The rise of 3D technology has led to a huge shift from traditional advertising methods, such as printed ads, commercials and billboards, to more advanced forms of digital marketing.

The 3D product advertisement industry and popularity are growing each day, due to its effectiveness. This provokes businesses to experiment with these technologies in their advertisements to tap the potential of 3D visuals. You’ve probably seen these on product pages and in media: realistic 3D visualization of products that let you virtually touch, spin, move, and—in some cases—customize a product before you buy it. 

When it comes to 3D technology, there are many ways you can go about it. In this article, our CGI company has compiled a list of 5 ideas that can help you get started with your 3D product advertising campaign. We promise these tips will help you make the most out of your marketing and promotional efforts.

Let’s dive into it!

#1. Realistic Lifestyle 3D Rendering for Online & Offline Advertisement

Nowadays, the impact of true-to-detail CGI models is considered as one of the most effective ways to present and advertise products. It has become a trend in all industries, especially in e-commerce businesses and retail. It’s easy to understand why: when a customer can see what a product looks like in 3D, they are able to imagine it in real life and decide if it matches their expectations. This method helps people have a more tangible experience with your brand or product than any other form of advertising could provide.

Realistic lifestyle 3D rendering allows you to show your product in context, which is especially useful for online or offline advertisements. You can use this type of 3D product advertisement to demonstrate how a product fits into your customers’ lives.

Also, 3D rendering helps you avoid common mistakes when creating an advertisement for your brand or company by allowing you to make changes whenever necessary without having to spend too much money on editing images or videos. 

#2. Product 360 View, Close-Ups & 3D Configurators for E-Stores 


    A good way to make your product look great is by making it look interactive. This can be done with a simple touch of the screen or by moving the object around in a realistic manner. When you hover your mouse over an image on Amazon or eBay, it spins around on its axis so you can see all sides of the item in detail.

    Product 360-degree view is another popular trend that allows users to see an item from all angles without leaving their browser window. The model is an interactive image of a product that can be rotated using a mouse wheel or touchscreen device. 

    Close-up renders allow examining any part of the picture for more details such as the product’s construction, textures, materials, etc. You can use this type of 3D product advertisement on e-store product pages to give shoppers an extra layer of information about what they’re buying.

    Also, you might consider offering customers a chance to personalize their desired items by themselves with a 3D configurator. This will help them visualize what they want before they purchase anything, which makes them more likely to buy from you instead of competitor sites that don’t offer this option. 

    #3. CGI Video Advertisement & 3D Animation of Products 

    The third most effective way to advertise your products is through a video advertisement. People love watching videos, so if you are planning to launch a new product, then it would be a good idea to create a walkthrough video of your product. 

    The main goal of creating such a video is to educate your audience about the product, its features, and its benefits. 3D animation can be extremely helpful in this regard – it’s an excellent way to showcase how products work and what makes them so special!

    Product animation video ads are an excellent way to give your current and potential customers more information about your brand, product line, or company news—such as new products. They’re also a great option for promoting social media campaigns or email newsletters that highlight special deals.

    #4. Augmented Reality Advertising & 3D Immersive Experience

    Scan QR code to see this product in augmented reality

    Augmented reality allows brands to show a product as it looks in real life, making it possible for people to see how it will look in their environment. The concept behind AR product advertisement is simple: users use smartphone cameras in browsers or in shopping apps and overlay an image on top of their view.

    The technology has been around for a while but has recently gained traction as a way to promote products and drive sales. For example, Ikea’s augmented-reality app lets users see how furniture would fit into their homes before they buy it. This type of advertising has been used by other big companies like Amazon and Walmart with great success—and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider using it as well!

    #5. Trending 3D LED or 3D Digital Billboards for Outdoor Ads 

    Trending 3D LED or 3D Digital Billboards for Outdoor Ads 

    Digital billboards have been around for some time now and they continue to be one of the most effective methods of outdoor advertisement. These billboards come with various features like LED lights, video screens, and touch screens which make them more appealing than traditional printed billboards.

    The reason why they are so popular is that it is a way to advertise in public spaces such as busy highways, train stations, bus stops, and busy shopping centers. Also, they provide clear visibility at night time. And, with 3D technology, advertisers are now able to create more engaging ads by using 3D holographic images.

    A 3D holographic image creates the illusion that it is floating in front of the billboard, which attracts more attention than regular billboards. It also makes people stop and stare at it for a while because they want to figure out how it was done.

    Check out CGI services we offer to learn all the innovative solutions you can use for your business.

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    Versatile 3D product advertisement is one of the most famous promoting avenues in modern times. It is already used by companies from all over the world to promote and sell their products, and it is no wonder why. These creative marketing tools often generate great attention due to their ingenious designs and the fact that they allow people to interact with the product being advertised. 

    Our company provides 3D rendering services to businesses that strive to stand out and lead with innovation and a better customer experience. So, if you are ready to join the digital revolution and сreate stunning visuals for 3D product advertisements – contact us now!

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