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How To Boost Product Presentation

Considering the popularity and affordability of CGI services, there are many marketers and furniture manufacturers who have tried to work with a product 3D modeling company. However, sometimes those could be unsuccessful experiences, for example, when amateur 3D artists make low-quality 3D models for your furniture. Of course, you can’t present the goods beautifully with images that look fake.

However, even first-class photoreal pictures are not enough to introduce the brand. In today’s world, furniture manufacturers and retailers have to use a broad spectrum of CG tools and outstanding solutions to win the customer. 

So how can you reinforce your product presentation with top-notch 3D models for your furniture? We made a list of 5 surefire ways to do it — just take a look!

#1. Display All Design Options Using One 3D Model

Two Different Designs for 3D Furniture Models of Marble Side Tables

Traditionally, product catalogs should display all design options for the goods. However, ordering photos for all of them can cost a fortune. That’s where CGI comes in handy. By ordering a top-quality 3D model for their furniture, a manufacturer gets a geometric 3D object to which any materials and textures can be applied. Using 3D software, CG artists can change the texture or color of the object in just a few minutes. 

If furniture pieces differ not only in colors but also in design elements such as fittings, no problem CG experts can add or remove them just as fast. All you need to get a full collection of 3D models for your furniture is to send us a detailed brief with drawings, photos and texture samples. On average, we can make all design options from one 3D model in a day or two.

#2. Use 3D Models for Your Furniture for Stunning Lifestyle Images

A Hollywood Regency Living Room with Top-Notch 3D Models of Your Furniture

3D modeling allows manufacturers to get incredibly stylish and extravagant 3D lifestyle images for their furnishings. Often, it is a sleek roomset that attracts the prospects’ attention and inspires them to buy a piece because such images not only sell furniture but tell a story. 

Using certain color palettes, light schemes and small inconspicuous details, CG specialists can visualize the buyer’s dream. Professionally done lifestyle images can create a vision that will hit a bulls-eye and resonate with your customers. Just give a CG team your style recommendations and explain who your target audience is.

On top of that, marketers and manufacturers can choose any roomset they like from our 3D library. Using this database, they get access to more than 6500 ready-made 3D scenes that can be easily tailored for specific furniture and projects.

#3. Get a 360° View to Show Product Design in Detail


    Another good news is that with 3D models for your furniture, you can get not only static pictures but also interactive solutions, such as a 360° view. This CG tool will allow customers to rotate and zoom the product to see all the details and evaluate its design online.

    With a 360° view, you will be able to present the furniture piece in all its glory and increase the buyers’ awareness at the same time. Moreover, this CG solution is easy to integrate into online platforms, add to the e-catalog, listings, and any page of your website.

    #4. Highlight Product Quality with a Cut-Out View

    A Cut-Out View of a Furniture 3D Model Showing the All the Layers of Inner Structure

    Surely, every manufacturer wants to not only emphasize the aesthetics of the goods but also to show their quality. In this case, the cut-out view is a perfect tool to showcase 3D models for your furniture in the section. Such images display all the inner layers of the object, and of course, only CGI can do this without damaging the real object. 

    Cutaway inside views work great both for industrial goods such as electronics and mechanisms and for furniture — mattresses, armchairs, cabinetry, etc. Use this CG visualization for print and online catalogs, Amazon listings, and adverts.

    #5. Try Immersive 3D Animation for Furniture Presentation

    As this study shows, a product video is the most useful content for eCommerce. More than 60% of customers claim that videos help them to discover new brands and goods via social media. Also, it’s a perfect way for shoppers to evaluate products before purchasing from online-sellers. 

    Surely, filming actual videos is very expensive and requires hiring writers and a filming crew, renting studios with equipment, and so on. That’s why 3D product animation is a better option — you don’t need a physical set and a big team to make a video. Just send our 3D studio your script and animation brief and we will create a photorealistic 3D video using 3D models for your furniture.

    Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

    product rendering price

    Having high-quality 3D furniture models allows manufacturers and retailers to get a bunch of opportunities to improve their product presentation. You can use them for static renders to show all design options, highlight the quality with a cutaway view, or even put your furniture in a mind-blowing 3D lifestyle scene. Moreover, 3D modeling provides you with interactive and immersive solutions such as a 360° view and 3D animation that are incredibly useful for eCommerce and promo.

    Ready to boost your product presentation with our 3D modeling services? Reach to us for 3D models for your furniture and get photorealistic static and motion CGI for marketing and advertising!

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