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5 Ways to Enhance Online Furniture Marketing

3D product modeling companies is a boundless source of stellar marketing materials.

The cgi technologies successfully recreate 3D models of furniture with photorealistic quality and allow using them in any kind of visuals one can only think of: lifestyle 3D renders, product silos, beauty shots, cutouts and bird views.

The furniture company plans to launch a new product collection but the online promotion isn’t going as good as was expected. Social media posts with previews of the new product line don’t get enough shares and likes, not to mention that the outreach of SM ads is extremely low. Marketers were hoping the email newsletters would bring the attention of the target audience but their open rate is even more disappointing. At this point, the failures of the promoting marketing campaign jeopardize the launch of the new product line.

If only there was a way to ensure the absolute success of promotional marketing, right? 3D modeling companies can easily transform this wish into reality and offer remarkable marketing material of any kind that is impossible to ignore. Learn 5 methods to empower marketing campaigns using product modeling services.   

#1. Increase Click-Through Rate of Product Digital Ads

Photorealistic Product Image for Bedroom Table Lamps

Nowadays the effectiveness of online advertising demands the highest visual quality and tech-savvy assets. In order to compete with the leading furniture companies for clicks, Marketers have to find new advertising strategies and try different types of digital ads. 3D modeling companies provide services that can help to create an impressive variety of digital advertising materials that will attract the attention of the target audience. Furthermore, it allows trying all kinds of product images for online advertising to determine the most clickbaiting out of them.

For example, by having cgi models, a Marketer can get multiple product images with different backgrounds, angles, and types of shots. 3D models of products can be put into photorealistic lifestyle renderings, entertaining 3D furniture animations or even immersive VR panoramas which can be used for innovative banners or pop-ups. In the end, a Marketer is free to choose what product images work best for his advertising.

#2. Improve Ecommerce Customer Experience

CG Rendering for a Restaurant Interior Design

3D modeling companies give an opportunity to examine products in detail from every possible view. Why will customers go to a real shop if they can have the same experience online? Photorealistic 3D modeling for product lifestyles and hero shots allow creating all kinds of static images – close-ups, component shots, bird views etc. Moreover, the same 3D models can serve to create 360 views and VR/AR that help online users to check furniture out almost firsthand while staying at home. By this point, cgi technologies allow online companies to completely replace brick-and-mortar shops.   

#3. Test the Market Demand for New Products Before Producing

Photorealistic CG Modeling for a Media Console

Now furniture manufacturers no longer have to “blindly” produce and launch new products while risking not to get enough market demand. In the past there was no way to test new products without spending the budget on producing a high-quality prototype. If the result wasn’t up to expectations, they lost money and had to redo producing.

Meanwhile, 3D modeling companies help to create product design images for testing and approving new furniture beforehand. Marketers are able to gather pre-orders using product cgi images only and estimate the result. If the test launch brings many pre-orders, the chances of large-scale launch to be successful are much better. If not, there isn’t much to lose. Thus producing of new products becomes a win-win situation without any financial risks.  

#4. Drive The Website’s Conversion Rate

Product 3D Visualization for Stylish Kitchen Furniture

3D modeling companies offer multiple services for making an e-comm website more engaging and interactive which significantly boosts conversion rate. But creating a truly effective marketing content requires both informative and entertaining visual product material.

For example, cgi modeling for spectacular 3D product animations showcases how to assemble furniture, change its parts and other useful visual tips and advice. VR panoramas or AR apps are able to involve a viewer into imaginary interior and show how furniture will look at his home. Photorealistic lifestyle shots transform product pages into vivid and interesting design magazines. Such various content make website visitors stay longer, check different sections and learn about products more with every click. As a result, it’s only a matter of time when users will make their first purchase and turn into customers.  

#5. Boost Email Newsletter Click Rate

Realistic 3D Visualization for Comfy Furniture

Creating effective email newsletters is a marketing science though there are a few smart strategies that can help with it. Using eye-catching visual materials as real marketing assets is one of them. 3D modeling companies is a great solution for getting versatile product images of high quality. Perfect lighting, camera views, the overall ambiance of 3D visualization pieces – everything just asks to open a newsletter. The more content of marketing emails is appealing to subscribers, the higher chances they’ll not only open a newsletter but go to the online store and make a purchase. Moreover, 3D modeling artists can create as many 3D product models and background scenes as required, and within a short time too. Speed, quality and quantity of cgi company’s results are truly valuable, especially in contrast to tiresome organizations of photoshootings.

3D product modeling companies offer such extensive services and flexible marketing materials that they can be used for any purpose of furniture business promotional campaigns. By turning to a professional 3D modeling team, a Marketer can get cgi visuals for advanced digital advertising, increase communication and interactivity with clients and create all sorts of amenities for online customers. And all these benefits are possible out of productive cooperation with only 3D modeling companies.

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