3D Product Customization

5 Industries That Make the Most of It

Letting customers design their own products is the ultimate treat a brand can provide. The overall concept isn’t new, but modern technologies allow companies to make the personalized shopping experience even better. In the past few years, 3D product customization has taken many industries by storm. And it’s definitely here to stay.

The Technology Behind the Customization Experience

The tool that enables the creation of custom items by online shoppers is the 3D product configurator. A store can add it directly to its website, either as a separate page or as part of product listing pages. Using the 3D configurator, customers can change various aspects of an item’s design, such as color, material, shape, and so on in an interactive way. The result is rendered in real time, so the buyers can instantly see the changes applied to the product image. A configurator can also include a 360-degree view, allowing customers to spin a 3D image of the item to see it from different angles.

Some of such product customization tools are intended to help people personalize their orders before they make a purchase. Others are meant for exploring various design options and serve rather as an inspiration than a direct instruction for the manufacturer. Both kinds are useful, as they increase customers’ engagement with the brand and allow them to become more familiar with the product range in an entertaining way.

To give you some more precise examples, the marketing specialists at our 3D modeling company have made a list of 5 industries that benefit the most from interactive product customization. Let’s take a look!

#1. Furniture

3D Product Configurator for an Online Furniture Store

For furniture manufacturers that offer customizable designs, a photorealistic CG configurator is a vital tool. It allows them to streamline the process of receiving and processing orders, reducing the buyers’ need for personal consultations regarding the available options.

With an easy-to-use 3D product customization page, online shoppers can try different combinations of colors and materials for pieces of furniture they intend to buy. For instance, in the case of upholstered items, such as sofas, one can choose the fabric and the leg material. Then, the manufacturer can also include such options as adding a chaise, bolster pillows or a matching ottoman to the order. No matter how many choices the buyers might have, a 3D product configurator will help them make the best selections with ease.

Virtual Fabric Try-On for a Chair Design

A furniture brand might make great use of CG customization even if it only offers variations of one aspect of design. For example, The Inside company allows its customers to select from over 100 fabrics for its wide range of upholstered products. Many of those fabrics have complex patterns, so one might have difficulty picturing them on a finished piece of furniture. In this case, a simple 3D configurator with real-time rendering is particularly helpful to both the manufacturer and the client, as it is a convenient alternative to having over 100 images of every single item on the website.

#2. Watches

Online Product Customization of a Smart Watch

From classic watchmakers to tech companies, numerous brands in the industry use 3D product customization to provide their buyers with the most effortless and entertaining shopping experience. Smart watch manufacturers like Apple allow online shoppers to mix and match different cases and straps to find their perfect fit. The makers of regular watches can also offer to select the dial, as well as the bezel and the hands, in some cases.

Overall, thanks to interactive CGI, it’s much easier for customers to find a combination that fully matches their style. All because they can see the result of their manipulations at once, which is a lot more informative than looking at all the parts separately.

CG Configurator for Exploring Watch Design Options

At the same time, even the legendary brands that pride themselves on their unparalleled in-store experience, allow their customers to have a little fun on their website. For instance, Rolex has a configurator on their website that offers visitors to explore all the collections and variations of timepieces. That’s an incredibly convenient and aesthetic way to see the different designs compared to browsing through a multitude of product listings, which is also an option. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But it’s simply more exciting to “compose” a gorgeous watch personally.

Now, there’s one more kind of business in the watch industry that benefits significantly from using 3D product customization. It’s the companies that customize luxury watches upon owners’ requests. Many of them receive orders from all over the world, so having such an effective online tool as a product configurator is what allows them to do highly personalized pieces even for people who can’t visit their shops in person.

#3. Automotive

Many car manufacturers offer CG product customization, from the more affordable to luxury brands. The basic customizable elements are exterior color, wheels, and interior colors and materials. Besides that, some of the more expensive brands give their customers a choice of seats, steering wheels, lights, numerous small interior and exterior details, and a variety of technical equipment.

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An interactive 3D configurator gives prospects the opportunity to play around with different design variations before going to the dealer. After all, a car, no matter the price, is a big purchase. Therefore, knowing about all possible options before they walk into the dealership reduces the buyer’s anxiety tremendously. Moreover, they can make some important decisions on customization in advance. It saves time on consultations — which, of course, are still useful — and allows the customer to be more relaxed and to fully enjoy the process of buying a new car.

#4. Fashion: Shoes & Bags

Online Personalization of a Classic Sneaker Model

One of the most famous examples of 3D product customization in the fashion industry is the Nike By You initiative. It allows the most dedicated sneaker lovers to create their own unique pair of shoes. To do that, they first need to choose a model from the customizable shoe range. It includes some of the all-time classics, such as Nike Air Max and Nike Air Force 1, in several variations. Next, the customer can go on to the configuration page and personalize the colorway and materials of the shoes. The customization applies to every part of the sneakers from soles to laces. This way, one can truly feel like a designer creating their dream pair of shoes.

3D Product Configurator for an Accessories Brand

Another company that makes a great example of including CG product customization into its online shopping experience is the Italian O bag. The brand was founded with the idea of giving people the freedom to build their own personalized accessories. With O bag’s 3D configurator, one can mix and match different bodies, handles, and trims to create a perfect bag tailored to one’s taste. It’s so easy, and the result is so rewarding. After all, who wouldn’t want to have a piece they designed themselves?

#5. Cosmetics

CG Customization of a Makeup Palette

The idea of letting people build their own palettes of eyeshadows, blushes, bronzers, concealers, etc. isn’t new at all. However, doing it in style with 3D product customization is a relatively recent concept. An online configurator for an eyeshadow palette, for instance, allows customers to choose the size of their palette and fill it with shades they will definitely use. Moreover, it helps them visualize what the final product will look like when all the components are in place. This way, buyers can see if the shades they’ve selected will work together.

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As you can see, companies in very different industries benefit from using CG product customization. It allows them to not only provide a streamlined experience to their customers but also increase their retention rates and minimize product returns. On top of that, the use of modern technologies such as 3D configurators helps to attract younger generations of buyers, who appreciate digital interactivity.

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