 views, and 3D animation. Furthermore, it’s possible to make AR- and VR-ready models to provide a more interactive and immersive experience to furniture buyers. Finally, a manufacturer can order a 3D product configurator. It’s a digital tool for e-commerce websites, which allows shoppers to see different variations of products within an interior scene.

#4. Submitting References

references for a 3D rendering project

In order to start working on a project, 3D artists need technical details about products, as well as mood references. For example, those can be CAD drafts, sketches, materials references, and style references. Moreover, a furniture maker needs to choose ready 3D models for lifestyle images from libraries used by the 3D rendering company. They usually contain whole packs of stylish items that can be used to fill up the scenes. This allows to create unique images, tailored to the preferences of particular target audiences.

#5. Evaluating Preliminary Results

3D product models quality control

When 3D artists finish creating custom 3D product models, they submit them to be checked by the manufacturer. It is crucial to determine if there are any inaccuracies in the models at this point, before 3D artists proceed to making lifestyle scenes, 360 views, animation, etc. If the 3D rendering company is really professional, the client won’t be the only one doing the check-up. A mentor of the team assigned to them and a project manager overseeing the task will also review the models to see if they are made precisely according to the client’s requests.

#6. Making Corrections

adding product variations

This is the only step that can actually be skipped sometimes. Here, a furniture maker is free to make any corrections in 3D renders that they consider necessary. For example, they might want to change or add some color and materials variations for the products. Or change decor items in lifestyle scenes.

Normally, a 3D rendering company allows to make a certain amount of corrections without any extra payment. Some companies don’t charge for corrections at all, unless a client wants a whole new project made from scratch. In fact, this is a very important thing to discuss with a company beforehand.

#7. Getting The Final Results

3D rendering company e-commerce ready visuals

The final stage is, of course, the most pleasant one. This is where a manufacturer receives the final product renders. According to a client’s needs, a 3D rendering company can make the visuals Shopify-, Wayfair-, and/or Amazon-ready. Then, there are high-resolution lifestyles – just perfect for furniture catalogs and ads, both digital and printed. And a good CRM system makes all the images easy to view, download, and use.

How To Collaborate with a 3D Rendering Company

So, those were the 7 stages of collaborating with a 3D rendering company from start to finish. Hopefully, this article helped to shine some light on this rather simple and efficient process. At the very least, it is now clear that partnering with a CGI studio to make product visuals has way more benefits than risks. Actually, it can save a furniture maker a great deal of time and money. And the images themselves can be just as diverse, stylish, and interesting as one may wish.

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