3D Product Animation Reel

How to Use It in Promo Campaigns

The use of a 3D product animation reel makes a promo campaign more eye-catching and engaging. Moreover, 81% of marketers who use videos say that this practice has a direct, positive impact on sales. That means those who are not using this kind of content yet are truly missing out on the opportunity to sell more, as well as to keep up with the global trends. But what exactly does a furniture manufacturer show in a CG video to keep the viewers entertained, informed, and not bored? Well, there are a few options.

In this article, the marketing experts of our 3D rendering company will share 5 ways to use product animation to increase the effectiveness of a furniture brand’s marketing efforts. Hopefully, it will give you some fresh ideas about the content of your next 3D reel.

Now, before we dive into that, let us give you some quick universal tips on how to create a truly interesting video for your audience on Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube. Check them out!

How to Make an Engaging 3D Animation Reel

  • Make it short. Videos that are up to 10 seconds long get the most views.
  • Create a dynamic feel. Start the reel with fast-paced footage to grab attention, but make sure there are some slower parts for a change of pace. Use different angles from wide frames to close-ups to make the animation look more interesting.
  • Curate your aesthetic. Make sure that the props surrounding the main product and the lighting create a visually appealing atmosphere.
  • Add a matching soundtrack. The music must complement the mood and the pace of the video.

And now, let’s move on to the 5 ways you can use product 3D animation to make your promo campaigns more successful.

#1. Highlight Your Product’s Selling Points

First of all, you can use a 3D product animation reel to show what exactly makes your products worth buying. For instance, you can highlight the meticulously thought-through design features that make your product extremely ergonomic and comfortable to use. Or you might want to give the spotlight to top-quality materials that will ensure a premium-level experience for your buyers. Whatever your product’s selling points may be, 3D animation experts will always find a way to showcase them most spectacularly.

#2. Demonstrate Furniture Assembly

Another way to use a 3D product animation effectively is to show the process of furniture assembly in it. It’s especially useful in the case of modular furniture that can be put together in different ways. With a CG animation reel like the one above, you can demonstrate a great variety of assembly options in an entertaining way. This way, your customers will be able to fully appreciate the versatility of the item within seconds. And that, in turn, will increase the possibility of a purchase.

#3. Show How to Use Your Product

If a piece of furniture has an unconventional, smart design or there is more than one way of using it, it is a good move to showcase all that in a 3D product animation reel. For instance, items like sofa beds and expandable tables will surely benefit from that. A CG reel can show how exactly the piece is transformed and what it looks like in different configurations. Will it take more than 10 seconds to turn the sofa into a bed? Will the expanded table fit a family of eight? With 3D animation, you can answer questions like that in the most concise and informative way.

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#4. Showcase Custom Solutions

Many furniture and appliance brands offer custom solutions to their clients. If your company provides such services, you should definitely highlight that. And what better way to do that than by showing one of the projects in a 3D product reel? For instance, the CG animation above demonstrates the acoustic and soundproofing solutions that a company designed specifically for a school. A video like this one can make a powerful marketing asset, informing viewers of a brand’s professional capabilities.

#5. Use Shorter Reels as Teasers

If you have a long 3D product animation reel, you can use separate parts of it as short teasers. For instance, a 1 minute-long video can be cut into several shorter reels. That will give you more content to post on social media and more engagement as a result. Besides, bite-sized content is extremely popular right now. And many platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, are tailored to it.

Also, you can order simple short 3D animations even for products that aren’t that complex in terms of assembly and use. Take a look at the CG reel above, for instance. It presents a collection of scented candles in a playful way and could make a great visual for a social media post. Moreover, you can convert a video like that into a lightweight gif file and add it to an email newsletter.

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As you can see, a 3D product animation reel is quite a versatile tool for any promo campaign. And since the audiences worldwide currently value video content above all else, it’s only reasonable to at least give it a shot. So, we hope that our suggestions have inspired you to try something new for your next marketing endeavor.

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