3D Models for eCommerce

5 Ways They Help To Sell More

Using 3D models for eCommerce, furniture manufacturers and retailers can discover a whole new world of marketing and promo solutions. With life-like 3D models, one can get both static and motion visuals, interactive 3D configurators, and 3D animation. Even more, with CGI, furniture sellers can optimize their entire catalog for AR shopping apps.

With all these options at hand, brands are one step ahead of their competitors who still use old-school product photography. Cutting-edge CG solutions improve buying confidence, reduce returns and attract a broader audience.

But before ordering 3D models from a 3D modeling company, manufacturers should get the full picture of why exactly they need those. So here we go, 5 key benefits of 3D models for eCommerce!

#1. One 3D Model Gets All Design Options Covered

A Silo Render of a 3D Model Perfect for eCommerce Business

Opting for 3D modeling, furniture manufacturers relieve themselves from the burden of endless photo shoots. Ordering 3D models for eCommerce, they don’t have to make prototypes of all product designs and shoot them one by one. CG artists can create one 3D model of a furniture piece and simply switch between materials, colors and textures in 3D software. This way, they render all design options in no time.

#2. 3D Models Make Engaging and Interactive Shopping

CG technology provides manufacturers and retailers with a toolset of advanced CG solutions for promo and marketing that take their businesses to the next level. How exactly? Let’s take a closer look.

3D Animation

With 3D models, CG specialists can create any type of product 3D animation — from demo to feature to story to assembly CG videos, and so on. Depending on the task, CG artists build a scene around the main item, set lighting, program the camera path, and shoot the video in 3D animation software. They can easily integrate ready 3D objects into any scene, so there’s no need to make secondary 3D models for animation from scratch.

Interactive CG Tools

An Example of 3D Configurator for eCommerce that Offers Customizable 3D Models

High-quality 3D models are a foundation for interactive eCommerce tools such as a 360° product view and 3D configurator. Using them, customers can examine an item at 360° and customize it themselves, which makes their shopping fun and exciting. As Amazon claims, 3D configurators increase user engagement by 66% compared to traditional 2D imagery — how cool is that? 

Although a 360° view and 3D customizer are two different tools for eCommerce, they both can be made from the same 3D model. This way, brands can get advanced CG solutions and save money at the same time.

AR Models

A Customer Arranging Furniture Models via an AR App for eCommerce

As Shopify research shows, people are 65% more willing to buy a product after they had a chance to test it in the AR app. Therefore, using AR, furniture brands can provide buyers with highly engaging shopping and gain the upper hand in a competition on the market. What is so amazing about this 3D technology is that any product 3D model can be easily optimized for all AR eCommerce apps.

#3. 3D Models for eCommerce are Adjustable and Reusable

A Wireframe 3D Model that Can Be Readjusted for New Projects and eCommerce Purposes

Working on new furniture collections, manufacturers often improve the current design of the pieces by changing shapes, textures, fittings, etc. Naturally, making adjustments like that using prototyping is time-consuming and very expensive. 3D modeling is a much more convenient and budget-friendly option.

Top-notch 3D models for eCommerce are reusable and easy to adjust in 3D software. CG artists can replace all the materials, change the geometry, add or remove certain parts of the piece — all in just a couple of clicks! Therefore, there’s simply no need for manufacturers to order new 3D models for each project. 

#4. Product 3D Models Work for Any eCommerce Platforms


    CG artists save 3D models in universal file formats so they don’t require additional optimization for eCommerce platforms. AR models made by professionals are of USDZ and GLB formats, hence, they work perfectly for any furniture shopping apps. Same with a 360° model and 3D animation — CG specialists export all files in the most popular formats so that they could be integrated into any website page with no sweat.

    #5. Getting 3D Models for eCommerce is Fast and Trouble-Free

    A Furniture Manufacturer Ordering Realistic 3D Models for His eCommerce Store

    One of the reasons why manufacturers hold back from ordering 3D models for eCommerce is a myth of how difficult and time-consuming 3D modeling is. To debunk it once and forever, we guarantee our clients that their 3D models will take up to 48 working hours, even for the most complex objects. 

    All furniture manufacturers have to do to get life-like 3D models is send us a brief. At a very minimum, it should contain product photos from multiple angles. The best option though is to add 2D drawings, the dimensions of the object, and texture references.

    Download CGIFURNITURE price guide and learn the costs of top-tier 3D visualization projects of different scales!

    product rendering price

    Product 3D models for eCommerce are a game-changer for the furniture industry. Using 3D modeling eliminates the need for physical prototypes before design approval, as well as endless photo shoots and photo editing. With CGI, manufacturers get total creative freedom in terms of product design adjustments and improvements. On top of that, 3D models can be used for advanced CG solutions such as a 360° product spin, 3D configurator, 3D animation, and AR apps. 

    Need first-class 3D models for eCommerce? With our 3D modeling services, you can get your goods recreated in 3D with 100% accuracy in just 48 hours!

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