3D Product Visualization Services

7 Ways They Help Promote Your Goods Effectively

Time does not stand still, and these days, we can observe the rapid speed at which 3D product visualization services are slowly replacing classic product photography. The thing is that modern 3D rendering can be easily applied to a large variety of industries, starting with interior design and ending with furniture retail. While the list of advantages that visualization offers is close to being unlimited, the cost is reduced significantly. And that is one of the most relevant benefits that various online stores are seeking.

The beauty of 3D product visualization lies in its versatility as well as its photorealistic representation. Very often, it is almost impossible to tell CGI apart from regular product photos. Besides, 3D renders showcase such details that nearly no high-quality photo can. Thus, if we are talking about the furniture industry, the main benefits appear as tense interaction between a potential customer and offered goods. Every user can examine an individual piece from any angle, side, and up to the tiniest texture detail.

These are the most evident advantages that a professional 3D product rendering company can offer. If you are interested in other benefits that visualization can provide to promote your goods – read on!

#1. Promotion Campaign Launched Before the Production

Furniture in a Kitchen 3D Product Visualization

Most furniture retailers that decide to take their business online realize that a website without a product representation is worth very little. That is why high-quality product photos are usually a must. However, with traditional photography, it turns out to be challenging to stage a photo shoot of products that are yet to be made. So, until the product line is ready, there is no chance to promote the goods and present the line to the audience beforehand.

At the same time, when using reputable 3D product visualization services, there is no need to hire an actual photographer and stage the entire set to fulfill the task. All that is needed is a skilled 3D artist to produce quality product imagery for your customer base. Such an approach is beneficial due to many reasons. 

First of all, 3D visualization service is usually more cost-saving than classic photography. Secondly, it is a lot faster since, in the majority of cases, it takes up to a few hours to complete the task. Thirdly, in case the item is poorly received by the audience, you will have enough time to update it and then produce the upgraded version that sells well. Lastly, when you entitle a client with the possibility to view a piece from each side and every angle and zoom in to research the texture and material quality, the sales will boom.

#2. Improved Product Designing Phase

3D Rendering for a Beige Living Room

These days it is challenging to predict which item will hit the top and which will remain unnoticed. The success of a furniture store depends upon the proper approach to the matter, and that is when 3D product visualization services come in handy. The truth is that product visualization enables you to present a specific design to the audience and observe the reaction – it’s called product testing.

With 3D visualization services, one can launch a pre-production marketing campaign easily. Aside from that, professional CGI services allow placing any item into a lifestyle setting to showcase the best features and to trigger the clients’ attention and interest in the piece. When the design is well-received by the customer base, you can easily move on with the production and count on profitable sales soon. 

#3. Well-Established Item-Consumer Emotional Link

Cafe Furniture 3D Visualization

Whether we like it or not, but the more a client feels connected to an item, the higher the chances of a potential purchase. No matter the supreme quality and low cost of the sofa or the chair, if it does not interact with a customer, it will remain unnoticed in the store. While you can create lifestyle images with the help of traditional photography, the physical staging will always be limited in variations and extremely pricey.

What product visualization services offer is a chance to experiment with unlimited settings range so that the item can be shown in multiple styles and backgrounds. Such an approach will increase the number of customers interested in the piece. If conservative prospects prefer a classy setting, the millennials may pick an industrial one. Product 3D renders enable furniture retailers to preach to various groups with the same furniture but different backgrounds.

The main idea behind the technology is to build the emotional link that makes people invest in various purchases. When a client is given the ability to envision a table in the safety of their own house, the investment is soon to be made. Personal experience is what transforms a good business into a successful one.

#4. User-Oriented Experimentation with The Inner Build of an Item

Cut-Out View for a Product Render

Many trusted 3D product visualization services can indeed provide furniture store owners with a quality representation of the internal design of every item. What does it mean? The truth is that no matter how appealing furniture may look from the outside, it may be not that high-quality and durable due to the inner build. Those online furniture stores that present items’ constructions are the ones that are the most trusted and profitable.

A reliable 3D product visualization service can easily supply you with images of the internal design of every item without the need to actually cut the piece in half. It is true that such an approach is possible with the use of traditional photography, but it is undoubtedly time-consuming, costly, and damaging since every piece of furniture cut in half won’t be sold but thrown out.

#5. Effective Product Information Delivery

Furniture Catalog With Product Info

No one likes to be harshly advertised these days. Modern consumers are too picky and the matter should be treated lightly. Whenever a company uses the ‘all-knowing’ approach, it repels the customers. In order to keep a consumer engaged, it is vital to present as much information as necessary and in the best way possible. What most reputable 3D product visualization services do – they create amazing and captivating visual stories to represent the item on sale.

High-quality 3D renders which are aimed at taking a user through the process, starting with the engineering phase and ending with a ready-made product, are the most effective ones. Apart from that, those photorealistic images can serve as educational points that provide a user with informative product comparisons. The higher the interest, as well as user involvement, grows, the faster the sales will increase.

#6. Enhanced Social Media Marketing

Lifestyle Product 3D Visualization for a Mirror Design

It wouldn’t be a secret to state that e-commerce is on the rise at the moment. Such an online business industry growth requires a corresponding marketing approach. So, more and more online stores refer to social media as to the best and most effective marketing platforms. These days anything on the scale from banner ads to sponsored content is in high demand among furniture retailers. However, the competition is fierce, and thus, to stand out from the crowd, a peculiar strategy should be applied. That is where 3D product visualization services come in handy.

3D renders allow it to create the most appealing environment for any item on sale so that it adds up to its unique and peculiar features. When an attractive ad comes up, it triggers the urge to follow it to learn more, and that is a potential strategy to enlarge the customer base. What is more, when a user can examine the piece to the tiniest detail, view it from all angles, and play with it in the way of personal customization, the chances of purchase increase.

#7. Advantageous 3D Animation and 360-Degree Views





    3D animation and 360-degree views are those innovative technologies that turn out to be highly advantageous when it comes to product promotion. And successful business runners realize the benefits well. If you are willing to catch the user’s attention and hold it long enough, it is vital to produce quality content. As a matter of fact, the interactive content is proven to be the most sales-driving at the moment.

    Professional animation is not only appealing, it is also interesting to look at. A customer mesmerized by the creation process presented through animation will realize it to the fullest extent as to how sturdy and functional the item is. At the same time, the innovative 360-degree view will present the piece for everything it’s worth. Not to mention the fact that interactive staging enhances the emotional bond between the product and the client.

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    The number of professional and affordable 3D product visualization services grows by the day, and there is a list of underlying reasons for that. When promoting your business, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd. Appealing product visualization is the key that can open many doors of tremendous possibilities and help sales skyrocket. All that is needed is a trusted vendor on offer.

    CGIFURNITURE team offers one of the most top-notch 3D rendering services in the industry. Once you state your goal, we will provide the best visualization solutions to meet it quickly and effectively!

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